I fell In Love With A Vampire... Great

Alexis Lovelyn daughter of a highly known loving father who's a lawyer, straight A student, wonderful friends, bright future. What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah the part when she fell for a vampire, that part...


4. Chapter 1

The pain was unbearable, when he lifted his head from my neck I could feel my warm blood trickling down my neck and staining my collar. I sat up slowly and painfully, but I passed out again and the last thing I heard was his smooth voice saying sorry, his large usual grey eyes was blood red and had the look of pain in them. Thats when the real pain started.

I woke up and put my hand on my neck, no blood there. Why do I keep having this dream? Who was the mysterious boy? Questions went running through my head, I look over at my alarm clock 6:45 am. No one will be awake now, I slowly put my racing swimmers’ on and walked down to our pool. Dad’s a criminal lawyer so he’s put away a lot of bad guys though it pays good we get threats everyday. My mother died when I was 8, dad never really told me what had happened all I remember was that when the police officer came and told him, his face went pale and fell to his knees with his face in his hands saying
“They’re back” when I asked him who he pretended he had no idea what I was talking about and ran into his den. Ever since then he’s put up extra security and checking up on me every hour, I know he’s doing it out of love but I’m a sixteen well in a week, it gets kind of annoying. After doing a few more laps I pulled myself out of the pool and checked my phone 2 missed calls from my best friend Jamie she’s also another one who has to know everywhere I bloody go I looked again 1 missed call from my other best friend Luke also Jamie’s boyfriend though they think I don’t that I have no idea they’re going out. Then I saw the time 7:45 am I’ve been swimming for a whole hour, I quickly ran up to my bathroom and got ready. When I was walking down to our kitchen I heard our house head house keeper Rosario clanging around in there. “Morning Rosie, whats for breakfast?”
 She replied in her thick Spanish accent. I ate quickly, said goodbye and ran out to catch the school bus. I go to Tale-field High my father insisted on sending me to a high posh school back at home in England but I insisted that I wanted to go to a public school and kept me being a heir to at least 10 million dollars in money and estate a secret so I don’t attract unwanted attention. “Why didn’t you call me back Alexis?” Jamie said as she sat down next to me on the bus,
“Cause I didn’t feel like it!” When I saw the sad look on her face I started laughing 
“I’m just joking Jamie!”
“ Why didn’t you answer my call this morning” Luke said as he sat behind us.
“ As I have already told your bloody girlfriend I didn’t want to talk to you guys” I replied, I looked at them and said.
 “Oh my god! You really think I haven’t noticed that you two are going out!” Luke laughed and said.
“Fine I admit it we are so when are we going to have this kind of talk with you young woman?” he said putting on a questioning parent’s voice.
“Why daddy I never knew you cared so much!” I said laughing
“Anyway boys are a bloody waste of time and I have work to study”
 “Why aren’t you one of those good British girls go bad type?” Jamie said sighing. I tried to push her off the seat but we had arrived at school. We were walking along the hallway when I accidentally bumped into someone.
“Oh my goodness I’m terribly sorry very sorry” I said frantically helping the person pick up there books and papers. I looked up and found myself looking in these dark grey eyes.
“Its fine” I heard a smooth voice say snapping me out of my trance.
“Here your books”
“Thanks” he said smiling
“Could you show me where the office is?” I was just about to say no when Jamie said.
 “Of course she can, here Luke take her books” she dumped my books onto Luke who looked as if he was going to collapse under the weight’,then they practically ran away from us.
“Okay um this way...” We walked in silence to the office
“Here you go the office just turn through the left door and you should see Ms Croak you can tell its her if she has a toad like face and is in a bad mode” I said stopping in front of the office.
“Thanks again...”
“Oh I’m Alexis”
“Thanks Alexis I’m Daniel”
‘Well,’ Daniel hope you enjoy Tale-field and see you around!” I said walking away as I was walking away I thought,“those eyes look so familiar where have I seen them before?”

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