K-POP One Shots

One shots with all your favorite K-POP stars! GxG or BxB or GxB I don't care, jsut give me things to write about.


1. Minho's Cousin - Taemin

Taemin groaned as he ruffled his head, his sleepy eyes wandering over the airport. Minho had dragged him here this early to pick his cousin up. Taemin had no idea how Minho managed to get up so early for this, considering he was the one who sleep for 2 days straight without even realizing.
“Flight 231 touch down now” (Sorry I don’t know how they announce it, if you do please tell me so I could change it :) ) Minho jumped up from his seat excitedly, his hat nearly falling off in the process. They had to wear hats, sunglasses and coats to disguise themselves from the fans. Grinning Minho grabbed Taemin’s hand dragging him to the terminal. A line of people walked through it and Minho craned his neck eagerly to see his cousin. Suddenly a beautiful girl walked out, Taemin’s eyes wandered over to you and couldn’t keep his eyes off you. He was in such a daze that he didn’t notice that Minho had disappeared from his side and walked over to you gently pulling your hand to walk beside him. Smiling and laughing you two hugged each other. Reaching Taemin you titled your head still smiling as you waved your hand in front of his face, Taemin jumped a bit before staring at you in surprise,
“Taemin this is my cousin Fay, Fay this is one of my bandmates and the machine of the group Taemin.” Taemin stared at you in awe, never had he seen such a beautiful girl as you. You smiled and shook his hand before turning to Minho,
“So what’s the plan stan?” Minho grinned,
“Well I had booked...” his phone ringing broke him off mid sentence,
“Excuse me” he said walking away a bit before answering his phone. Shrugging you turned to Taemin,
“So how old are you?” Taemin blushed lightly, he was a bit confused and seeing you smile just made his stomach feel as if it was about to erupt like a volcano.
“I’m 19” he replied quietly. You looked at him smiling,
“Oh really?! Me two! I thought I’d be the youngest now I have someone my age to hang out with!”
“Hang out with?” Taemin asked again feeling a bit shocked. You nodded happily your hair bouncing up and down. Minho returned a pout on his face, turning to him you asked,
“What’s wrong?”
“They want me to go on set today, so sorry Fay but I cant’t spend today with you.” You smiled to cover up your sadness,
“Oh it’s okay Minho we can do it tomorrow!” you said still smiling. Minho still pouting sighed as he ran a hand through his hair, “But I got two tickets for all the rides at the amusement park for today only!” then he smirked as he realized something,
“Taemin you take my cousin, Fay love you see you later!” he yelled as he ran outside tossing the tickets to Taemin and catching a taxi to the set. Standing there Taemin stared at the tickets, was this his bad day? Oh god he should have just listened to the scary horoscope woman on t.v last night.
“Taemin” you voice rang out snapping him out of his panic dream. Looking at you in surprise he gulped,
“Uh if you want to go with Minho tomorrow that’s fine, I can uh drop you off wherever you would like to go and...” Taemin said hurriedly only to be quieten by you laughing,
“Taemin it’s fine let’s go, I don’t want Minho’s tickets to go to waste! Come on let’s go!” you said tugging at his hand pulling him towards the taxi,
“But what about your luggage?” Taemin asked you still worried.
“I’ve already sent it to my house, clam down Taemin!” you said laughing. You found it cute how he was already worried about you even though you two had met for like only 5 minuets. Getting onto the bus, you squealed softly as you watched the familiar buildings and things go past. You missed Korea but loved living in Japan for your designer scholarship.
“Fay” Taemin’s gentle voice said as he shook your shoulder lightly,
“Hm?” you asked sleepily. You had fallen off to sleep and didn't’ even realize it.
“Man i must be related to Minho” you muttered as you turned to Taemin,
“We’re here” he said smiling softly as he eld you off the bus. You looked around in surprise, this was the same amusement park Minho used to take you to.
“Come on!” you said eagerly giving your tickets to the guy.
You guys spent a whole day here getting to know each other, you went on roller coasters all of them, haunted house, plays, and more. Taemin wasn’t shy anymore, now he could speak to you without stuttering or looking down, you enjoyed his company as much as you enjoyed being around him even more.
“One more ride left for your hamper today guys!” the guide said as he led you two to the last ride on the other end of the park. Looking up you blushed, it was the lover’s ride. You snuck a glance to Taemin who’s eyes were wide and his face so red you would mistake him for a ripe tomato. You breathed in before grabbing his hand and running over to the ride. Taemin blushed even more as you two sat down in the  seats ( http://chuckmanchicagonostalgia.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/postcard-chicago-riverview-amusement-park-couple-riding-big-ferris-wheel-aladdins-castle-towers-behind-woman-1964.jpg?w=510 ) the ride started and the ferris wheel started to turn, it was night time and the stars were out. A small breeze came and blew your hair of your shoulder, sighing happily you looked around at all the lights ( http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Wlx4EKho5QY/T4R9w5fxxsI/AAAAAAAABCk/2pQY2GiBuT8/s1600/Yokohama+Night+Life+-+View+from+Ferris+Wheel+-+Japan+-LittleRoseTrove.jpg )
“It’s so beautiful” you said smiling as your eyes continued to wander over the place. The ferris wheel had stopped and you were right at the top.You heard Taemin shift and the seat move a little. Wondering what was wrong you turned to ace him gasping little from how close your faces were from each other, Taemin was still blushing but he couldn’t help himself,
“Not as beautiful as you” he said quietly, moving his face closer to yours, lips inches away from each other. Tired of the wait you pressed your lips against him, you both felt sparks fireworks as if you were both the only people in the world, you both pulled apart before leaning your foreheads against each other,
“Minho’s going to kill me.” he mumbled pouting, laughing you kissed him again,
“no he wont’t”

*Somewhere on a building with a binoculars in his hand watching you two*

“I’m so going to kill him” Minho muttered clicking his fingers.


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