Minho's Darling

ou are Yoogeun's older cousin who came from Britain, you went along with him to Shinee's Hello Baby due to some problems... What will happen when you meet a certain long haired handsome singer?


5. Chapter 5

 *Taemin’s Point Of View*

As _______ and Minho walked to the kitchen to clean up we all lazed around the place and played with Yoogeun. We decided that since we didn’t have anything to do we’ll go out to town to explore a bit. Minho and _______ came and sat down beside us but there was this annoyed aura coming from Minho and a confused aura from _______. We just shrugged it off and looked around the room noticing how big it really was. But the board with all our pictures on it took quite a lot of space. I stood up and peeked through the window, smiling to myself as I noticed the sunny weather. I turned back to everyone else,
“Let’s go get ready!” everyone else stood up except for Minho and ______. Minho just stared at us blankly till Yoogeun ran and jumped onto his lap laughing. He smiled at Minho and stood up carrying Yoogeun.
“Get ready for what?” ______ asked as she got up as well. I looked at her and noticed that she and Minho stayed a certain distance away from each other which was puzzling because Minho normally would be talking to a girl as beautiful and nice as ________. Suddenly _________’s hand was waving in front of my face,
“Tae~” her voice rang out. I snapped out of my thoughts finding myself focus on her beautiful _______ eyes. I smiled and shrugged,
“We’re going to explore this village’s town.” Onew called out from the corner. He was still trying to stay away from Yoogeun. I saw ______’s puzzled face and grinned,
“Onew Hyung is scared of Yoogeun because when he was small he used to have this puppy which he picked up all the time, but the thing is he was small so one day as he was carrying the puppy he couldn’t withstand the weight and accidentally dropped the puppy. So he’s afraid that same thing might happen if he carries Yoogeun.” _______ nodded with a understanding face.

*Hour later*

We had just walked into the main square of the town,it was beautiful it was a small town with shops piled next to each other, food stalls. I looked to my left and saw a small park then to my right where there was a huge mall. That was probably the only mall here because it was so huge. As we continued to walk down the main street everyone surprising wasn’t pointing at us but at ________. I looked up and saw a commercial for this perfume playing on the big screen. I looked closely and smirked noticing it was _______. I looked at ______ who was too busy cooing over a puppy in a pet shop, then I glanced at Minho whose gaze was fixed on the screen, Yoogeun tugging at his hand pointing to the park. Minho snapped out of whatever thoughts he was thinking and nodded smiling. We all followed them to the park and played around with each other. Around ten minuets later we heard a small park and a squeal, we snapped our heads up and stared at ________ in surprise. She just smiled and walked towards us with a small puppy in her arms (Thats what he looks like the pic at the top) Yoogeun giggled and ran to _______ reaching for the puppy. ________ bent down and put the puppy on the ground. We all ran towards it and crouched beside Yoogeun who was staring at the puppy fascinated. All except for Minho who stayed as far away as he could from _______. Then I got a idea,
“Let’s get a name for this puppy!” everyone nodded and all sat down in a circle under a big tree.
“Mini Key”
“Minho Junior”
I thought for a while and looked at Yoogeun then to _______
“What do you want to call it?” Yoogeun just looked at me blinking slowly before turning back to the puppy and playing with it. We all laughed then turned to ________,
“So?” I asked her watching her play with Yoogeun’s hair. _______ bit her lip thinking hard.
“Okay everyone say the first thing that comes to your head when you think of Shinee.. Okay 1..2..3!”
“ME!” we all yelled out. We laughed,
“Okay so this fella’s new name is Me” ______ said simply as she got up and looked around,
“I’m starving.” _______ said as she walked to the group of food stalls on the other side of the park surrounded by two small gardens. We all got up quickly and followed her, I noticed that Minho just couldn’t take his gaze of her...

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