K-POP One Shots

One shots with all your favorite K-POP stars! GxG or BxB or GxB I don't care, jsut give me things to write about.


3. Love Sick - G-Dragon

“Achoo!” the loud sneeze echoed through the house. Sniffling you pulled out another tissue wiping your nose. Your forever loving brother who had volunteered to get your medicine an hour ago disappeared, now leaving you alone in the house.
“Aigoo where’s this bloody Ian?” you muttered as your eyes wandered back to the t.v, watching your favorite Korean drama that you’ve watched over and over again.  You were watching the episode when the main couple finally kissed. For some odd reason it’s about a girl in love with her brother’s best friend and finally get together, maybe it’s because it’s how you wished your love life would be.
“Achoo!” another sneeze erupted again, wiping your nose as you threw the other tissue into the huge plastic bag filled with used tissues beside you. You checked your phone, hoping that there’d be any messages from your pretend to loving brother who promised you medicine then most probably ended up playing football with his jerk of friends. Hearing the screen door open then shut and someone taking their shoes off. You snuggled into the couch, wanting for your brother to walk into the living room, now your fortress and yell your head off at him. You heard footsteps shuffled closer the living room and you pushed yourself up getting ready.
“Oh Iman...”
“Uh Iman”
“IMAN!” you looked up in surprise, your mouth forming a loud “O” when you saw your brother’s best friend Ji-Yong standing in front of you, or as he preferred to be called ‘G-Dragon’ since he was in a band. Sighing you leaned back, you sort of had a little crush on him since you were like 6 years old.
“Oh sorry Ji-Yong, I thought you were Ian...” he nodded as he replied,
“I got that much from the way you were yelling” he chuckled running his fingers through his hair. He sighed and sat down beside you stretching his legs as he leaned his head back. You sneezed again and held the tissue to your nose embarrassed. Ji-Yong laughed as he handed the box of tissues to you,
“Wait, let me go and get you a blanket and another cup of cocoa.” he said standing up and walking upstairs. You smiled lightly biting your lip as you watched him walk away. He was one of the best people to be around, caring, sweet, kind. Shaking your head to get the thoughts out, you turned to the t.v trying to keep your focus on the show.
“Ah!” you heard Ji-Yong yelp as he opened the linen door and Ian’s loads of unwashed clothes fall on him, you laughed loudly knowing that Ian stuffed his clothes there to lazy to wash it. After a few minuets Ji-Yong appeared again with a blanket in his hand and a look of disgust on his face,
“Your brother is a serious pig!” he said shaking his hand. You laughed taking the blanket he was handing to you. He wiped his hands on the side of his shirt,
“I’m going to make your cocoa now, want anything else with it?” he asked walking to the kitchen, shaking your head you turned back to the t.v hearing pots cling and clang in the kitchen and mugs begin place on the bench, you sneezed again and held the tissue to your nose again. Hearing the kettle ring and water poured into cups. Ji-Yong walked out smiling holding the cup to you. Taking it you smiled at him sipping from it, turning the volume down you faced Ji-Yong,
“So how come you’re here?” you asked taking sip from the cup,
“I uh wanted to... I had to give something to Ian!” he said his thinking face changing into a smiling face. You nodded putting the mug down, you held the blanket up opening it up till it disappeared from your hands and you looked up to see Ji-Yong holding the blanket up opening it up as he spread it over you covering your face. Giggling you pulled it down, feeling the couch move, you yawned your eyes squeezing shut for a second. Opening them again you titled your head to the side to see Ji-Yong glancing at you before looking away again. You blushed heavily before staring at the t.v hoping the blush had left your face now.
“Iman” you heard a voice near your ear now, jerking up you stared in surprise at Ji-Yong who was scratching the back of his head with a light blush on his face. You looked at him in surprise, he stood up coming closer to you before pulling you into a hug. Your face blushed heavily before your hands slowly hugged him.
“Iman I have something to tell you.” he whispered before pulling back and cupping your face leaning in closer to your face, his lips coming closer to yours. You hoped that you wouldn’t suddenly sneeze right in his face. Coming closer to you, he kissed you smiling into the kiss. In the background you heard the familiar music that played when the couple finally kissed. Pulling back quickly you ran to the other side of the room sneezing, wiping your nose you turned to Yi-Jong blushing. He smirked and walked to the other end of the room to you his hands behind his back. He got closer to you hugging you, before pulling you into another kiss,
“I've always loved you Iman, so please be mine?” he asked looking at you with hopeful eyes. You smiled looking back at him nodding,
“of course! Wait won’t you get sick?”
“I never get sick” he replied proudly.

*A few days later*

You smiled, you were well and free. Plus you made your brother clean up all of his dirty clothes after you and Yi-Jong explained to him you two were going out. Walking into Yi-Jong’s room, you laughed quietly as you saw your boyfriend lying on his bed tissues strewn everywhere. Walking closer to him, you bent down to kiss his forehead,
“You never get sick huh?”
“well if it involves you then it’s love sick of course.” he replied grinning before sneezing loudly.

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