It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


10. memories

Harry's p.o.v.

so we started to clean the house and Niall was giving me death glares everytime i talk to Emma, i think he loves her soo much, i don't want to hurt him he's my best friend since childhood and we never fought over a girl ever if we found a girl that we both like we leave her alone both of us and it actually never happened, but there's something about Emma that changes everything, not only she's incredibly beautiful from the inside and out, but i feel like i have some conection with her but i don't know what is it.

Niall was sticking to Emma the whole time cleaning, but he can't let me stop talking to her, i keep saying jokes that my friends think they are sooo lame, why the hell did i told them to her?, but some how she laughed at my terabuley lame jokes, her laugh is so adorable, and nobody ever laughed at my jokes never, even my last girlfriends never laughed at them, she is so amazing, No!! i shouldn't think of her she's not mine and Niall is my best friend,

everytime i talk to her he looked at me like 'i will kill you' i felt myself smirk everytime he glares at me.

we finished cleaning and calling passed out people's parents to pick them up and Niall is still sticking to Emma, and I met nick Emma's brother he looks like her but more boyish and he's dimple is on the right cheek, and it seems that we have a lot in commen, we kept talking and making lame jokes like i always do, me and nick talked a lot when ever Niall flirts with Emma, i get so angry when he snuggles with her its like i want to punch him and kiss Emma and run away together.

we went to the kitchen so she can cook something.

"hey guys i bet your hungry i mean we haven't ate anything since this morning so what would you like?" she asked us, i think anything from her hands is ok with me.

"you guys should taste her pancakes she makes the most delicious pancakes ever even josh can't get enough of them" he said exaited, Niall looked at the table and she was giggling untell he said josh's name and she freezed and her face is red and she had watery eyes and i had to do something, and i know what.

"he had his own pravite party last night if you know what i mean and left with her" i said sounding cheeky, and it worked and i can see Emma smiling at me and she mouthed 'thank you' to me and i smiled at her gorgous smile, but it seems that harry didn't like it when i get to be the hero.

"alright josh, but you know? i always thought that josh and Emma would end up together but i guess we found a winner am i right Niall?" he said winking at Niall, Niall smiled proudly and Emma blushed and I well let just say i had an oven in my body about to explode from madness.

"but hey don't try anything I might be smaller than her and you but at least i got a baseball bat and If you break her heart lets just say i have a back yard and a shovell and a knife i can make your death look like and accident" nick said so seriously, man talk about over protective, Niall seemed a bit scared and Emma started laughing so hard and so was I.

"ok thanks nick i love you" she said with giggling in her voice kissing his cheek.

"but don't scare him off his the first boyfriend i ever had" she said smacking his arm, wait seriously is niall her first?!! how can that be true?!!.

she started making the pan cakes and i as a real flirt and a good cook i helped her and i watched niall's eyebrows burn from anger, i can't help it i WANT her, she seems to blush a lot witch what makes me bush even more than her.

"oh yeah nick mom and dad desided at the last minute that they'll go back to Irlad to see the whole family so they'll be back after a week or something" she said patting his head.

what?!!!, i looked at niall and he had the same shocked look on his face like mine, and it all clicked, why me and niall love the same girl.

flash back:

i used to love in london but we went to Irland for the vacation and one day i went to the play ground in the park and all the girls was serounding a boy he was so shy, he had sky blue eyes and blond hair,

the girls day by day started to seround me but the difrence between me and the blond boy is i was a flirt for a 11 year old boy, i knew how to sweet talk a girl, and one day there was a boy who started a fight with me because his girlfriend left him for me, the problem was that i don't even know the girl and i don't know how to fight, so the blond boy stood up for me and he foaght with the boy, and he won but his mother ground him by letting him stay in the car, so i felt sorry for him and went to his car, i knocked on the window and he opened the door, i sat next to him and said sorry and thank you for standing up for me, and he said im irish im used to the fights don't worry, i laughed and i said 'by the way im harry harry styles' and he said 'nice to meet you harry im niall horan' with that our friendship started, he was the shy sweet angel and im the flirty devil, we were the girls killers, but one day a girl with a loong curly and brown hair and sparkling honey eyes and a dimple on her left cheek showed up, she was so pretty and amazing, she had a gorgous smile, all the boys offered to play with her but she didn't want to it seems that she doesn't trust boys and girls were jealous of her, she had me falling for her since the first day she came and so was niall, one day some group of girls serounded her and started to bully her, me and niall saw them and we ran straight to her, we defended her,

she was crying and the girls claimed that they were just joking and they ran away, she stopped crying cause we helped her and hugged niall, niall's face was like a big tomato, and i had and egg boiel in me i was jealous, but then she hugged me too, and i felt sparks like never before.

'by the way my name is Emma' she said softly and from that day we were that bestest of friends.

wew were the three muscaters and no one could separate us, ecxept the fact that me and niall love her,

everyday we would fight for her when she leaves home, when she's around we pretend like nothing happened, oneday the fight became fesacule, i never fought never but for emma i'd do anything.

the day after we desided to tell her to pick one of us, but when she got out of her car and her face was red and her eyes too they were watery and puffy and red, she told us that she has to move to california in america because her mom was pregnant.

she hugged us both and me and niall looked at each other and knew what we have to do, we have to  ake this day the bestest day of her life.


we boght ice cream, and played a lot, and found a kitten and called it 'neh' it was stupid to pick the first letters of our name to name the cat but it was frienship,

the day ended and she kissed us both on the cheeks and said 'ill never forget you both' and rode the car and waved to us goodbye in the window with that she left.

,e and niall desided that we'll never fight over a girl ever again unless she's Emma, and the deay after i left to london and six years after that niall moved to london we met again at zayn's party we catched up and became friends again with time we met louis and liam and the five of us became really close friends and we desided to move together, me and niall desided on caljfornia because of Emma we thought 'hey we might meet with her again' who would of thought it would really happen.

End of the flash back.

me and niall were speech less and she was confused, "don't you remember us?" niall asked loudly and surpised.

she had a confused look on her face, "do you remember 'neh'?" i said loudly too.

her face light up and she had tears running down her cheeks and she came runing to us and she hugged us tightly we all laughed.

"oh my god i missed you guys soooo much i can't believe its you guys" she said laughing.

"its like fate" the three of us all said in the same time, we laughed.

flash back:

"we'll never fight over a girl unless it Emma agree?" "i agree"

end of flash back.

i shivered and i looked at niall he had the same worried look.

it is fate, the memories are back to give us a try, but this time who will get the girl?.


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