I fell In Love With A Vampire... Great

Alexis Lovelyn daughter of a highly known loving father who's a lawyer, straight A student, wonderful friends, bright future. What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah the part when she fell for a vampire, that part...


1. Alexis Lovelyn

Alexis Lovelyn

Hi I’m Alexis Lovelyn
I’m 16 going 17 on the 14th of Feb
yep Valentine’s Day..... Sucks huh
I’m a prodigy which means I’’m
 child genius
I live in Taleville America but I’m
originally from Bradford, England.
Yes the same place as Zayn Malik he’s
mine hands off suckers.
I do Ballet and hope to pursue that
if that dosen’t work I can take over my father’s
law firm.
I also do swimming and is in the National
So yeah, oh right I’m supposed to tell you what I’m like
heheheh oops
I’m stubborn,childish,smart,dare-devil,prankster
I like books (twilight series),animals,anime,sports and pranks
I dislike sluts (Jenna),mean people, snotty people also people who always SMIRK!!
And I have the bestest two friends in the whole world
Jamie and Luke (They’re American!)
That’s it for now!

Love Alexis
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