It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


14. chapter 14.

wow itsbeen so long since i wrote a chapter to this movella haha! probably 2 and a half month, ill write it cuse finally i started loving it and ill write new movellas soon a lot actually its like i go to bed and i think of one and write it down, i hope you like this chapter i worked pretty hard on it even no bathroom brakes hehe, and i wish more people would read my movella but im greatful of the people who are reading today so thank you, my advice to you is to listen to some of your favorite "the beach boys songs", cause i did the same maybe "wouldn't be nice?" hehe, hope ypu enjy sorry i took so long talking, bye xxx Macy.A





Emma's p.o.v.

when the guys dropped me at my house i kissed Niall goodbye before leaving, but ipulled aways fast i don't know why but i feel like something have touched my lips before him, i pulled that at the back of my head i don't want to think about it, i found on my room's door a sticky note that says: hey Em sorry for not being in the house i went to my gf's house for the night don't wait for me xx.

really Nick? really?, i don't know how he keeps track of every girl he dated i feel disgusted that my own little brother is a player, i got to teach him next time, now I'm really tired.

i entered my room and took of all of my clothes and were instead a very short shorts and a plain T-shirt, i like to mix my PJ's and i dont know why, i layed on the bed and thought before i drifted to sleep about the bikini i wore, how did i did it?, i felt free though.

i slept easly after that.



i woke up in white sheets and a white bed I'm lost in the sheets i try to get out but the bed is large its like there's no end to it, i started to panic until some big worm arms hug me from the back and i felt really safe, i closed my eyes as the hand scan my body until the arms cover me to a hug, i felt happy, safe and like nobody can hurt me at all, i turn around still closing my eyes and travel my hand to the person's hair, it felt soft and big add to that curly... wait what? Curly!!!, i open myeyes to reveal big, green grassy eyes looking at me, loving me actually, i didn't panic i felt almost realived, but why? the face started smiling at me it was a sunny joyful smile i couldn't resist but smile back  as Harry got closer and closer to give me ....


i woke up, by the sound of the doorbell, i looked at my phone it was 1:11pm, what the hell? was i that tired?, i got up quickly without thinking that i was only waring my short shorts and a t-shirt, i ran down stairs and not seeing a think witch made me trip on the last stair and bumb my back on the door screaming "COMING", after the bumb i could hear the person on the other side laughing so hard, i get annoyed and open the door saying "that was not funn...".

i open the door to find the same green eyes were staring at me, the same curles that were runned through by my fingers, the same cheeky but worm smile that were smiling at me.

i feel my heart wanting to burst out of my chest, and my face wanting some cold water splashed at it right now, but i manged to get out a "hello there".

Harry scanned me with his eyes and then his face got red and looked at my eyes smiling.

"do you know what today is?" he asked avoiding the dead silance between us.

"ummm its saturday isn't it?" i say doing the same,

"yes but do you remember what we used to do every saturday morning?" he asked again with a smirk on his face waiting for an answer.

i kept rolling the memories in my head to fegure out what is it and then it hit me...

"oooooh its oreo's naked day!!!" i said realising what we used to do witch is buying a lot of oreos and get half naked and run around like punch of idiots and eat the oreos, it was a stupid but funny idea, niall came up with the oreos cause he's always hungry and harry cameup with being half naked because umm.. well he's a pervert i guess, and i came up with runing around because well I'm an idiot.

"you know im not getting half naked infront of you right?" i said that but a big part of me was shaking saying the word naked infront of harry.

"y-yeah .. i know that but since niall has over slept i thought maybe i should come over at your house and make an oreo dessert and go together to our flat" he said it shaking and then he pulled in a cheeky smile.

"oh ok just got to worn ya I'll burn down the kitchen if im alone with it" i said the truth.

harry laughed before he said "don't worry im always with you" he had a worm smile i can feel in my bones.

"i know.. just give me a sec to wash and get ready" i left hearing him say "ok" behind me.

i ran so fast to the bathroom put the water on cold, i didn't care as long as i can get this heat out of my body, i hoped in the bathtub and let the water does it's work.

what was all of this about?, why do i feel wired near harry now?, i laughed at him when he kissed my hand when we rebounded what changed now?, actually why did i change?, i used to never care about love i used to laugh at it and think its always fake and stupid, i used to think when i get older ill marry aomeone mom and dad will pick for me and i will never care who it is i respect my parents decetion, but now im already in a relationship with someone i love, i think i guess i love i dont know, do i?, but the biggest problem is i might like his best friend, or maybe even more, i feel disgusted by my self im not the kind of person who does this kinds of things, i used to be the person who worn her little brother about these things, not be them, but wait.. i didnt do anything.. yet, i just have to be careful of what i do.

i jumped out of the shower and put on a towel around my body and one around my hair, i sneaked out of the bathroom so it wouldn't happen what happened between me and niall yesterday morning but with harry, i entered my blueberrys smelled room and got out of the closet a gray sweatpants and a white stretchy tank top, i took off the towel on my body and wore my underwear and then the clothes,

i took off the towel on my hair and looked at it, i smiled at my self thinking that i loved the fact that me and harry have the same tipe of hair witch is curly, urghh jeez i got to stop thinking about him, great now im thinink about him, i towel-dryed my hair and went downstairs where harry at.

i took a deep breath before i said "hey".

"hey..." harry said back looking at me froozing then smiling.

"ready to make a mess?" he requested me laughing, i giggled back nodding, let us begin.


now im at the middle of mixing we've been hearing "the beach boys" songs the whole time, he keeps holding up the spoon and singing with them, i always look at him laughing and then the song "wouldn't be nice?" came up and my eyes got widened and i looked at him and he had the same look, he then walked to me and took my hand and silly danced with me, he kept singing the lyrics while i was laughing and still valse/silly dance with him.

the song was almost to the end until i almost slipt on a spoon on the floor but harry catched me, we looked to each others eyes what felt like seconds but it was to minutes, i know cause we stopped when the song was over,

i stood back up and strightened my clothes, i continued mixing in the bowl and it was cplete silence until he broke it.. he always breaks it.

"ok now we just have to put the mixer on the cookies and were done then we can go to our flat" he said not making any eye contact and i just gave him an "umhum" and there was that silnece again but this time it wasnt long,

"oh yeah i forgot to tell you i bought some Ed sheeran tickets for his concert in irland for us.. three" he said looking right to my eyes.

i was so surprised i was screaming"THANK YOU SO MUCH" and jumping around and i jumped on him for a big hug that was so tight, the hug losened up a little but it took long before letting go, i didnt want to let go.

" no need to thank me its fine just get ready cause we are leaving in the after noon or less" he said smiling, and i kept thanking him and he was still laughing, i cant believe he did this for me i really cant believe it, and how did he knew that i love ed sheeran?, why did he did it?.


i wore my nikes and he lifted the tray that had the dessert on it, we rode the car and it was a silant drive the whole way to they're flat.

we entered the flat and may i say it was so gorgeous for a flat it had that woody homie feeling it was really cowsy, harry jestured me to niall's room, the guys seems to be out cause nicole texted me saying she's on a date with zayn, they really hitted it off, cant help but feel a bit jealous of them since me and niall never went on a date, let it go Emma since when did you care about dates?.

i entered the room seeing niall still in bed sleeping, im not romantice i wont kiss him and say good morning, so i jumped on the bed so hard he woke up panicing screaming "PICKLES!!!" awwwww just like me, he must be hungry.

"wake up honey wake up!!!" i started singing, and slapping his butt to wake up, he froze for a minute and then he jumped on me and gave me a bear hug strangling me, i kept screaming and giggling at the same time, and he was rolling me around and then he kissed me a light kiss on my lips.

"now im up!!" he screamed letting me go.

"how did you came here?" he asked scrubbing his eyes to make sure his awake.

"i came here with harry we have a surprise for you.. come in harry" i said but niall frowned when i said harry.

"wait is everything covered first?!!!" harry asked from ouside the room< i can see his smirk from here,

"just come in!!!" i yelled/laugh.

he came in in his hands the tray with the dessert on it, me and harry both screamed surprised.

"aww you guys remembered thank god nobody is naked" niall said and we all laughed.

"ill go slice it" i kissed niall on the cheek and took the tray from harry's hands and went to the kitchen to slice it.



as soon as Emma walked out of the door niall death-glared at me,

"what?!!" i asked although i know what will he say.

"im gonna ask you one thing and please be honest with me im not gonna hit you or anything i just want to know that there are no secrets between us" niall said very seriously, and i just kept looking him in the eyes to be serious.

"did anything happen between you and Emma at her house?" he asked very calmly, i took a big breath in and got it out.

"no niall nothing ever happened i suggested to make a dessert for you so we did it we both helped along to make it for you thats all nothing less nothing more" i feel like i lied although it was the truth.

his face turned from a serious and frowned face to a smily soft one, i told him before i went to the kitchen that ill see what took her so long and you go wash up,

i entered the kitchen to se Emma looking through drawers for something,

"whatcha doin' " i asked loudly witch what stutered her to jump, she turned around and then laughed.

"im looking for a knife do you know where?" she smiled the asked.

"yeah its right here" i come closer to her and put my hand behind her and open the drawer behind her still making eye contact with her and get out a knife.

"here it is" i say giving her the knife not moving from my place.

"thanks" what she said back, i began to get closer but im so scared of what door ill open if i did what ill do, but then she got closer to until our lips met, it was a 3 seconds kiss thats all but its still counts as a kiss, but does it count as a back stabbing you best friend? i dont know.

Emma had a shocked stright face, and we walked out of the kitchen and we sat on the bed next to niall we began to talk about how we used to spend our saturdays together, like nothing ever happened.


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