It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


6. the party part one

Nicole's p.o.v.

now I'm more jealous of her, but I'm more proud of my job, ok its time to tell her everything,

"hey Em's?" i asked for her attention, "yeah nicki" she said giving me her attention, "well remember when i said i wanted to tell you something really important before we got to our houses?" i asked making sure.

"yeah but i think you should tell me now cause now we are alone and no one will inturrapted by anyone" she said, and i took a deep breath.

"well you see.. i.. i-i really ... like josh!" i said the last part closing my eyes and and i said it fast and a bit loud, when i opened my eyes i saw her eyes got widen and her mouth was wide open but then she shock her head a bit and smiled a soft big smile that made the cute big dimple on her cheek apear.

"hey its ok i think thats great and you should tell him tonight and let this party be your uinavursity and every year you'll both say hey do you remember our first kiss it was at Emma's brother party" she giggled after what she said and me too and got happy of the thought of me and josh after years together.

"yeah your right and don't get me over exaited about it" we laughed.

"and besides what guy would say no to a beautiful and smart and awesome dressure.. and a great friend/sister" she said smiling softly.

i hugged her tightly god she is amazing and tears started to form in my eyes but i didn't let them down or my make-up would be rouined, "i swear if i was a guy i woukd forse you to date me" i said laughing and i mean it but not in the wierd way.

"hey Emma y- ... wow!!" hey said with his jow dropping down but then he smiled a big smile with his right cheek dimple apearing.

"not bad huh?" i asked jim jokingly.

"no.. she looks amazing" he said and we all said 'awww' and Emma hugged him, but then he said,

"but not as amazing as me" he said laughing "just joking".

"so why did you came here bursting into my room?" Emma asked him.

" oh yeah people starting to come to the back yard you should come down stairs" he said leaving the room, me and Emma stared at each othe but then she came running grapping my hand and running down stairs.

as we were on the stairs we stopped so we can hear the song that we both love so much, 'without you' by david gotta ft. usher, we looked at each other and smiled and both said at the same time.

"let's get the party started'.


Emma's p.o.v.

we giggled at our same time word and went to the back yard there was a lot of people but not all of them cause we invated a lot of people to the party, we saw josh and i can feel nicole flinching i looked at her and she had her eyes on him .. she got it real bad.

i said my hello to josh and so did nicole but then i whispered to her ear, "go .. its time".

she looked at me and nodded with a smile and got to josh and said, " hey josh i need to tell you something really important and i can't say it here so lets got to Emma's bedroom"

"sure" josh agreed he glanced at me and smiled and went with her, i hope everything goes well.

as i saw them leave i said hello to my friends and nick's friends and the guys had they're eyes gloed at me that's wierd, as i went to the table for a drink i felt someone was missing and it was 'mr. mistury' so i pulled my phone out and texted  'hey, where are you?'   i was looking at the text waiting for an answer untel i felt someone breathing on my shoolder and he said over my shoolder "I'm right here" in a thick Irish accent the same accent the mustury guy had, as i turned around his smile turned to a shock just like my face.


Josh's p.o.v.

as i entered the room nicole jestured me to sit on the bed, my face lighted up when i saw the whole room had pictures if me macy nicole and Emma's friends and family and Emma her self her smiling face and her goofing off face made me laugh in my self, i turn to face nicole who git out a guitar but it was Emma's guitar i knew cause it had pictures of us when we were kids, so nicole started playing it to a song sounds fimmilur, but then she said

"i hope you understand my feelings through this song" what feelings, i just nodded and she started to sing, her voice isn't that great its good i guess but who'm i to judge,

she sang 'you belong to with me' by taylor swift, oh so .. does that mean... she likes me?, no i cam't imagine, but everytime she says you belomg with me she says it with a lot of feelings.

she finished the song and she started to tear up but she won't let them because of her make-up, i felt so sorry for her how long she had those feelings for me?, its too bad that I'm deeply in love with Emma.

"nicole .. umm I'm so sorry i-i i love Emma and you know it" i said feeling sorry for her.

"i know.. its just that.. i thought i could.. change your mind and like me the way that i like you" she said with here voice trembuleing, wow she must have been really in love with me but i can't love her back like that.

"I'm really sorry nicole I can't like you back I love Emma and only her" i said leaving her there she was broken but i can't fix it.

when i left i saw nick with a big group of girls around him, he is sure a popular kid just like his big sister but the difrence is that he notice when someone likes him and she doesn't and i wish she does.

i said hello to him and went to the back yard snd i couldn't believe what i saw i felt with anger and broken hearted snd about to cry whe i saw Emms the girl i loved, kissing that damn guy the same guy.


Niall's p.o.v.

"I'm right here" i whispered in Emma's ear when i saw the text on her phone, flinched a bit and turned around and when i saw here gorgous face again i was in shock and so was she.

"hey stranger" she said with the milion dollar smile on her face with the gorgous dimple, i had no words to say to her why do i feel like this only around her why is she so damn special to me and every guy in this party apperantly.

"hey gorgous miss me?" i said so cheesy.

"actually yeah" she said giggling and blushing god ill melt, "so where sre your friends?" she asked.

"oh sorry to be rude here they are" i answered pointing at them and they came torward her and they were shocked of her beauty, i hope they don't get a thing for her like i do.

"hello I'm liam and this is my girlfriend danialle" he said shaking her hand and dani got her hand out to they shake hands, "you can calk me dani everybody does and allow me to say you are very beautiful but i guess you get that a lot huh?" dani said snd she wasn't lie-ing she is a beauty.

"not not really unless you coun't my family" she giggled she is funny too my girl well later.

"hey I'm louis but you can calk me lou and this is my girlfriend Eleanor and your the famous Emma that this mate right here always blabs about in the house" she shock both they're hands and she blushed and i did too i guess.

"hey I'm zayn and no gurlfriend so far" she shock his hand and they made eye contact for a while, find you owen Emma buddy!.

"and the final is hazza well his name is harry but we call him hazza" i said as i saw him flirting with sone random girl, here we go again i hope he leaves Emma alone, he always gets the girl, i called him and he came rudhing here.

"what i wad about to get her numb.." he stopped whe he glanced Emma and he continued staring at her, oh god please no, he got closer to he to interduse him self.

"hello there my fair lady I'm harry, harry styles" he said kissing her hand, i feel my blood boiel in my body, why am I so jealous like that for her.

she began to lsugh really hard witch made everyone confussed even me, "what's wrong love?" harry asked her.

"oh haha sorry haha it wsd just haha so cheesy I'm sorry i thought you were kidding I'm so sorry harry" we all gasped its the first girl who lsughs at harry, the girls usually get swept away in harry's arm, but this gurl is diffrent from any other girl, i think I'm in... l-love.

"I'm sorry harry I really am, well its realky nice to meet you all and please feel free to have an awesome time at this party" she said giggling and they left exipt harry he is stsrstruck about what just happened but then he left.

" sooo now i know all of your friends names but not you, care to explain?" she said flashing the dimple smile, but then the song 'i should've kissed you' by chris brown got on and i knew hot to tell her my name.

"would you care to dance first then i can tell you my name?" i asked hoping for a yes.

she nodded and she accepted my hand, we had a slow dance she looked amazing the stars were shining it was the perfect moment.

"my name is niall, niall horan nice to meet you" i said cheesly like harry.

"well finally niall and nice to meet you too I'm Emma but i guess you already know that huh?" she said giggling, and her eyes were sparkling more than the stars as we leaned closer to each other and closer and we finally...

kissed it was a long kiss and i didn't only feel sparks i felt like the new years eve it self.

"wow, congrats mr. niall horan you had the owner of my first kiss" she sai whem we pulled away, wow seriously her first kiss how can a beauty like her never had her fist kiss.

"i feel really ownered miss anderson" i said, and i was i had the pkeasure of her first kiss.

when we continued dancing i can see harry looking at us stsring actually, i better watch out for him i think he finally has feeling for a girl and unfortionatly it was my girl.

we kept dancing untell some random guy with black hair and green eyes came and puched me.

"what the hell josh what are you doing?!!!" i can hear Emma screaming of the top of her breath,

"Emma are you that stupid I'm in love with you why can't you understand from when we were kids i wss in love with you" he screamed loudly, wow i feel sorry for him, Emma stayed silant for a sec


Emma's p.o.v.

i don't like josh and i really really like niall i feel that he feels the same way and i don't want to lose him and nicole likes josh and i guess he refused her i don't like josh that way were only friends,

"josh I'm sorry but i like niall here and i omly see you as a friend i could never feel the same way" she said and he looked at me with anger and he punched niall once more, i screamed,

"josh leave him alone i hate you i don't want to see you ever again!!" i screamed and i didn't realize what i said just now i didn't mean it at all, josh face was breaking in hurt.

"fine if thats what you want then ill leave you alone i hope you will be happy, goodbye Emma" he said softly and hurt, i didn't mean it.

"no josh i didn't mean it olease im sorry " he didn't listen and left and after that... just like my nana's storry .... i never saw josh again.


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