It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


8. Berrys

Niall's p.o.v.

I woke up having a dream of my childhood in Irland, but more than that i can hear someone next to me saying "blueberrys" and "blackberrys", when i opened my eyes a bit and i can still hear the music from outside but there is sun,

wow Emma wasn't kidding the party is a long one, "blueberrys" i laughed when i found out that Emma sleep talk.

i tryed to look at my watch at my rest but Emma was resting on my arm, when i saw her peace full face her gorgous peace full face, and her long brown curly hair is everywhere, and her long eye lashes flinching like she hears my thoughts, and her lips... oh her pink but red lips who are full and draw a bit of a smile.

i kept on admaiaring her face untell i desided to take a nap till she wakes up.


I woke up of the sound of the shower running and the sound of a heavenly voice singing 'what are words' by chris media,

i standed closly to the door of the bathroom to listen to the voice and then i heard "I'm forever keeping my angeeel" then the door opened and i almost fell but i stood up straight to see a wet, hot and drpping Emma infront of me, "cloooooose...." she opened her eyes and she had a shocked face,

her hair was dripping even her eye lashes were dripping and i just realised that we were stareing at each others for a long while,

"sorry i didn't mean to" finally i said something, "no its all my fault" she answerd.

i nodded and stopped stareing at her beacuse she wares only a towel rapped around her body.

"you can use the bathroom if you want im not that messy" she said gigggling and breaking the silence, witch made me laugh.

"ok sure oh and i think you have a thing for berrys" i had a smirk on my face and she just freezed, i think i got to her.

"how did you know you didn't even get to my bathroom to see my shampoo and soup?" she asked panicing, and i of course laughed.

"no no i heard you sleep talking" i confessed, she paused then her face turned really red, im on to you now , i think she feels like shes in the hot seat.

"its because...." she looked at the ground, think its really cute when she does that and she does it a lot.

"its because i didn't drink my tea before i sleep" she continued and still loking on the ground, and i of course laughed proudly.

"go to the bathroom already and its not that funny" she was saying but there a hint of laughter in her voice and pushing me to the bathroom.

"and by the way..." i looked at her stright in the poppy honey eyes, they were big and wide her face was blushing,

"you are an amazing singer" i said nervously and i kissed her fore head, i did a stupid thing ... but i didn't regret it at all.

"thank you niall that means a lot coming from you" she said in her softiest voice ever and her eyes sparkling, i wanted to kiss her but she went away couse she must be cold because she's wet.

and all was i left with was a bathroom full of berrys and the smell of Emma.... witch was 'berrys'.

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