It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


13. the beach

Niall's p.o.v.

it was pretty awkward when harry got in, he told us we have to meet the guys at the beach, he said it with his head facing in another direction, he looked annoyed, i feel sorry for him but now that i know how he feels, its war.

Emma looked really embarrased she covered her self quickly like someone is about to rape her and her face was redder than a tomato, i laughed at her she had a wierd look on her face like she was about to cry.

"its not funny it was embarrasing!!" she screamed at me throwing pillows on me.

"you should see the look on your face when he got in" i laughed

"whatever ... we have to get ready so get out get out get out!!"

"can't i just stay" i had my puppy face mood on

her face turned red as she inheald a lot of air to get ready to...

"get out!!!!" yell at me.

i got up running and and watched the door as it slammed in my face.

"well shesh you at least letme see what you will wear as a cute little girlfriend"

"well sorry im not a princess that gets spoiled by her boyfriend" i can see the sarcasm in her face right now

"well good ... i like you that way" there was a silence, until she opened the door quickly and kissed my cheek and closed the door as fast as posable.

i went down stairs and i can hear the song 'A team' by Ed sheeran as loud as posable coming from her room.

i see harry playing with his phone probably on twitter and sitting on the couch, i sneak dfrom his back to see what is he tweeting and see: "have you ever loved someone so much that you have to hurt someone else to get him?", i don't know how to feel about this discusted, hurt, anger i don't know but all i know is i have to keep him away from her.

"hey harry are you ready?" i got infront of him so he won't think i stole a glance at his phone

"yeah just waiting for zayn and nicole and you and Emma .. oh where's Emma?" i was felt with anger when he got her name on his mouth.

"she's getting ready" i managed to fake a smile.

"oh ok" he faked a smile too i can see it clearly.

i sat on the couch next to him waiting for the others and i texted liam to bring our swimming chunk with him, i glanced at harry and saw him taking out a hand book.

"oh your working on a new song?" i asked him knwong his songs, he's a really good writer when it comes to songs and he has an amazing voice but he never shares it with the world.

"oh yeah ive been wanting to write this one but never had the insparation"

"so what is it called?" there was a bit of silence before he answered

"well i don't really know yet but i will eventually" then he got back to writing and he was tapping on the book for drums.

it wasn't a matter of time until zayn and nicole came down from up stairs holding hands and giggling.

"you guys ready?"

"yeah we just have to wait for.." nicole said intrupted by a loud scream from up stairs.

"Nicole help!!!!" nicole laughed and went up stairs saying " since when she needed my help for clothes? she never took my advice"

afer few minutes nicole came back.

"so where's Emma?" harry asked.

"I'm here sorry for keeping you guys late so lets go" she was wearing a flip flop and shorts and a casual tank top holding her glasses and a yellow towel, her hair was in a big messy bun and wearing her sunglasses.

we all got outside and went to the car, zayn was driving and nicole was next to him, Em was in the middle, between me and harry, oh boy.



Emma had her ear plogs on and humming to Ed sheeran, again and again and again, she sure loveshis music and she can't stop smiling when his voice start to sing, from 'you needme and i don't need you' to 'A team' and if the songs are over she replays them over and over again.

im getting jealous over someone she will never meet, real meature of me, i see harry still humming his song and it sounds amazing, i know im mad at him but i will always support him.

i began to doze off, and dreft to sleep, and i could feel a worm and soft lips plaseing on my cheek giving me a kiss.


i woke up and and were still not there and i look at Emma and Harry and icouldn't believe my eyes. emma shared one of her ear plogs with harry and she laid on his chest with his arm around her, i was full of anger but i couldn't do a thing cause they were both sleeping, i death glared at them the whole time until we arrived.

zayn stopped the car and the love birds woke up and jumpedout of the car like it wasn't a big deal, what if harry kissed her head? or cheek? or ... i can't think about it anymore.

we saw the guys and gave them hugs, Eleanor and Dani hugged Em as if they were friends forever, nicole was standing awkwordly back untill they pulled her in to a group hug.

me, harry and zayn said hello to the boys and we told them about this morning with zayn and they couldn't stop laughing and zayn was embarrased and was screaming at us "shut up it isn't funny" all the time, the beach is amazing in here i never went to it until now and im glad its with Emma.


Harry's p.o.v.

so i kissed Emma in the lips in the car when niall was sleeping, her lips looked so perfect asking me to, she doesn't know she was drifting in sleep, i found out that she really loves Ed sheeran and he's having a gig in Irland so i thought i would surprise her by tickets to his concert, i don't know how ill deal with niall though, ill think of something in the way.

louis handed me my swimming chunks and i went to change, as get back i see niall, liam, louis, zayn, Elea, Dani and nicole already in the water, but someone was missing, Emma, i went to the water and played volly ball with them, until Niall's eyes were wide and his mouth in the the shape of "O" and everyone were smiling , i was confussed and i turned around to see the reason of they're smiles, oh my god, i see Emma, in a all-black bikini, with her long curly hair flying everywhere, her honey eyes glowing and her cheeks like a new strawberry, she is trying to cover herslef with her hands but we can see it clearly, she jumped to the water and headed directly to niall.

"i feel embarrased it my first time in a bikini" she said covering her face.

"you look amazing" niall said with his cheeks brighter than ever

"thank you'her cheeks are in the same rednest.

i was irrtated, wishing that im the one she'll head to, the one who'll make her cheeks get this red, the one she'll love.

we continued playing and the girls were gossiping andmeand the boys were playing, as for Niall and Emma, they were in they're own mood, kissing, hugging, giggling, tickling ande teasing, Niall keeps lifting herup and down and lift her in a wedding style snd lay her down in the water.

im hurting my self watching them, but i just can't help but wishing for her more and more every single second.

the sun was going down and me and the boys and the girls went for ice cream, the love fish didn't get out of the water they were still laughing and swimming, i got emmaher favorite beach ice cream, blue berrys, and niall his favorite witch is chocolate, when i went back i saw them kissing, i couldn't handle it anymore, im going to fall to my knees, they saw me and stopped.

"oh wow harry thanks you still remember my favorite" Emma said and kissed my cheek, i wish it would last forever.

"yeah thanks harry" niall said smiling, and they rode back to the car.



the ride back was silent and i only can hear nial and em kissing, i got out my ear plogs and played "isn't she lovely" bye steeve wander.

as they drifted to sleep i was playing the song i wrote over and over again trying to find out the name of the song, i looked at emma one last time today, her face peacfully sleeping and her hair on niall's hand, and when i saw him playing with her hair while sleeping i knew what to name the song ... "more than this".

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