It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


12. forgivence and one way or another

Emma's p.o.v

what is wrong with niall he sounds grumpy, did i do something wrong?, but we just reunited how can he be mad at me already?, unless he .... oh no.

"so want to start?" he let out a small sigh before saying thatall grumpy.

"y-yeah sure lets start" i hasetated but maneged to force a smile, i hated that he's mad at me, i should just come clean and get this all over with.

i took my guitar out that has a lot of pictures of me, josh, nicole, macy and mia from when i was 10 or 11 years old and sat on the bed to fix the tunes, before i even react i felt a worm body attached to my back and see long legs on both of my side,, and i realised that he was holding me and the guitar from behind.

my heart is going crazy i don't like this feeling at all, is he teasing me? or making me pay?, he got his hands around me and grabed my hands to tech me how to playthe guitar .. or isn't?.

"so you start by playing on the D string" his breath is on my nek i can feel it.

"o-ok and then what?" I'm freaking out right now.

"then to the C string and practice on them they are so imprtant and light so be carefull not to HURT them" is he planing on something, ok its also my fault i have to confess.

"n-nial i have to confess to you about something" those words stung in my heart and now im feeling a big lump in my throught that i cant seem to sollow.

"yeah? tell me .. is it porhaps anything invovles a surten kiss?".


Niall's p.o.v.

i was deturment to get the truth out of her but it seems that she feels gulty and i know her, when she feel gulty about something she gets it off of her chest before it gets bigger, i even felt gulty for putting her in the hot seat but im like that.

her eyes started to watter and she looked at me with her big honey-puppy eyes and i felt really bad for doing that to some one i really love, i shouldn't blame her, no i should blame harry, he always gets in my way, the problem is that he's my best friend and i love him too i can't do anything about it.

the tears already fell to down her cheeks and i felt like an asshole so icouldn't help but to hug her and tightly and never let her go never, she hugged me back more tightly.

"im really sorry niall ididn't even realise it until i saw harry and he reminded me and i feel gulty for lying to you i shouldn't have been so oblevious and i should pay more attention on the people i love and not hurt them like i did to you" she said all of those words while crying softly on my shoulder.

i can't help it i love her too much i can't let go and ifeel like a murderer for breaking her heart like that, unfortionatly i broke the hug to look at her red wattery face with sparkling brown eyes.

"im the one who should be sorry for putting you in that position im totally ok with it itsbeen a long time anyway i feel childdish for not letting it go im sorry emma will you please forgive me?"

she looked at me for the last time and smiled wich made her dimple appear and ismiled back and the next thing i know she crashed her lips agencet mine to enter a pationat and very long kiss, ill take that as she frogived me.


Harry's p.o.v.

what took them so long? did she tell him about the kiss?, i think he'll go mad and leave her, i hope so i mean i know its bad to say that but .. i just .. want her to be all mine, i never been this jealous my whole life, i can't stand zayn and nicole making kissy faces to each other its annoying, but it makes me wish that was emma and i, oh how i wish mylucky stars for that to happen.

the phone ringing and see the name 'boo bear' on the screen i open my iphone and notice it was a text from louis saying; 

"hey hazza me, Eeanor, liam and dani are going to the beach and you guys haven't come since last night i hope ypu didn't get anyone pregnant, anyway get the rest of the lads and come to the beach oh and bring emma with you too dani and Ele seem not to stop talking about her thats all bye".

i had a goofy smirk on my face and replayed quickly agreeing and now i have an excuse to interropt the lesson of theres.

i ran quickly up stairs and saw the name 'Emma' decorited on her door and it seems to be silant, i opened the door quickly, didn't even bother to knock on the door, and then i wished i had at least knocked.

i saw them in there make out setion laying on her bed, its like they didn't even touch the guitar, when i opened the door they quickly seaperated them self and fixed they're clothes, i was heart broken but i couldn't do anything about it, but one way or another im gonna get her.

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