It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


15. chapter 15.

i yawned a bit before my eyes get wide open to adjust the light of the sky blue room, witch isn't my room, what happened last night?, oh right me and niall sort of did "it".

there were long big arms around me and a rising chest attached to my back, i turned around to face the smiling face i have been dating for a while that i think its time to say it, i know its not the right time but i don't want the whole huge romantic date just to say them, although they are big words to say and are full of meaning and trust and.. i don't think i could say them, i love him i really do its an amazing feeling i never felt before i feel i could fly, like nothing could break me cause he's right by my side.

after that "thing" that happened with harry me and him never spoke about it, and there is nothing to talk about it was just a moment of weakness and maybe they were hormones or something but i don't love harry that way.. right?.

"good morning beautiful" his beautiful smile could light up this whole room if there were no sun, i giggled.

'good morning handsome.. i want to tell you something before we get up"

"is it that I'm amazing?" he gave me a cheeky smile.

"no" he frowned and i laughed but it was amazing.

"i just wanted to say i.."

"Emma Niall get your lazy butt down here isn't enough you were loud last night" harry yelled from downstairs before i could continue.

me and Niall started laughing with my face burning up.

"come on lets get up before he bursts out the door cause you know he will" i started laughing at his comment.

i got up taking some blanket on the floor witch was pretty small.

"i know your checking me out Horan, keep your eyes to yourself for now" i heard a laugh before i closed the door to his closet.

i entered his closet to see a huge amount of shoes, i should borrow some he won't miss one pare, wait correction, those shoes are his babies.

i see a big mirror to glance at my hair witch was everywhere, i looked around to find a pare of boxers and a blue t shirt witch is big on be perfect, i should bring my clothes here i always forget.

i got out of the closet to hear the shower turn on so i enter the bathroom, i love how we got so comfortable with each other so fast, i hear him singing some songs mixed together so i giggle, i love his angel voice so much specially when he hums in my ear in bed,

i took my tooth brush that i always leave in here and brushed my teeth, i hear the shower turn off and he got out rapping a towel on his waist and i kept brushing, he kissed my cheek while i was brushing and i giggled.

he grabbed his tooth brush and started brushing, we keep stealing glances of each other and giggle then he lightly dodged my hip with his, and i giggled so i finished and he still started and i kissed him on the cheek before getting out of the bathroom and out of his room to downstairs.

i see harry struggling to make my pancakes, he can cook everything but can't do my pancakes! that boy is full of surprises.

"hey harry' i said while i poked him on the cheek making a "pop" voice.

"hey will you guys keep it down next time?' he said being sarcastic.

" shut up" i lightly slapped his arm.

"but i bet could make you scream louder" he smiled saying that, witch made me frown.

here we go again i thought we closed that door already.

"look I'm kidding alright? lighten up.. but never forget that day'

"harry stop, look i love niall and ill tell him soon i was gonna tell him before but you kinda got in the way" he started chuckling.

"I'm sorry alright?' he kinda yelled.

i opened my mouth to say something but long strong arms rapped around me.

"hey what were you guys saying?" niall kissed me on the cheek after.

"oh nothing she was just about to teach me how to do the one thing i can't do witch is blueberry pancake right?" harry planted a cheeky kiss just like that, like nothing ever happened.

"y-yeah he kept throwing them around" i did what harry did, fake-smiled.

"okay so what are you plans for the day miss anderson?" niall said while picking me up and sat me down on the counter as his fingers tickled me on my stomach and i giggled.

"well i don't think i have anything why?"

"well how about tonight.. we.. go .." i giggled how he tries to seduce me.

"you two can't go anywhere we have to go to Ireland tomorrow morning so yeah she has plans with her closet and bag she will set them up together" harry said witch made me giggle, damn why is he making me laugh.

"well then ill drive you there and then ill pick you up tomorrow k?" niall asked.


"oh yeah what were you going to tell me upstairs?"

i looked at harry who glared at me back.

"o-oh i don't remember when i do ill tell you"

"alright okay so hold on me tight cause we'll go upstairs to get your things and drop you in your house" i crossed my legs around his waist and rapped my arms around his neck looking behind him giggling while he was running, and then i glanced at harry who returned the look back, his face was.. its like there wasn't a cheeky smile that displayed his dimples.


i hopped in the car and so did Niall and we got to the rode, he started humming to a song familiar to me.

"hey sing it out loud"

"wait i think i still have the CD to it" he kept searching until he got out a CD and played it.

"gotta change my answering machine now that I'm alone cause right now it says that we can't come to the phone and i know it makes no sence cause you walked out the door but its the only way i hear your voice anymore"

he started singing and i looked amazed until he glanced at me and smiled witch made me giggle and i looked at the road singing and laughing with him until we reached my house.

we kissed a kiss didn't last long but it was enough for me.

"oh yeah i want to ask you something"niall said nervously.

"yeah what is it?"

"well.... would you like to umm.. i want you to move in with me?'

what?.... WHAT?!! oh my god yes yes yes of course yes.

"umm i think.."i was about to answer until my door opened to my mom crossing her arms and i knew i was in for some trouble, nick that rat most have told her.

"look you don't have to answer now its ok i get it but tell me later okay?" niall said.

"o-okay sure talk to you later" i closed the door and went to my destination witch is a long speech


after the whole 'you should be careful" speech i told her I'm sorry for not telling you and then suddenly she got excited because i lost my virginity and me getting so embarrassed, i told her Niall asked me to move in with him and then she said its okay do what makes you happy, i thanked her but i didn't say yes yet.

i went upstairs and got my suitcase to fill it with clothes and i blasted out some music cause nick music is so loud, i started folding until i hear my phone i grab it to see the text... its from Harry.

it says: don't forget to straighten down your hair cause Niall loves a girl with straight hair just trying to help ;)xx

is it true?, does Niall love straight hair?, pffft I'm being dramatic its just hair not a big deal, if Niall loves straight hair he wouldn't even date me.. right?.

harry your such an ass, i mean we were fine as we are but i guess he wants us two to be enemies, if i move in with Niall how can i handle Harry?.

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