It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


5. getting ready

Emma's p.o.v.

she was rough it's like she is doing it on porpoise witch was true, at first she grabbed my hair but not like a cat fight no she was doing it she got a hair drryer and she started doing it and got the curling Ior and got it to look wavy i loved it it looked super cute.

she the got a biiiig hand bag and she got from it a lot of make-up, she sure loves her maje-up althogh she is super cute without it, anyway she got this thin dark brown pencil and she started to draw on my eye brows, it really hurts when she presures on them, then she got a thin pen what was writen on it was 'eye-liner' and it was in ligued or something and she said "stay still and don't move" she actually whispered and it gave me the chills.

she then started drawing a fine line above my eye like above or on my eye lashes, she did that on both of my eyes of course, then she got the same shape thing but there were two and they were bigger than the eye-liner and the first one it was writen on it 'mac' and i immediately thought of MacDonald's and how hungry I am right now, and the second one it had 'max factor' on it.

"this one is to make your eyelashes taller" she said pointing at 'mac' and talking to me like I'm some baby I mean I know what a mascara is .... well just knew anyway.

"and this one to make it thicker" she said again like I'm a baby and pointing at the 'max factor' mascara I noded like a good little girl.

she started with mac and she putted a loooot and then with max factor and i could feel my eyelashes reaching to my eye brows well under them anyway, then she got some on my down lashes.

she then got out some round thingy and it was blusher I screamed and she calmed me down explaining it was just for a little bit to reden my cheeks so I agreed hopelisly but I trust her and she was right its only for a bit.

she then got the secret wepon and we all know it the thing that get the guys weak yes its the lipstick, put it wasn't any lipstick it was of the colour red yes red ladies and gentelmen, i was ok with it she started drawing on my lips and I got to admit i felt like a princess, yes me the girl who is never girly feels like a princess.

"with that were done but I'm never gonna let you see your self now first you have to wear the summer dress" nicole said getting out a really pretty dress it was yellow my favorite colour and had classic flowers on it it was amazing i wore it.

then she got out a middle high heels they were red and open i wore it.

she told me to close my eyes then she leaded me to the big mirror, "open them now".

she said as i opened my eyes i couldn't believe my eyes i finally think I'm a bit beautiful i huged nicole i was about to cry whe she said, "not bad huh and don't cry or all my hard work will go to waste"

i nodded and thanked her and kissed her on the both cheeks and she said, "well it wasn't a lot of work we only took 15 minutes cause you are already soooo beautiful Ems" i laughed and thanked her once again.

she was wearing a light pink and black short dress and and curled her hair really hard and got make-up on and with her beautiful dark blue eyes we were ready for tonight.




hey guys i know I'm still teasing but the next chapter will be the party for sure and wish you all liked it      love macy-anderson;*

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