It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


1. at first sight


" emma honey wake up its time  for school" said mom,god i feel so tierd i cant even think of waking up well its now or never " im up mom no need to shout" , so i actually ran to the bathroom so i took a shower and brushed my hair ,"hurry up dork i need the bathroom" my idiot little brother said what a dork he annys me "sorry for being a girl who needs time to be ready" god the only thing that makes me live is my part-time-job witch i love to death , so after i brushed my teath i just puted some of my face cream i have alergies of make up but i put some lip gluss , i have a long dark brown hair but not too lont on the chest only and i have light taned skin its natural and one dimple on my left cheek and i have a honey colored eyes but a bit darker "here you go dork i got to go dress anyway" i said annoyed ,"thanks sis are you gonna be here on my graguation party?" asked my brother ,"sure thing nick just when i bring my friend dont creep them out with your friends" i answerd laughing a bit"whatever.." , so i went to my room got my ipod playing 'die young' by ke$ha , so i danced my way to my closet got my T-shirt that says 'party hard' on it. and got a shirt over it its colored with random colours and my not to short light cumen shorts and some nikes i was done.

"wow i do take too long to do everything" i said running down stairs ,"and now you noties" my vrother said smirking," shut up im so freaking late" i kissed my mom and my dad snd pinched nicks cheeks with that i got going to my car.

while i was driving my car with a very unresponsabull way by the way my hair dried and got all curly so i rapped it in a very low bun , see what i told you very unresponsabull , i got to school and to my class witch was history well the teacher looked like it belongs to the history , wow im a jerk when im cranky , so i sat next to josh my best friend and the class started to get darker cause im bored.

josh p.o.v.

here she comes later than ever and prettier than ever as always ,im so stupid to have a crush on my best friend and almost every guy at school has a thing for her i mean she is so nice and sweet and funny and unic and the thing is i dont want to isult her but shes really an air head when it comes to love or romance or anything but dont get me wrong she is book smart so thats a plus about her and some virls hate on her but she dosent notice and she dosent like or understands love songs she only wants to have fun , anyway i think about her a lot , i start to watch her while she doze off so i threw a paper ball without the teacher noticing she then stands up screamig "PICKLES!!!" the clas was silent for a moment but then we all burst out with laughter even emma and the teacher , but at the end we got detention .. together so im happy.


Emma's p.o.v.

"its all your fault why did you do that?!" i yell-whisper,"one i thought its funny two its your fault for sleeping late and three i cant stop laughing i mean pickles seriously who dreams about them?" said josh laghing, "its because i had a night shift yesterday at my work and all i see yesterday was sandwitches plus im really hungry" i answered dieing ,then i heard something knocking "shhh.." i said to josh shutting him up cause he was still laughing ,"pssst emma josh c'mon hurry" i saw macy mia and nicol whispering from the low window and i knew me and josh sneaked out from the window well i had to or ill be late for work we ran to the beach witch was infront of my job , 'Subway' i enterd and everybody said 'hello emma' or 'welcome back emma' and 'finally we missed you' , now you see why i love my job?, i know people at school love me but this is my secomd home it smells like pickles and bread and meat what a smell, my friends said that they will relax at the beach intell i dinish ,i love them , so i starred working i know everybody even the customers they are so nice and sweet but some of them are pervets "hey molly nice to see you again the usual is coming up right now" i said and did the same thing with al the customers but then something wierd just happened.


Nial's p.o.v.

i love food so much i think that any dinner is my other home well i usually go to macdonald's but the guys said 'you should be more healthy' whatever but they look after me so i thanked them, anyway i wanted to go to the beatch butbut i was hungry so thank god i saw a subway right infront of the beatch so i opened the door and everybody stared at me like my head is on fire ,thank fod im not famous or ill be a full pack i mean i am good looking not being big headed but its true im adorable any way i go in i got to a seat but then i saw a back of a curly dark brown hair but then she fliooed her hair it was in slow motion in my eyes was i seeing a movie she stared at me with her big honey eyes she looked comfuse i felt blood rushing to my cheeks its the first time i felt that way whats wrong with me?! ,she then smiled a big smile what made her adorable like-a-hole dimple on her left cheek apear i felf starstuked she came to me still smiling she then opened her mouth but i cant hear anything i was just sitting there staring at her like a creep ,"hello? sir?" o damn what should i say "umm what?" she gigglwd so cutely and said "you must be new here im emma the waitress ill take your order but first i need to know you cause i know everyone here thats why i looked suprised when i saw you earlier and i dont want you to feel left out even if this is the last time we will see you" oh its not the last time youll see me thats for sure its like love at first sight but i never felt like this so no way ill admit it even to my self.
















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