It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


2. getting to know you

Emma's p.o.v.

so ad usual i took customers orders they are like my friends we've been through things together but i just can keep my head off of that guy with his deep ocean and high sky eyes and adorable smile i got to admit he is really attractive ... oh my god did i just think about some guy its a bit unusual , "umm from earth to emma hello?" ,"oh hey molly sorry i was ... distracted actually" for the first time i got distracted because of a guy  ok i have to relax now. customer started leaving but he is still here i dont know why but im happy that he is still here , so i started my ipod and put on 'one more night' by maroon five and i hummed the song's lyrics so i get my brain off of him oh shot now im thinking about him again , so everyone left so my boss told me to be the one who closes the dinner ,this keeps going better and better , so i locked my ipod then he finally talked "i thought you were being nice to me only cause you wanted to flirt" he standed up while he said that , oh please i hate flirting ,"so i stayed caue you are a very nice and kind girl" he walked torward me saying a word then the last step was infront of me ,"can we talk to know eachother more now?" he asked with a blush pops out of hes cheeks i felt heat comes torward my face ,we stared to eachothers eyes a long time i lost track.


Nial's p.o.v.

wow we gazed to eachothers eyes for a really long time like 6 minutes , icant help it she had sweet honey eyes i can feel the sweetness .. dont judge me i didnt eat all day but her eyes were enough, i had to do something i dont want her to see my tomato face so i turned around went to a both im the corner and i said "shall we?" i think it went pretty smooth, she giggled making the adorable left dimple to apear witch made my heart eatch a bit she sat on the chair and we started. "well i know your name is emma so thats a start" i said stupidly i mean duh think a bit brain, "yeah my name is emma anderson and well i love basket ball and i love my part-time-job witch is this one and im from california witch we are in right now" she said smiling like she just said something stupid witch is adorable she even blushed , "so you like basket ball huh care for a match?" i asked hoping for a yeas, "i dont know i only play it cause i feel good when i beat my little brother" she said with a bit of a smirk on her face i dont know why, "but sure ill do it just go easy on me" she had a full smirk on her face still dont know why "sure" i answerd gladly i mean i would go easy on her she is a girls .. a cute girl "ok how about we spice it up a bit with a bet if i win you will buy me ice cream " she is perfect, "ok but if i win i want your number" i said without thinking, "umm i want a hard one" she said with her face is like a tomato and as for me well its nothing but a heart attack! ,"ok then i want a k-k-kiss on the cheek!!" i said feeling fire ,"t-t-thats more like it" she said while running to the exit door, "theres a basket ball net right there ill get the ball" she said running its the perfect scene the sun is resting on the ocean and emma's hair is flipping everywhere and i keep seeing her in slow motion whats wrong with me?!, "here first match 1..2..3.." we played 5 times and its 2-3 ... and im that 2 she actually won she tricked me .. she's amazing, "well sir i think you owe me some ice cream" she said giggling i admited diffeat so i ran to her grabbed her and flyed her like a little girl and tickled her intell she admitred that she tricked me "Ahahaha!! stop stop! ok i admit i am a traned basket ball player haha" i putted her down while we took our breaths then we looked at each other and laughed then she ran to a BR ice cream shop we entered beated up and not to my suprise the guys is looking at her like shes a christmas big gift from santa but im not her boyfriend ...yet , and the owner not to my suprise knows emma she is really popular but doesnt know anything , so we went there and orderd in the same time "Blue Rush please!!" we looked at eachother and nlushed then laughed , " oh my your such an adorabke couple" the BR's owner said to us, "well we aren't-" i cutted her off to say , "very diffrent from eachother and im so lucky to finalky foud her" i pushed her arm a bit with my arm so she van know she smiled agreeing , "well who would have known my prince with a white hourse would be here i cant even believe thst he is here by my side" she then kissed my cheek so suddenly i felt a zoo in my stomache and goospumps i never knew i even had this feeling, we left the the IC shop and she was laughing i was just shocked she then grapoed my arm and said, "lets go to the subway we havent finished our talk" she said with a worm smile that made me worm so i smiled back ,we entered the dinner and the next thing i know i was helping her cleaning and we talked and laughed so mutch that i forgot that there was tomorrow then all of the sudden she said, "Shit!!" and grabbed my hand and got me out of the dinner and she locked the door , "whats wrong?" i asked worried and confused , "no i just have to hurry my brother's G. party is tonight and i have to leave now before i get late i have to do a lots of things " she then got a pen from her bag and a peace of paper she wrote something and gave it to me and said , "i know i won the bet but for you ill make an eception" she giggled with the dimple of course then she kissed me on the cheek again then said, "i broke that part of the deal too sorry" she whispered to my ear then gabe me one last smile, dimple, and a blush she ran like hell was chasing her then i yelled "so glad that i got to know you cinderalla!!!".


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