It Started In Subway

where will the story go? Niall or Harry? will the past change the future?


3. a messy triangle

Josh's p.o.v.

i was playing volly ball with macy and mia and nicol the i herd a laugh but not any laugh it was the laugh that i would recodnise anywhere , its Emma laughing, "shhh... guys listen" the girls stayed silent for a moment but then they looked at each other and giggled i looked confused what were they laughing about, "what?!!" they answered,  "well you seem pretty close to Emma thats all", i felt fire coming to my face as macy said that so as a stupid guy i panicked, "we are only friends thats all" yeah that gave them a new adea, "well you seem wanting to be more than that" she said that smirking and giggling, "yeah were like brother and sister" i said confident of the answer, "well then i guess you wont be mad at your sister if you saw that" mia said with a smirk on her face and pointing on the basket ball ground as i turned around and saw her with him my heart sank. 



Mia's p.o.v.


we were all shocked at what we saw, we saw Emma laughing but not just laughing she is laughing with a GUY, no uffance to her she is really smart and the most beautiful and popular girl at our school but she is an air-head when it comes to love and relationships, the girl even doesn't  like love songs!!, but to see her like that is so breath taking i never saw her like that before, she is sparkling with happiness,  i had a big smile on my face but then i saw Josh's face my smile turned  to a frown he looks like he is about to break, i knew he had a thing for her but i didn't know it was love, then i turn my face to see Nicole's face, oh my god she looked like she is about to punch someone's face she is filed with jealousy,  she told me last year that she likes josh but she told me to stay out of it and she doesn't  need help,  iwant to help her,  imean josh is also my friend and he likes oh sorry LOVE'S Emma, and Nicole is my friend too but she likes josh, but Emma ... igues she likes that cute guy who is making her laugh, i wont break anyones heart besides its tje first time seeing Emma with a guy like that and i won't rowing it for her she looks so happy , ugh i dont know what to do now I'm just gonna stay out of it and live with the flow.


Nicole's p.o.v.


why wont josh look at me the way that he looks at Emma, well duh she is amazingly gorgeous  i can't  compet with her, but i cant help it i really like him with his black hair and green eyes, i dont hate Emma infact i love her we are so close to each other ahe is so close with everyone she is so nice and bold and not afraid of anything well some of things, she knows when im upset or when im happy, to see her happy like that is so wonderful im happy for her i mean she is an air-head when it comes to love she doesn even notice when a cute guy is flirting with her, but i guess that gorgous guy has a secret, i felt happy when i aaw her i thought 'hey i got a chance with josh now' but when i saw his face it made me wanna cry witch what happen, ifelt a tear strumming down my cheek but i whiped it before it comes to my chin, but Mia saw me and had a sorry look on her face and i nod like it was ok, it isn't. then Emma and the misturey guy racing to the RB ice cream shop anddjosh just suddenly ran the different direction, "Josh wait!!" Mia said shouting , "where are you going?!" macy said running after him then they all left after him, i sat on the sand with a blanck head then i saw Emma and the guy laughing while eating the same ice cream then going to subway, i have to admit they look so good together,  i felt so sad for josh but i really wanna make him cheer up but .. with me,  i stood up about to leave but then i saw Emma rushing to the exit and in her had the guy's arm they went out then she locked the door of the dinner and they were talking and she handed him a paper, i think its her number .. oh my god I'm so proud of her i tought her well, then she looked at the ground then up and kissed him on the cheek .. wait what?!! .... she kissed him on the cheek!!!!!! wow I'm  so surprised this is too mutch for one day, she then ran like hell was chasing her haha she looks so funny she always finds a way to cheer me up, then the guy jumped with happiness and then looked around if anybody saw him he saw me, wow he is so cute Emma is a good picker,  he saw me and felt embarrassed then ran, haha he looks funny too i actually giggled they look so good together they are ment to be, i saw Emma running so i followed her.



Emma's p.o.v.


oh my god it's  like i don't  know myself any more, is that what they call L .. l ..ov.. no i won't  say it it gave me the chills, its my first time kissing a guy om the cheek except dad and nick let alone on tje mouth i always see it on the movies and with macy and her boyfriend ugh i hate brian her boyfriend he looks at me like im some milion dollars or something, any way i was running untell i heard foot steps running behind me so i stop and Nicole bumps into me and knocks me on the ground, we stood up laughing then we began to walk, "so who is he?" she asked me i had the chills and knew but i tried to play dumb, "who?" i failed, "don't  play dumb with me you know who the cutey on the beach and the basket ball and the ice cream" she winked, well there's no help in it i got to confess, "well ... oh my god" i feel stupid right now, "what is it?!" nicole asked confused, "i-i i didn't ask for his name?!!!" i answered panicking, "are serious Emma? are you that stupid how can you spend all the after non with him but not know his name!!" nicole said angerly, i stood silent, why .. why didn't  i i feel so stupid right now I'm  not good with these tjings i dont flirt what ever that is i only have friends and family i domt care more or less but with this guy its different maybe i should stay away from him I'm  not used to these things at all, but there's something about him makes me want to know him more and more, "from earth to Emma are you here?" nicole said snapping her fingers infront of my face,  i woke up of my fanacy of him ... what's  wrong with me?, "what?" i asked like i just woke up of a dream, "you know what i think? i think that your head over heels for him" i laughed i mean seriously what does that even mean its rediculous i would never be like that, "haha nicole thats funny i dont even know what does that mean" i said, "that means that your in loooove!!" she said, thats so rediculous , "i dont even know what is his name and we just met and i only see him as my customer or a friend" i said, "yeah whatever we will see later" she said like she knows everything, "fine whatever" i said laughing a bit, we arrived at our house we are neighbors my geeky brother follows her around like a lost puppy haha, "hey your coming to nick's graduation party right?" i asked her, "sure won't  miss it ill be at your house after i finish getting ready then ill help you get ready i don't want you dressed like a tomboy you will wear a dress got it missy?" she said in a demanding voice, witch made me laugh she is so cute and helarious, "i dont feel like it nico-" she cutted me off, "look you have to its your brother be a little sensative" she said, "what does that have to do with a dress?" i asked surprised, "just do it and dont forget ill be coming to check dont sneek around... and Emma?" her voice went lower when she said my name i got a bit worried, "yeah?" , "today after the party i when i sleep over in your house i want tell you something really important ok?" she said it like there was something in her throught, "sure honey well bye" i wonder what is it, "bye see you tonight" she sayed goodbye back i got to my house kissed my mom on the cheek she just came too from the market she got a lot of things for the party, "how was your day honey?" she asked, "actually awesome" i answered with a short cut cause i don't wanna mention the guy, "ok honey thays good oh and tonight me and your dad will go to a dinner with the family , thank good it came cause your brother seems like he doesn't  want any parent in here" she said smiling and that made me laugh, "ok mom excuse him he's being a jerk because its his day" so i went to dad who was laughing on our conversation,  ikissed dad on the cheek and went up and jumped on my bed then i realized that i haven't  opened my iphone the hole day, so first i ploged my ipod to my mini speakers and put on 'one more night' by maroon 5, i love it then i layed back on my bed then opened my iphone to see i have a massage from an unknown number and i had an idea wjo is it i smiled when i opened it ,it says :

Unknown : hey gorgous ;)

Emma : hey heres a funny thing.. i atill don't know your name funny huh? :)

Unknown : hummm how anout we put a little misturry in it >:)

Emma : humm I'm intrested keep going

Unknown : i won't tell you my name untel tonight

Emma : I'd love to but my brother's graduation party is tonight ... how about you come to it

Unknown : sounds great just text me the address and ill be there ;)

Emma : ok can't wait and its gonna be a 'intell morning' party so its open when are you gonna come and leave but don't troll and not come :D

Unknown : lol dont worry love see you tonight, bye :*

Emma : cya <3


oh my god , what the heck did i just do?!!!!, i just invaited him to my brothers party and I'm wearing a dress!!! oh god i can't , tonight is gonna be a long night that's for sure.



hey guys its macy here I'm really sorry that its so lomg its just that i havent wrote for 4 days and i feel like i owe it to you guys and i hope you like it ill right the next one today if i ever get the chance and sorry if i had wrong spelling its my auto correcter and of you got any questions feel free to ask me love you guys bye ... macy_Anderson ;*



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