life with niall horan

you go to a concert and meet niall and you both fall deeply in love


1. telling a story


yasmin   im yasmin and i lived in mullingar for about 9 year and im happly married to niall horan and we have a beautiful daugther named summer.  summer is a bright and a lovely singer like me and her father and she has the most beautiful cyrictel blue eyes, long blonde hair and wears glasses she is in year 3 and she keeps ask me and niall how we meet so we all sat down and we told her what happen.   it was a wet and rainy day in sydeny australia ( were i was born ) and i was on twitter and i was tweeting niall and he followed me so i messaged him saying "i love your music and i love you and i would love to meet you and i hope soon"  and he replyed with "awww thanks babe i hope we can meet too XD" my heart skipped a beat.     


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