I fell In Love With A Vampire... Great

Alexis Lovelyn daughter of a highly known loving father who's a lawyer, straight A student, wonderful friends, bright future. What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah the part when she fell for a vampire, that part...


3. Luke Twine

Hey I’m Luke Twine
I’m 16 going on 17 I was born
on the 1st of January cool huh?
I’m not as smart as Alexis but I’m
tech smart.
I hate One Direction cause every time we go out
Alexis and *blush* jamie always play their songs
its irritating -_-

I’m not sporty I like to stay inside and
play around with any technology I can get my
hands on. But I go for a jog and hit the gym every morning so I’m
pretty fit.
I’m carefree,kind,sometimes mean,jokester,not perverted at all
and yeah that’s it...

Well gotta go
Catcha Later!

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