I fell In Love With A Vampire... Great

Alexis Lovelyn daughter of a highly known loving father who's a lawyer, straight A student, wonderful friends, bright future. What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah the part when she fell for a vampire, that part...


2. Jamie Kards

Jamie Kards

Wassup people??
I’m 16 going 17, I blow out
candles on the 21st of April
I’m smart but not as smart as one of my
bestfriends Alexis Dude she’s scarily smart, it ain’t
human! (Maybe its all British people.........)
ANYWAY  I love One Direction along with Alexis
also Twilight.
We have another best friend who is also my........
I’m sporty but I don’t do any dancing, carefree,serious,timid when
I meet new people but if I’m around people I know really well I
tend to be quite the opposite and I’m a bit perverted (I have
no idea whether to be proud or not....)
Well that’s all for now
See ya l8er!

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