Minho's Darling

ou are Yoogeun's older cousin who came from Britain, you went along with him to Shinee's Hello Baby due to some problems... What will happen when you meet a certain long haired handsome singer?


2. Chapter 2

*Onew’s POV*

We had just come out of the recording studio complaining about how cold it was. We were  about to head home before we were surrounded by people with cameras and a small bus in front of us. We looked around confused walking to our vehicle, as we tried to open the car’s door the people with the cameras advanced closer to us. We banged on the car’s door telling them to unlock it. Laughing the driver drove away leaving us with the weird camera people and the small bus. Key and Taemin started to panic,
“hey this isn’t right!’ they yelled as they tried to chase the car. Minho, Jonghyun and I just stood there surprised unsure of what to do. Then Taemin said something which really didn’t make the situation any better,
“I’m sure this is a hidden camera!” he announced  pointing to the camera which was right in front of us. Most of the crew laughed while some just stared at Taemin with a really look on their face. Then one of the crew spoke,
“Since you don’t have a car ride with us” he said gesturing to the small bus.

Without a second thought Jonghyun walked over to the bus and got on with Minho behind him. We all shuffled in but unlike the others I was kind enough to pull myself up and dust my shoes before walking in. We sat around each other and started to think why we were being kidnapped. Suddenly one of the crew members came up to us handed us a red envelope and walked off without saying a word. Key opened the envelope and took out a card reading out,
“A program in which Shinee are the main characters” we all looked around puzzled till Taemin yet again had to make a comment,
“I’m pretty sure it a wild variety day show” he said confidently. Key suddenly jumped up and pointed to the camera,
“1 night 2 days!!!” but realizing something he leaned back. I thought for a while before asking,
“Do we have to work?” then Key and Taemin kept giving suggestions on what show we might be appearing but it being shot down by the rest of us. Taemin then asked about food, we all laughed knowing that he’s still in his growth phrase. The rest of the car ride went on, we still tried to figure out what show. Then the first thing Minho said all morning,
“Will there be girl casts?” we all sat up eagerly,
“There could be or not..” came a reply from the director. We all leaned back pouting, Minho the most. Then we started to think of the girl bands that might come if there’re girl casts. Then Jonghyun hit the jackpot,
“Hello baby” was all he said smirking triumphantly. I sat up,
“Are we being raised?’ I asked laughing as I joked. Then we all started to have daydreams about the SNSD noonas looking after us. After a while of talking we finally came to  a stop in a neighborhood. We looked around curiously then key pointed out to a sign and read out,
“Buk Chon Han Ok Village.” we were then led by the camera crew down a small road to a old traditional house. Then the rest of the boys started to think that we were going to film a historical drama. Taemin had to make fun and started to talk in the way that people spoke in historical times. We were led in and the crew explained everything to us. Jonghyun started to jump up and down,
“See I was right!’ he said pointing to himself. We just all sat there wondering how manager Hyung could have done this to us. Soon we were told that we had to go through a couple of tests to see if we were fit to be able to carry on with the show or not. Far from the tests I thought we ended up being dressed in story characters and had to go through certain tasks. After a hour of that w were certified to look after this baby. Then we were called outside because our baby had arrived. I was a bit scared so I stayed at the back of the group. The gates opened and a little boy of around 4 walked in with his mom. We quickly started cooing over him but I didn’t get to close. Suddenly we heard his mother clear her voice and introduce us to someone. We all looked up and our jaws dropped, standing in front of us was the most beautiful girl we had ever seen.
“And this is my niece who will also be staying with you boys helping with Yoogeun, ______ meet the band SHINee...” she bowed slowly and faked a smile. All we could do was just stare at her.

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