It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


4. the story that got to me

Emma's p.o.v.

oh god i just can't believe  what i just did I have to cool off, so i decided to take a shower the shower always makes me cool off a bit and after that ill dress and wait for nicole.

after my long thinking shower i got out and put on some jeanz short and a white lace shirt and some American flaf toms, i got the towel and dryed my hair and as usual my hair curled up.

i danced my self down stairs cause i had my ear phone on and on 'beauty and a beat' on by justin bebier ft. nicki minaj, i saw my grandma on the couch in the living room reading a book, when did she come?.

i adore my grandma she always tells me these amazing storiesabout her when shw was young, I remember when she told me when my grandpa jay and her had a fight but made up cause she told him she was pregnant witj my mom, I felt sad but he said i love you and ill never leave you, they're the ones who made me understand a bit about love and all these things.

"hey Nana how are you i missed you so much" i said then kissed her cheek and her fore head,

" I'm good sweetie just waiting for your mom and dad so we can go to the family dinner, what about you honey how was your day?" it was silent for a bit but then i thought what the heck its my nana i always tell her everything.

"well nana how can i say this .. today when i was at my job there was this customer he was there the hole time when everyone left he was still there then i went to him and we talked and played basket ball and shared an ice cream and when i was about to leave i-i ... ikissed his cheek and gave him my number its the first time ever i do that and the worst part is i dont know his name and tonight he'll come to the party what should i do nana?".

nana sat there in silence for a moment but then she patted on the couch jesturing me to sit next to her so i did, the i layed my head on her thaigh,

she started playing with my curles, "did i ever told you how i met your grandfather?"

now that i think about it she never did, "no nana you never did please tell me how" i said.

"well you petter keep up, i had a best friend named phil everybody loved him he was a full pachage he was handsome and funny and one day he asked me to be his an in his girlfriend i had to say yes even though i didn't want to i didn't love him that way, one day i was working in my job as a waitress in a diner and i was taking orders and someone was calling for a waiter no one bothered to go to him so i followed where is the voice coming it was a deep and a husky voice when i saw him i was shocked and he was too he standed infront of me it was like a movie and we stared into each others eyes it was love at first sight then i felt someone was calling me so i woke up of my daydream and i went to where the people is calling me i took orders and broght them the hole day but somehow the dreamy guy won't leave so when we were about to close he came to me and jestured to set next to him i sat gladly and we talked and laughed and we even went to a drive-in movies and unfortunatly the sun started to set so he walked me home, but there was another two problems one is i have a boyfriend that i don't love and two is i don't know his name, so when i was about to ask he leaned in and kissed me a soft long kiss and when we pulled away he said 'by the way my name is jay' i laughed about his rame, then we reached for another kiss but unfortunatly phil saw us and he came rushing and he punched jay i was so shocked and scared about jay but then i screamed at the top of my breath and said 'i don't love you phil at all i only agreed to be yours cause i didn't want to lose you as a friend but you didn't show me but the upset of it i don't want you in my life' i started to cry a lot and phil was seeing it all i think he felt sorry for me that he said ' i hope you'll be happy goodbye jenna' and he left and i never saw him after that ever again and i finally realized that i always put people's feelings above mine and never again and i don't believe it took me half of my life to see that but i knew that i found myself when i found jay so after three years we got married though my father was against it the whole time but he saw that my happiness is really important too"

i started to tear up it is my first time figuring out a love story i don't like them but thanks to nana this is my first and favorite love story.

"Nana thats amazing! thank you and thanks to you i learned about love stories and its my first one well understanding one for the first time anyway" i giggle as i kiss nana's cheek.

"your welcome sweetie i hope the story helped you" nana winked and i giggled at the way she acts

"yes nana it actually did" and it did now I'm mor curous about tonight.

"hey mom are you ready?" my mom came down stairs looking like hotie way to go mom!, she was wearing a black dress and black heels, what if i look like that tonight? no way.

"what were you too talking about?" mom asked me and nana, i looked at nana and she winked at me i laughed and said "nothing to mention"

"ok bye sweetie see you later" nana said kissing my fore head and heading to the front door i said my goodbye and kissed mom's and dad's cheeks.

mom said while the car moves "don't burn down the house cause your in charge if anything happens love you bye" awesome really awesome ugh.

i heared my phone buzzing i got it oyt and i felt a big ball in my throght as i saw 'mr. mistury'

i opened it and it says :

mr. mistury : hey i know i would be asking to much of you but my friends would really like it to come to the party they are really nice but kinda stupid :D

Emma : lol well sure i guess them and my brother will get along cause he's the same ;)

mr. misturry : lol great thanks and can't wait for you to solve the mistury of my name ;)

Emma : it won't be a misturry for long :P well i have to open the door so bye

mr. misturry : bye <3

god it feels so right talking to him. so i heared the door open and no one opens it like that but one person i really know and love.

"I'M HOME!!!!" nicole yelled when she enters my house she saw me on the couch and gasped.

"what?" i asked and she replyed, "are you kidding me what did i tell you today?" god she sounds like my mom.

"umm tooo wear aaaa dressss" i said playfully , it was a mistake, she graped my ear and got me to go up stairs with her.

"aw aw aw awwwww that really hurts nicole" i said in pain, "thats for not listing to me i was serious you know" with her cute little face who could take her seriously.

"fine fine then you pick and do what ever you want but first i have to tell you something" i said

"what is it?" she asked, "i talked to the 'guy' and he is gonna bring his friends are you interested?"

"well i don't know Emma i kinda don't feel like being in a realationship right now" she said gloomly

"come on just try a bit i think they're cute" i said putting my puppy face on

"you only say that cause the guy is cute" she said looking away but then she looked at me and sighed "i guess theres no help in it i can't say no to these big honey eyes" she said and i jump high of happiness.

"but i have to pick your close and do your hair and your make-up" she said to trade

"come on nicole you know that i have alergies of make-up" i said having an ecxuse,

"don't say a word I,m not gonna put pouders just liqued make-up" she said with a grin and a small smile.

"f-f-fine but go easy on me will yah" i said scared

"don't worry would i ever hurt you love" she said smirking big time, i shivered a bit

this is going to be a long night.




hey guys I know ive been teasing about the party but don't worry the next chapter is gonna be the first half of the party then the next half is the next chapter and i hope wjo reads my movella tells they're friends about it and i really really really hope thet you liked it I mean your not a writer without someone likes what you wrote and thats all i hope your pleased about this movella so bye guys








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