I fell In Love With A Vampire... Great

Alexis Lovelyn daughter of a highly known loving father who's a lawyer, straight A student, wonderful friends, bright future. What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah the part when she fell for a vampire, that part...


5. Chapter 2

I entered the classroom and sat down suddenly Jamie and Luke appeared out of nowhere, “So what happened what did he say what did you say did anything happen tell me” Jamie said practically shouting in my ear.
“Mum it wasn’t a first date so nothing happened so leave me alone I have work to do why don’t you and dad go back to snogging and leaving me in peace!”
“I think our daughter is lying darling” Luke said I pulled a face and pretended to cry and wail
“Oh what am I going to do? My lovely nosey parker of a parents don’t bloody believe me oh woe me” Jamie punched me on the arm and shook her head at my childisness
“Morning class” our math teacher said as she walked in
“Morning Mrs Lane” “Okay class today we have a new student, come and introduce yourself.” A tall well built figure with raven hair walked in, he looked up and said
“Hello I’m Daniel Spar I’m from Denmark and thats all you need to know bout me”  When Jamie saw him, she stood up gathered her things and walked over and at down next to Luke, leaving me as the only person in class without a sitting partner.
‘I’ am so going to kill her at lunch time” I thought as Daniel came and sat beside me.
“Hello again Alexis” as he said this I could practically feel the rest of the girls in the class shooting me daggers and hearing rumors already being spread around,
“Hello Daniel, so you’re from Denmark you don’t look Danish” He smiled as if he just remembered an inside joke
“So I’ve been told quite many times” he replied turning to his math book and doing the most difficult questions without even a look of frustration. The bell rung for lunch break everyone scrambled out of the classroom,
“Do you want to come with us?” I asked Daniel. He turned around shook his head and walked out the classroom.
“Oh poor little geek baby got blown off didn’t we” said Jenna a cheerleader with bigger boobs than brains.
“Sorry what’s that? I don’t speak bimbo. Anyway you can have him”
“Oh whatever you freak and if you’re lying I’ll make you pay, come on girls we have practice and a plan to snag that Daniel for myself” I walked out into the hallway only to be greeted by a group of girls chasing something and you could practically see the hearts in their eyes at whatever it is. I thought that it was probably another jock training without a shirt, I rolled my eyes at that thought and started to walk down to the cafeteria. The hallway was suddenly quiet and I was the only one walking down it. Odd I thought to myself I’m the only one well maybe the girls are still chasing after whatever that is and the guys well who knows they’re guys. I could hear my mobile ringing but chose to ignore it, thinking that maybe it was Jamie trying to find out where I was.
“Shouldn’t you answer that?” a familiar voice asked, shocked I turned around to find myself just inches from Daniel’s face. Blushing I took a step back and asked him sarcastically
“Oh so you blow me off at lunch leaving me to deal with Jenna”
“Senna-wait who?”
“Jenna! Don’t change the bloody subject so anyway you think its fine to blow me off then show up and.....”
Daniel’s smirk had turned into a full grin then started to laugh loudly I found myself wanting to hear more of that sound, wait Alexis what the hell? He’ll probably just end up as Jenna’s new toy.
“I’m sorry” he said,
 “I was really thirs- sorry hungry so I didn’t feel like....”
“You blew me off for food?” I asked angrily
‘Well,’ guess guys are what do you people call it... Ah yes annoying!” I stomped off without a course to follow.
‘Alexis’! You do remember that we have history right’?’  You are walking in the complete opposite direction from the classroom” Daniel called out,
I turned around and walked right past him towards the classroom but he easily kept up with me. The bell ringing snapped me out of my daydreams to indicate the end of school I quickly stood up from my desk and started towards the door.But there was the worst obstacle I had to walk past him, so with all the courage I could muster I walked past him without looking at him, I could feel his grey eyes staring at my back in humor. As I walked out the first thing I saw was one of my limos with 2 big bulky guys in black suits “Daddy” was the first thing I thought as I saw it.
“I am so gonna kill him when I get home” But first to Ballet practice if I’m late Madame Kutchoff will murder me.
I walked towards the limo and could feel everyone staring at the limo making sure not to get to close incase the two body guards might harm them.And the last thing I saw before leaving the school gates was Daniel sitting in his mustang watching me go past with a smirk on his face.
“Stupid shiny Mustang owner” I muttered as we pulled out of the school’s car park

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