It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


7. the party part two

Emma's p.o.v.

what just happened? i can't breathe I'm speachless me and josh never had a big fight like that, people started to look at me cause i had silent tears coming down my cheeks, niall started to calm me down whipping away my tears, but he did something that made me fall in love with him.

he kissed my forehead, I love i really really love when anyone kisses my forehead i feel safe and I know that he will stay with me.

i hugged him really tight and a felt him whispering to his self, "I hope were together for ever" .

that made me smile i feel really happy That i even forgot why was i so sad, and i was praying in myself while hugging niall even more, that josh will be on the seat next to me in English class at monday.

i loved niall's smell i think i've got idected to it, wait what am i saying my heart started beating so fast i can hear it in my ears, i hear i lot of whispers around us so even though i don't want to i pulled away.

niall frowned and so was I, "are you ok now ?" he asked consurned i can see it in his eyes.

"yeah niall I'm alright and besides i got to take care of this party before it blows away cause my brother doesn't shows any consurnation" i said giving a small laugh and a smile,

"are you sure cause you seem to be faking a smile" he said looking serious.

how the hell does he know is he some kind of a genuose,

"n-no i mean yes but this is all i can do I'm a really bad liar" i confessed,

he smiled at me witch med me feel like .. home, i smiled back and i felt really worm inside.

i was nervous but i couldn't help it but to notice the mark of the punch on his cheek, i rised my hands and put them on his cheeks, he flinched a little but he smiled like nothing happened, why is he so nice?, i grabbed his hand and pulled him to the table with all the drinks and got a really cold beer and placed it gently on his cheek he twitched a little,

" oh sorry does it still hurt?" i asked, what a stupid question of course it hurts, he laughed a little at my sad puppy face.

"don't worry I'm a guy remember its a normal thing" we laughed he is so amazing.

as i started to step on my toes so i can get high to kiss him, he is taller than me of course, and he leaned down, we were about to but my idiot brother grabbed me from behinde and placed me on his shoulder and he ran yelling all the time, what the fuck?!, he then threw me in the pool with rest of the people swimming with they're clothes, and i screamed all the way untell i got to the water.

when i got to the surfes i saw guys whisling at me and girls laughing, i laughed with them so hard, I'm not the tipe if girls who will cry or scream i love to have fun and get the best of things.

i saw harry was in the water already and a lot of girls around him but he kept stareing at me and i don't know why, he pulled away from all of the girls and came to me.

" hey Emma so what happened?" he asked with a smirk on his face, why does he always has that smirk on his face.

"oh nothing much but my little brother threw me to the water and my make-up is gone to the water and my hair is curled up again and you?" i said giggling at the last part.

"nothing, but you look even more gorgous without make-up on" he said smiling and his green eyes sparkling, i can feel the fire coming to my cheeks but i feel more uncomfortable too, like always why when any guy complement me i feel uncomfortable ecxept niall i feel something flying in my stomache.

"thanks harry your sweet" i said just smiling but he didn't do the same thing he had a frown, he came closer and people were watching but i didn't know what to do i don't know him, but thank god my guarding angel came,

nuall saw us and he jumped to the pool spersting me and harry apart, thank god, harry was feld with anger and he got out of the pool, as for me and niall we were laughing our guts out.

"thank you" i said to niall still have a bit of laughter in me, but i didn't realize what i just said,

"for what?, love" he wasn't confused he looked realefed, so i just smiled and said "nothing".

we got out of the pool and i got a towel but there was only one, so we shared it me and niall.

we still have laughter in us cause he just told me a joke, but what i saw gave me a heart break, i saw nicole crying and zayn was conforting her i was going to go there but niall stopped me,

" don't i know my mate he always knows how to make people feel better" i trusted him i don'y know why but i really trust him,

" ok" i said smiling and he smiled back, but then we turned our face to nicole and zayn,

"WOW!!" me and niall said at the same time when we saw nicole and zayn starting a makeout setion , wow they are really licking faces witch got my face burning and i can see niall's face turn to a tomato, and we looked at each others eyes and we kissed, but it was a long kiss and i was a bit drunk and i guess so was niall and the next thing i know we were making out andon our way to my bed room.

i was drunk but i was love drunk with niall, we were already on the bed and he was kissing my neck, and as my mom says 'when your someone you love kisses your neck you feel like you are his and only his' , andi felt that does that mean I'm in love?, i don't know i can't think right now, thank god mom always talked to me about doing 'it' , that she got some 'protection' on the table next to my bed.

and the next thing i know ... i lost my virginty to someone i think for the first time ... I'm in love with.





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