Minho's Darling

ou are Yoogeun's older cousin who came from Britain, you went along with him to Shinee's Hello Baby due to some problems... What will happen when you meet a certain long haired handsome singer?


3. Chapter 3

*____________ POV*

I just stood the awkwardly, noticing them staring at me. I shifted my ______ ________ (Length and color) hair out of my eyes and glared at my aunt who had quietly crept out. I sighed and nodded at them picking up my bag and got Yoogeun to hold my hand as we were led inside by the boys. We all settled in a big room with Yoogeun on my lap. I looked around and saw a fold up board with pictures of 5 boys. I looked from the board to the boys, figuring out that it was them before whatever happened to them now. I pulled Yoogeun up and gestured towards the boys talking to him in English. I was so glad I had taught him how to speak at least the basics of English little did I know that one of them had schooled in America.
“Yoo these boys are you daddies for now, so just be nice to them please.” I asked him. He just looked at me and gave me that cute cheeky smile of his. He walked towards them and I just stayed in the background watching them to make sure they didn’t do anything to Yoogeun. As they introduced themselves I managed to pin a name to each face and make a short anaslyis whether they can survive with Yoogeun or not.
Onew the leader of the group who seems kind of scared of Yoogeun, does’t seem to like him.
Jonghyun who seems a little bit to confident in himself, but Yoogeun ignores him. But I’m sure they’ll get along later
Key the one who Yogeun kept casting side glances to. He’ll be Yoogeun’s favorite.
And last but not least, Minho who immediately clicked with Yoogeun. I just had to smile to myself a bit, Yoogeun sometimes took a while to warm up to a person but he just clicked with Minho. After they played with Yoogeun a bit Yoogeun came back to me and laid in my lap slowly falling off to sleep. I smiled softly and started to sing a lullaby softly to him. In a couple of minuets he had fallen off to sleep. I looked around wondering if someone would come and show me where Yoogeun will sleep. But nobody came and I saw that they were still filming.
We sat in a awkward silence till Jonghyun exclaimed suddenly,
“You’re a model for victoria secret!” he said. I stared at him bewildered. How the hell did he know? I only modeled for the catwalks! Jonghyun grinned sheepishly,
“My mother dragged me to a catwalk once and I remember you were the very last model that showed off this piece and got everyone going crazy because how....... never mind” he said looking down, his face red from blushing. The rest of the boys turned to face me, I nodded softly. I’m only shy now because I’m afraid if I say anything it might not be the nicest thing on earth. I blew my fringe out of my face and looked at the crew,
“Could you tell me where Yoogeun and I are going to sleep” the director stood up and came and whispered in my ear,
“Uh ma’m you’ll all have to share a room for now.” I stared at him in surprised,
“EHHHHHH?” I yelled. I felt Yoogun stir and I quickly sang him to sleep again. I looked at the boys and figured out that they had no idea till now. I sighed and stood up with Yoogeun, “Fine, please show me the room.” I walked out following the crew member. I set Yoogeun on the sleeping mat (I have no idea what they’re called, but if you do could you please leave a comment and tell me?) I changed his clothes and tucked him in. I kissed his forehead and walked to the bathroom taking my things. I changed and brushed my teeth walking back into the room. I looked up and squeaked, the five boys were in front of me in their boxers changing into their pajamas, they looked at me in surprised and tried to cover themselves up. I quickly walked back into the bathroom closing the door quickly and locking it. I walked to the mirror and saw my face red. I splashed my face with water and waited a while before I walked back into the room. It was really awkward and we just avoided looking at each other. I looked at the way the sleeping mats were set up and I quickly dragged one next to the wall next to Yoogeun. I laid down and covered my face with the pillow. I drifted off to sleep slowly hearing the five boys talk in korean quietly.

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