It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


11. a secret kiss

Harry's p.o.v.

she was laughing and talking she was fasenating, i just can't get enough of her, she told only me the secret ingrediant to her pancakes wich was 'berrys' she scwashes some of them and put put the juice with pancake, she told me that when me and her were making it and Niall was just there, death-glaring at me, i feel bad when I look at Niall, but i feel its worth it when i look at Emma's smile, everything is worth it when I look at her.

"hey harry remember the time when we were kids and niall was sick so he couldn't come to the park, remember what we did?" emma said putting the pancakes on the plates, she made a lot.

niall and i started laughing cause we remembered what we did and so was emma,

"yeah we visited him in his house and we re-acted what we did the whole day" i said laughing and we all laughed, it was a lovable memory.

"so if i remember correctly you used to sing all the time emma in the park and the boys were always swaying" niall said and we all laughed, its true the boys always would be around her and it pisses us both, but we were too busy blocking the girls from hurting emma.

"yeah we would always sing the same song when you swing on the swinger" i said, remembering correctly what is the song.

"yeah it was mr. sandman" emma said with a bit of laughter in her voice then she giggled.

"yeah you used to sing it all the time" niall said.

"yeah i love it and i still do but now I'm practicing the guitar but i still don't know how to play it correctly I have my friend's boyfriend teaching me a bit but i don't like him at all he treats her really bad and always wierd around me" she said, wait doesn't she know thata meaning of being wierd around you is flirting? man she is still an air-head when it comes to love and things wich is another thing that makes it hard to not love her, and that jerk guy should keep his hands away from my girl, ... i mean niall's girl, do i mean it?.

"well if it bothers you why don't you let me be your couch? i have teached a lot of people i am a profational guitar player" niall said so proudly, who's cheeky now?.

"really niall? that would mean so much to me thank you now i can get rid of him" she said kissing niall's cheek, she is killing me, i felt destroyed when niall's cheeks turned red, that should be me.

"no problem its the less thing i do for giving me the awner of your first kiss" niall said looking at me smirking, wait thats not true niall isn't her first kiss i know because her first kiss was me.

emma was looking at the ground blushing but then she frowned and she looked surprised then she rised her head and looked at me surprised.

flash back:

niall was sick at home and me an emma were playing all alone,, i was pushing her and she would swing, she looked sad.

"what's wrong emma?" i asked as istopped pushing her and stopped her from swining, she looked at the ground blushing and frowning.

"come on you can tell me anything .. imone of the moscaters" i said and she giggled and lifted her head and looked at me in the eyes as she was smiling her dimple was showing and we gazed for a while.

"well yesterday i watched tv with my mom and there was a movie and the girl in the movie was really sad and she was crying because her first kiss was stolen by force from her... and i was scared thatitwould happen to me ..." she had tears in her eyes she was pretty scared, but i never thought of the daay that she would think of something like thatshe never believes in romance what so ever.

i was scared for her too i mean ialso never had my first kiss but i would never mind if it was from her, she is my first love, with that i had an idea,

"Emma?" i asked to get her attention, she looked at me with her big honey eyes, i was shaking but i had to do it since niall isn't here today,

"would you mind if it was ... me?" i finally asked, her face lighted up and she hesatited for a second but then she shoke her head telling me she doesn't mind.

i had a the biggest ball in my throught right now but i swollowed it, and i leaned in closer and closer... and .. closer..tell wefinally kissed.

itwas long but we were kids we never knew what to do we don't know when to stop so we kissed tell her mother called her name and we stopped, she was blushing and got up from the swinger and she ran but then stopped in the middleof the way.

she turned back and ran to me she ran and hugged me a big hug and whispered in my ear 'thanks' wich what gave me the chills,, she then pulled away and ran back to the car, i played what we just did over and over again and i couldn't stop smiling.

it wasn't amatter of time untell my mom called me to go home, emma called me and toldmelets meet up at niall's house to cheer him up and make him feel better, she was so nice.

we arraived at niall's place and when he opened the door he looked at emma and smiled like he won a milion bocks, but when he looked at me he frowned like he lost everything, we were fighting that time cause of emma but we never showed it.

we desided to re-act the whole day to him and he was laughing and smiling, but when it got to the kiss part me and emma looked at each other and then the ground, we desided to keep the kiss part a secret.

end of flash back.

emma was surprised that she forgot everything and then she blushed and looked at the ground again, niall was confused but he kept eating i guess thats why she cooked a lot of pancakes,, because of niall's appatite.

"oh i better wake up zayn he'sa thick sleeper the earlier to wake him up the better" niall said and went up stairs, it was only me and her cause nick went to give his parents they're clothes for the trip.

she looked at me then loked away and went to wash a dish,

"when are you planing to tell him that your first kiss was with me?" i said opening the subject, she pausedand let out asmall sigh.

"I .....I-I don't know harry i just remembered" she said giving me her back not facing me.

"well you better tell him sooner or later emma" i said, she let out a big sigh.

"i know harry and I'm planing on it just give me some time" she said facing me and her cheeks a pink as ever, i was going mad i didn't want to be a secret i love her and its obvious i mean im like an open book to anybody but her.

i got up of my seat and went infront of her i grapped the bothe of her arms and looked her in the eyes, she was shaking and looked me back in the eyes, as we got closer and closer,

"do you want me to stop? ormaking me a new secret?" i said, she was about to say an answer as igot closer.

but we heared some foot stepscoming from up stairs and took my handsoff and sat back to my seat, it was niall and zayn fully dressed thank god, and some random girl.

"hey guys" zayn said sleep in his voice and holding the girl's hand, she was blushing, thats zayn's infloance as always.

"hey guys care for some pancakes?" emma said pointing at them and never making eye contact with me.

"oh yummy you made your special pancakes i love you" she said kissing emma's cheek, wow i gues they're really close,

"yeah and oh sorry to be rode niall...harry.. this is nicole my best friend ever and nicole this is harry my .... old chikd hood friend" she said not making any contacts with me what so ever,

"any this is niall ..... my other old best friend and.... my new BOYFRIEND" she said, those words were like a knife in my heart, they really hurted me, niall smiled at her and she smiled back.

"and i guess you already knew zayn suppose" we all laughed except for zayn and nicole they were blushing and looking at the ground,

"oh yeah? well i guess you and niall got to know each other more then i thought you would be" nicole said while having a big smirk in her face, she fired back, and we all laughed except for niall and emma they were ashaimed loking at the ground, i was fake laughing cause i was really mad of what they did yesterday,

"well played ... well played indeed" zayn said to nicole, i think he really likes her, i can see it in his eyes, they sat and ate and we laughed and talked.

"so nicole.. i think you FINISHED eating early do you think they were a bit like a ... CRUSH" emma was pointing two fingers in the air the whole time, nicole shrugged and frowned but then had a bit of a smile,

"i know what your aplaying on emma ... and i should actually thank josh for rejecting me.. cause if he didn't i wouldn't have found zayn" she said smiling and her face was lighted she was really happy and the she kissed zayn's cheek and he blushed, wow i never knew he had that side in him.

"well im glad that you happy thats all and zayn.. if you brake her heart you'll wake up the next day being in a box and shiped to the north pole" she said smiling and we all laughed except for zaun he just was nervous and said,

"don't worry ill never do that im just afraid that she would break mine" he said kissing nicole's cheek.

"and as for you .. don't play with niall's heart your verry lucky to be his he always treat his girlfriend like a princess but i hope that you are a nobale honest princess cause the others were bitches and sorry for the language" he said,,and he wasn;t lying he always know how to treat a girl but they didn't desurve to be treated like one, but emma is a queen in my eye,

emma looked at me feeling gulty and she said to zayn "i don't think i desurve him he's been nice since we were kids he would always treat every girl like a princess" she said and looked back at me like saying 'leave me be' my heart iched me that moment i was heart broken.

niall caught us looking at each other and he was filled with anger,

"Emma don't you think its time for the guitar lesson?" niall said fake smiling, and emma was blushing,

"yeah sure lets do it" she answered smiling and zayn and nicole were teasing as niall and emma went up staris they were like 'ooooo' and whistling and making kissing noises, and emma glanced a last glance on me like she was apoligizing, this is bad.


Niall's p.o.v.

they were looking at each other and i was just stuffing my self cause of anger she looked surprised so i desided to tell them im going to 'wake up zayn' just to hear what they're gonna say i, i told them andgot up and went to the stairs making setep noises like iwent up stairs but i didn't, im just ear-dropping,

"so when are you gonna tell him that your first kiss was me?" harry said, wait... what the hell?!!!! is that true whywould she lie to me.

"i don't know i just remembered that you were myfirst kiss when we were kids" well that explains it but i can't believe it.

"just give me some time im waiting for the right moment" well when is she planing to tell me then? i just can't handle any of this but it doesn't matter cause she's with me right? harry and her don't hav anything right?, i went up stairs and woke the love birds they were already up but they were cuddling and stuff ew.

when we went down stairs i saw harry was panicing and just sat on his seat and emma was freazing like something was infront of her, what were they doing? it just makes me madof them together and i really love her like everything in this world and its desteny tosee her again its fate but maybe not me maybe its harry and her not her and me, i can't think like this anymore.

we talked and laughed and all the time harry and emma would glance at each other, i had enough we have to talk and sittle this once and for all.

"hey emma don't you think its time for the guitar lesson?" i said to get us alone and she agreed and smiled, that smile makes everything better but when it comes to harry its hard for one smile to make it better, she glanced at harry for thee last time and it still kills me to see it, its just when is she planing to tell me?.





hey guys did you like the big twist? well i hope you do cause there is more where this comes from , and i just wanted to say that i think im writing for no one like no one is reading the movella no matter how much i write and i think you don't like it i mean if theres anyone out there who likes it please comment no one ever commented for a very long time and i write cause i love to write even though it makes me really tired between the cheerleading practice and my studies and family and friends i still have to make a bit of time for this cause i loe it and i hope you love it too s please please imbegging wich is something i dont do but please if you like my movella tell me in the comments so i can know your there cause if any one doesn't comment for the next week or two ill stop this movella for good, so please tell me and thank you for your time i know its not a note anymore its more like an essay lol ok ill stop.

bye XOXO macy_anderson;*

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