It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


9. awkward

Emma's p.o.v

i feel so good and i don't know why, why? ,and i feel so Embarrased that i sleep talked, its all because of me not drinking that stupid tea, i guess i was .... busy.

i was drying my hair with my towel when i paused to remember last night, i felt like smiling and squeling but i controlled my self so he won't listen to me.

i looked at the mirror, i really try to love my self but i can't, what do guys really see in me?, my cheeks turned pink all of the sudden and i wasn't thinking of anything,

i wore a plain white tank top and a button up red shirt, and dark shorts, and some dark red toms, i started to see blurry things, so i wore my big black rey-ban glasses,

i shaked my self like im some dog who is wet, and letted my hair down so it can dry by it slef,

my phone started to ring and see moms picture but before i answer i looked at the window and to my surprise i see some drunk people on the floor and people past out in the pool and i started laughing and see that harry is one of the guys in the pool, i smile a bit cause his face looks cute while sleeping, what the hell am i thinking?, im with niall or... i guess i am.. am i?, ugh i can't think stright right now.

it isn't a mount of time untell i realised that i didn't answer my mom's phone call and she stopped, oh no, she's gonna start worrying now.

i called back:

mom: "hello?"

me:"hey mom sorry i didn't answer i was ummm in the bathroom"

mom:"nice try honey"


me:"thanks mom, so what did you wanted to tell me?"

mom:"well honey first wanted to check if your still alive and the house isn't burning down and your brother not like the last time is actually breathing"

i laughed so hard remembering the last time.

me:"yeah mom im surviving and the house is actually still holding it slef and as for nick i just have to find him and make sure he's not in the hospital, haha wht else mom?"

mom:"oh ok honey and second we might not get back anytime soon cause the family is going back to Irland and your dad desided in the last minute that we should go too and we will only stay there for a week and we'll be back"

that was all of the sudden.

me:"s-sure mom say hi to the family for me"

mom:"ok honey will do and your in charge stay safe bye!"

me:"o-oke mom bye?!"

she hanged up, that was so sudden,

i just have to find nick and tell him, i got out to go to my parents room and when i Entered i couldn't  believe my eyes.

i saw nicole and zayn sleeping in my parents bed, way to get over your crush nicole, i creeped out slowly to bumb to a wet but worm big body, i turn around to find a wet dripping harry i gazed to him for seconds till i realised i was stareing,

"o-oh harry your so wet what happened?" i asked really worried

"well it appears that i was sleeping on a robber duck in the pool" he answered like he was thinking so funny, i laughed at his sarcastic answer and he just gave me a big smile and apearantly he has cute dimples, i smiled and went to my parents room to get a towel without waking up the love birds,

"here i got a towel for you so you won't get a cold" i putted the towel on his curls and i started to dry his hair, why the hell did i do that?, i stopped my hands still on his head and we gazed in each others eyes, he has the cutest pearsing green eyes i have ever seen they are so beautiful up-close,

he got closer and i was panicing but thank god the door to nick's room opened and we got away from each other so fast,

"oh hi Emma sorry to interropt you too and by the way tell your brother to call me but now i have to go" jenna, one of my best friends said, she was wearing nick's shirt, not again!!,

"oh there was nothing between us and ill talk to nick now" i said setting things stright and harry seems upset of something.

"well if something isn't going on between you two then.." she said coming to harry, "call me" she continued, wow why am i friends with her?.

she went down stairs and i guess leaving, and i just started laughing even harry laughed.

"so where are the rest of you i mean your friends?" i asked changing the subject.

"well, liam and dani left early for they're own pravite party and louis an Elanor left cause he had to drive her home because of her parents and now i know where is zayn" he laughrd and i giggled.

"now all it left is niall" he continued smiling, and i shrugged didn't know what to say 'hey i slept with your best friend' yeah right.

"umm well niall is taking a shower in my bathroom" i confessed looking at the ground gelty as charge.

"oh! that is all what he said back, there was a bit of an awkward silance untell the door to my room opened an an Irash blond guy came out of it.

"oh hey harry" Niall said giving an adorable smile to him Harry smiled back, there was s bit of silance and harry told niall about where are the boys and we laughed when he told him where is zayn, but then the silance came back.

"so ill start waking up passed out people and cleaning the pool and yhe yard fun! right? would you like to join me?" i said breaking the silance and laughing in my voice.

"sure right behind you" niall said and i had heat in my face and he looked at the ground thinking what im thinking, harry seemed confused for a while but he i guess understood.

"me too" harry said laughing and i laughed, with that i left down stairs leaving them, theres something i really can't put my foot in it but those two remind me of something or sometwo.


Harry's p.o.v.

i was annoyed at the thought of them together, but why? Niall is my best friend we never fought over a girl but once and it was when we were kids in Irland, my head started to hurt remembering that summer.

Niall interropted my thoughts by putting his hands on my shoulder and squeezing it, he came to me,

"stay away from her and i mean it" he said to me angrly, and then left down stairs, why would he say that?, i mean im getting huge feelings for her, whats wrong with me i never get those kind of feelings torward any girl, what makes it more worse she's not my girl, but i can't help in thinking that she has some kind of relative to that summer in Irland.



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