K-POP One Shots

One shots with all your favorite K-POP stars! GxG or BxB or GxB I don't care, jsut give me things to write about.


5. Oppa - Gi-Kwang

(I’m so sorry if this it not what his personality is like, if I got it wrong please tell me so I can change everything. Thanks guys ^ ^)
You looked at yourself in the mirror, brushing a stray strand of your hair out of your face. This would be your first K-POP masters concert since you had just debuted. Flashing a smile at the mirror, you sighed moving your shoulders relaxing them. They decided to do something new this year, any new debuted artist to preform with one of the members of the hottest boy bands right now. Twirling a strand of your hair with your fingers you hummed a verse to your debut song lightly, falling into a daydream of how you got into this type of business. Hearing a knock on your dressing room door snapped you out of your daydream pulling back into reality.
“Come in!” you called out cheerily. A middled aged woman with a clipboard and a wire around her neck bowed smiling as she checked her clipboard,
“ah Sejung it’s your time for makeup honey” she said leading you out of your dressing room and down the busy hallway of backstage. Tryign to dodge a couple of busy backstage workers, you finally managed to get yourself to the makeup room filled with other famous Korean pop stars.
“Sejung!” a cheery femeine voice called out from one of the chairs. Turning your head, you found Sulli from F(x) sitting in one of the seats a makeup artist behind him curling her hair, with Amber sitting beside her waving and smiling eagerly. Taking a seat beside them, you grinned and chatted to them about the latest gossip and everything.
“So i heard you have to sing with a guy!” Amber said wriggling her eyebrows at you.
“Amber~” you whined, you really couldn’t help but wonder on who it could be. You hoped it would be one of your favorite bands. After at least 20 minuets, you three were free to go.Cheering you three linked arms and skipped down the hallway, but one thing kept bugging you, you kept wondering who you’d end up singing a duet with.

“F(x)!” you heard the announcer yell smiling, gesturing to the group.
“See ya Seejung” they said kissing you on the cheek before running onto the stage smiling, singing their new song ‘Hot Summer’. After them SHINee, BTOB, B1A4, Boyfriend, B.A.P and a few other bands performed. Finally it was your turn,
“Now for the latest and hottest solo girl artist SEJUNG!” the Mc yelled as you came onto the stage. Cat whistles and cheers erupted through the stadium,
“GO SEJUNG!” people cheered throughout the whole stadium smiling you bowed, before straightening up again, brushing a stand of hair out of your face,
“And now who will be our dear Sejung’s duet partner tonight?” he asked smirking, suddenly the crowd began to yell out suggestions. Smiling the Mc waved his hands indicating the crowd to quiet down.
“okay okay guys you ready? Come on Gi-Kwang!” girls cheers erupted throughout the whole stadium, nearly deafening you. Cringing at the loud screams and chants echoed throughout the place, you straightened your back smiling out into the crowd. You were actually quite excited to be singing with one of the members of your favorite bands ever. A spotlight focused on a figure coming onto the stage. The spotlight followed him and the screams grew louder and louder as he came closer to the center of the stage next to you. Smiling at you he brushed a strand out of his face before winking at you. Blushing a little, you looked away before looking up at the Mc with a mic in your left hand.
“So the producers have decided that they wouldn’t be singing a duet, they would be singing a single song each, and see who gets the most cheers from the crowd! Now guys please come closer to Kai Bai Bo.” the Mc said grinning gesturing for you two to circle around him.
“Be ready to lose, and if I win for now on you’ll call me oppa.” Gi-Kwang whispered into your ear before turning to the Mc a smirk on his face. Huffing you turned back to the Mc, forget being excited this guy was so up himself and you decided to show him who was the best. Standing in front of him you bit your lip, for some unknown reason you absouluetly sucked at Kai Bai Bo. When you were younger, no matter against who you’d always lose. Closing your eyes, you got your fist ready,
“Kai..Bai..BO!” you opened your eyes and pouted, he had done paper while you had done rock,
“HEY THAT’S UNFAIR SHE SUCKS AT KAI BAI BO!” you heard Sulli and Amber yell from backstage, you smiled at bit before turning to him glaring before faking a smile again as the Mc appeared in front of you two.
“So we had a poll held on earlier to see which songs you will sing, Gi-Kwang you will be singing ‘Bad Girl by your own band, woah seems like people just can’t get enough of that song! AND people have also voted that your band gets to help you!(Sorry guys I really like this song ^ ^)!” Oohs were heard, you glanced a quick look at Gi-Kwang who replaced his smirk with now an even bigger smirk. “Aish this guy, is he such a wussy that he needs his band to back him up.” you muttered as you were escorted to the side of the stage, truth be told this was one of your favorite songs ever so you weren’t really complaining... The music started to play, you saw him start to dance along with the music. The rest of the band came up behind him and started to do the same dance as him. You had to admit he was pretty good at singing and dancing, and oh those muscles... Slapping yourself mentally you realized that they were already half way through the first verse. Cheers and screams of girls rang throughout, Gi-Kwang smirked and turned his head to you winking at you especially when the part ‘Bad Girl’ was sung. Blushing you looked away, cursing at the fact that he could make you blush so easily. Throughout the whole song you couldn’t help but secretly glance at Gi-Kwang nodding your head with the music, as the every last few words were going to be sung, he walked up to you the spotlight following him before finally landing on the both of you, making sure two words got across to you,
“Bad girl~” he sung before smirking walking back to the center of the stage bowing as the music ended. Screams, Cheers erupted, his band members walked off stage after they all cheered and hugged each other. Walking to the center of the stage the Mc beckoned for you to join them. Walking up to them you bit your lip wondering on what song they had chose for you,
“Looks like you’ll be having a new oppa soon~” Gi-Kwang whispered to you before turning to the Mc who was giving both of you raised eyebrows,
“And now Sejung, people have chosen for you to Oh by Girls Generation!” he said as claps and cheers were heard. You sighed a sigh of relief. This was one of your favorite karaoke songs to sing with Sulli and Amber and the three of you had also memorized the dance moves for it. Once you had a slumber party at your house with Sulli and Amber, somehow a bottle of whiskey well two were found, taking shots while singing Oh it was hilarious.
“Can I have people to help me sing?” you asked hopefully, if so then you’d so kick oppa’s  butt in this. The Mc nodded and you smirked before motioning for an already Sulli and Amber. They ran on stage and hugged you before quickly going over the parts,
“Let me sing all the oppa parts please, I need to prove something.” you whispered. They flashed you looks of confusion before nodding. Standing in a formation, Sulli started off the song, walking over to Gi-Kwang with the Mic in your hand, you leaned against his shoulder singing,
“Oppa Oppa oppa I’ll be I’ll Be down down” winking at him  before walking back to the center of the stage dancing along with Sulli and Amber, as the song neared it’s end screams, cheers and claps were already heard. After the song had finished, the three of you did your usual hand shake and bumping of hips before they walked off stage laughing. Smiling you walked to the center of the stage with Gi-Kwang following the Mc with his usual smirk planted on his face. The Mc laughed and smiled,
“Now that was some Girl Power!” the Mc said a smile plastered on his face. Cheering was heard again, waving his hands to indicate for silence, he turned to the two of you,
“Now guys, since it was a close call the producers and fans would like the two of you to sing together. The song is Love Like This by SS501, I’m sure the two of you know the song and all the dance moves.” you sighed, you found it mysterious why they made you learn the whole song and dance moves. Which for you wasn’t a problem since your other oppa Kim Hyung Joon was on the band and would teach you all their songs and dance moves. He nodded before turning to you,
“Ready?” the Mc asked the fans before they screamed. Taking that as a yes, he turned to the two of you,
“Okay you two let’s start.” the music started and you both moved around the stage and each other in sync as if the two of you had practiced with each other. Singing the first verse you smiled throughout the whole song unaware of Gi-Kwang’s gaze on you throughout the whole song. You bit you lip as you sang, for some reason singing with him connected the two of you in some sort of way. As the last line came, the two of you faced each other walking closer.
“Love like this, we’ll make it oh make it oh~” you both sang together, faces inches away from each other. Leaning closer to you, he took a chance and pressed his lips against yours, blushing you kissed back slowly. Pulling away,
“Can I be your oppa?” he asked hopefully. Still blushing you nodded,
“Yes you can.” you said kissing him again, suddenly the let the net above the two of you lose and balloons and glitter fell on the two of you. As cheers and groans were heard throughout the stadium.

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