Minho's Darling

ou are Yoogeun's older cousin who came from Britain, you went along with him to Shinee's Hello Baby due to some problems... What will happen when you meet a certain long haired handsome singer?


4. Chapter 4

*____________ POV*

Yoogeun woke me up early in the morning, I grumbled and turned my back to him. I was not a morning person. He kept shaking my shoulder, annoyed I let out a huff and turned to him. I was just about to scold him till I saw the cheeky,‘cute’ smile on his face. I sighed this boy had me wrapped right around his little finger. Looked around expecting to see my usual room with posters of models and bands but instead I was introduced to the sight of 5 sleeping boys. I quickly sat up and rubbed my eyes.

“Sh*t” I muttered under my breathe. I had wished that the whole of yesterday was a dream,  especially last night. I blushed, my inner on the other hand was doing a victory dance,

“You know you loved it!” she whispered as she still continued to dance around. I sighed and flicked her head,

“Go away, its too early in the morning for me to deal with you” I mentally muttered to myself as I was pulled by Yoogeun to the same room we were in yesterday afternoon. I saw the camera crew setting up. I smiled and greeted them,

“Good Morning” I said bowing. They smiled at me and bowed as well,

“Good Morning”. Yoogeun squealed and dragged me to the biggest camera they had there. He started to poke it and even tried to lick it. I pulled him away afraid  that he might break something and aunt and uncle would have to repay them for it. He tried to get out of my grip by kicking and crying. But after a minuet he realized it wouldn’t work and he fell silent. I put him down and he ran back into the room. I sighed and followed him inside. He jumped on the boys yelling,

“APPA~ APPA~” they groggily woke up except for Onew I think. They smiled and Minho picked Yoogeun up and played with him. Yoogeun seeing Onew asleep ran towards him and shouted in his ear,

“APPA” Onew sat up and looked around surprised. He saw Yoogeun and immediately scrambled away from Yoogeun. I giggled lightly and all the boys eyes fell on me. I tried to stop myself from giggling,
“Sorry just the look on Onew Hyung’s face was hilarious!” the boys grinned and all piled up next to me except for Minho who stayed where he was not looking at me.

Onew pouted and still tried to stay away from Yoogeun who had given up and had come to sit in my lap. The boys stared at me in awe,
“Hey _____ how can we get Yoogeun to like us this much?” Jonghyun asked eagerly. I smiled,
“Lots of chocolate and power ranger things!’ I said playing with Yoogeun’s hair. They nodded we were all unaware of Onew who was in the corner taking down notes. A crew member came in and told us breakfast was ready. we all nodded and Key asked me if he could hold Yoogeun. I nodded smiling and gave Yoogeun to him. We all walked to the table and sat down to eat. During breakfast we got on really well talking about this and that, they apologized to me about the incident last night. I laughed an brushed it off telling them its fine but to never do it again, but my inner on the other hand kept saying the opposite. I blocked her out again and listened to the boys tell me about how they were dragged into this. There were so much dishes and everyone was to lazy to volunteer. So Jonghyun suggested Kai Dai Bo. We all nodded and sat in a circle,
“Kai Dai Bo” we all said together, I did rock while the rest did paper. I pouted till I noticed someone else had done rock with me. I looked up and saw Minho standing up his back to me while the rest stood back and watched us amused. I picked up some dishes and walked to the kitchen. I stood in front of the sink and started to wash. Minho set the dishes beside me without a word picked up a kitchen towel and started to dry the dishes. It was really awkward every time I would open my mouth to break the silence something told me not to. We had finished cleaning and I looked up to Minho going to thank him for helping till he pushed past me and walked out without a word. I was pretty thankful that there were no cameras taping us as I walked out, little did I know that there was a little secret camera hidden on the door frame videoing us the whole time.

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