Minho's Darling

ou are Yoogeun's older cousin who came from Britain, you went along with him to Shinee's Hello Baby due to some problems... What will happen when you meet a certain long haired handsome singer?


1. Chapter 1

*______’s POV*

I sighed as I walked into my aunt’s house, hearing the same bloody Ring Ding Dong song by a group called SHINee play for the millionth tim today to be truthful I was getting sick of them. I had moved from England about a month ago for my modeling contract and was now staying with my mother’s sister and her family. As soon as I entered the house I heard the excited squeal of my cousin Yoogeun. I grinned and ran towards him picking him up and carrying him around. Suddenly my aunt appeared dressed in outing clothes and one of my duffle bags which seem to have clothes falling out of it. I raised my eyebrow at her, my gaze changing from her to the duffle bag. She started to speak very fast in korean to me, I nodded my mother had taught me how to understand and speak Korean but because of my accent many people couldn’t understand my Korean.

“_____ please take Yoogeun and go and sit in the car.” she said as she handed me the car keys. I nodded slowly and walked to the car still holding Yoogeun. I sat in the back and held Yoogeun too lazy or go and get the car seat from inside the house. My aunt came and sat inside and drove off without a word. I shook my head, normally she’d be chatting to me asking me about my day, if there’re any cute male models but today something was off about her. After half an hour of driving, she stopped in front of a old gate which looked like it belonged to one of those old Korean houses. I stepped out with Yoogeun who had just woken up and followed her to the front of the gate. Before we entered she looked at me carrying my duffle bag. She sighed and pushed her hair out of her face,

“_____ I have something to tell you, your uncle and I are having a bit of a financial problem now so we managed to get Yoogeun a job. You remember that show you love so much? Hello Baby?” I nodded my head slowly not having any idea in which this was heading.
“Well, Yoogeun has landed the part as the baby this time for the show and because your uncle and I won’t be home all the time looking for better jobs I signed you up as well as a helper...” she looked at me waiting for my reaction. I gasped nearly dropping Yoogeun,
“EHHH?” I shouted surprised. I stared at her waiting for her to start laughing and tell me this is all a joke, after sometime she didn’t.
“But I can’t do this, what about my modeling? How long are we supposed to stay here?”
“I’ve called your manager she said that if you do this you’ll get more coverage and four months honey.” I sighed and closed my eyes, I thought about it and sighed again. I knew the situation couldn’t be helped so I opened my eyes slowly and fake a smile.
“Sure aunty, but uh who’s the  band doing it this time?” My aunt avoiding my gaze quickly opened the gate and led Yoogeun inside. I rolled my eyes and followed her, my eyes nearly dropping out of my head when I saw five godlike boys standing in front of me playing with Yoogeun obviously they hadn’t noticed me because they were too busy cooing over Yoogeun. My aunt cleared her voice and gestured towards me.
“And this is my niece who will also be staying with you boys helping with Yoogeun, ______ meet the and SHINee...”

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