Minho's Darling

ou are Yoogeun's older cousin who came from Britain, you went along with him to Shinee's Hello Baby due to some problems... What will happen when you meet a certain long haired handsome singer?


6. Chapter 6

 Minho’s POV *

I sighed annoyed as we followed _______ to the food stalls. I mentally slapped myself, normally I’d be flirting with girls as gorgeous as __________ but for some unknown reason I feel nervous around her and I’m used to me not saying anything as a way of getting over my nervousness, damn she must think I’m a ass now for the way I treated her this morning. I felt Yoogeun tug at my hand and I smiled he was so cute, I bent down and picked him up marveling at how light he is then my thoughts started to wonder, I wonder if I could pick _________ up just as easily. I shook my head muttering,
“Get a hang of yourself Minho, You’re flaming charisma for goodness sakes!” Yoogeun just looked up and stared into my eyes like he knew what I was thinking. I shook my head yet again, he’s a baby what would he know about what I was thinking about. Suddenly I bumped into someone’s back and looked up surprised, seeing _______ just turn around and stare at me. I shrugged feeling butterflies in my stomach again,
“Watch where you’re going” I said gruffly as I turned away from her and walked closer to the boys who were carrying Me. I breathed in a deep breathe happy to smell the smell of fresh air, flowers, trees. It was so different from Seoul and I made up my mind to make the most of it. I put Yoogeun down and he immediately ran to Me giggling loudly. I smiled and slid down a tree trunk closing my eyes. I hummed lightly loving the feeling of the wind and the sun on my face. Then the sun was blocked from me, I peeked open my left eye and gazed up slightly annoyed. My heart stopped when I saw _________ standing there holding a lot of packets of Kimchi in one hand while a large container of soup in the other. I was just about to stand up to help her till Key stood up and helped her laughing along with her. I pulled back and curled up watching them. I slapped my arm and yelped at the amount of force I had unconsciously put into it. They looked at me confused but I looked away acting like nothing had happened. A few minuets later after they had set up the food I got up and joined them in a circle, I was just about to sit down between Onew and Key till Taemin pushed me out of the way and sat between them. I just stared at him surprised, wodnering when Taemin managed ot get the guyts to do that. I sighed and stood up finding that the only place left was between Onew and _______. Jonghyun was in ther corner completely forgetting about the food and was playing with the puppy. I was tempted to join them until I saw Me drooling all over Jonghyun.  I sat down quietly and looked down as I served my food. I quietly glanced at ________ who was eating with a smile on her face
 feeding Yoogeun from her plate. I smiled softly and till I noticed the others nudging each other smirking pointing from me to _______. I glanced to the side making sure _______ wasn’t looking till I picked up a piece of Kimchi and flung it at them. I had to bit my lip to stop myself from laughing at the faces. ________ looked at me then to the boys before grinning softly then turning back to Yoogeun who had food all over him. ________ laughed and tired to wipe him down till he picked up ________’s water and put it all over himself looking at _______ with big eyes. _______ just stared at Yoogeun till she sighed,
“If you weren’t so cute I would have left you in the desert by now” Yoogeun grinned and went to hug her, _______ squealed and jumped up running away from him. He pouted then looked at us grinning. He walked closer to us and flung himself on us getting food all over us. He pulled back grinning evilly before running after ______ who had safely halfway climbed the tree to escape from him. I brushed my hair out of my face and laughed loudly earning a surprised look from ______ who in her surprise let go of the branch she was holding on to and fell on the ground. We all rushed to her worried till we saw her just laying on her back laughing like a maniac... All we could do again was just stare at her.

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