K-POP One Shots

One shots with all your favorite K-POP stars! GxG or BxB or GxB I don't care, jsut give me things to write about.


6. Kiss Kiss Kiss - Jonghyun

You tapped your foot against the door impatiently, apparently the airport was on lock down since there was violent winds and everyone was to remain indoors. The airport waiting room was filled with people who were on the Japan to Korea flight. Groaning you leaned your head against the wall wearing this (http://i01.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/457403019/Free-shipping-new-fashion-womens-ladies-winter-wool-coat-long-overcoat-outerwear-clothes-trench-coat-winter.jpg imagine any color you want! ) as you heard people made calls to their families. Your eyes wandered up to the window rain filling against it grey skies visible through the small window. Pulling out your I-Phone ( http://stylecrave.frsucrave.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/iPhone-Case-by-Jasper-Wong-for-RebelScholar-5.jpg you choose :) ) you entered the passcode before scrolling through your call log and messages from your frantic mother and twin sister who had set you up on a blind date as a christmas present. you quickly put the phone to your ear biting your lip not getting anywhere.
“The lines are jammed pretty bad aren’t they?’ a male voice beside you said. Pulling your phone away from your ear, your eyes wandered up to a boy around your age with highlighted hair wearing this ( http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/kim-jonghyun?before=1344055684  ) you bit your lip, he looked so familiar but you just couldn’t place your finger on it.
“What’s your name?” he asked leaning against the wall next to you, running his fingers through his hair giving him a bad boy look.
“Han Mee Yon” you replied as you tightened your arms around your summer top shivering as the sudden chill appeared out of nowhere. Chuckling the boy took off his jacket and put it around your shoulders. Looking at him in surprise, he chuckled again,
“well what kind of man would I be if I let a pretty girl like you freeze to death.” rolling your eyes you couldn’t resist the urge to smile.
“So since you know my name can I know yours?” you asked playing with the end of your hair. You cringed when a tree came crashing down right outside, the loud noise echoing through the room cries of little children following after it. The boy moved closer to you his arm protectively around your shoulder,
“you okay?” he asked, you nodded you would be fine unless the power was to go out. Another crash and the lights went out,
“SERIOUSLY!?” you yelled angrily as the whole place went black. Rubbing your forehead the thought suddenly hit you, it was dark and there was no source of light. Sure people had pulled out their phones and used it as a light source but it wasn’t as reassuring as your usual night star light you got three years ago (  http://www.ikea.com/us/en/images/products/spoka-night-light__0097669_PE238441_S4.JPG ) You groped around your bag looking for the familiar shape before realizing that you left it in your suitcase. Cursing you closed your eyes before hearing the voice again but this time it was singing one of your favorite songs,
“So ano hi...” (First part for kiss kiss kiss) you looked up surprised, that voice that sounded like an angel’s the one that you would squeal over when it came on the radio,
“Jonghyun” you said surprised, a small chuckle was heard before Jonghyun used the flashlight on his phone shining it on the glass so it reflected on the two of you.
“That’s me!” he said his famous cheeky smile in place. Somehow even though the light wasn’t your comfort night light, the person holding it calmed you down. You laughed feeling the fear drain from you.
“Let’s sit down” he said as the two of you slid down the wall and sat on the cold floor. You would have thought you’d be cold but since Jonghyun was near you, you felt warm both inside and out. For over the next hour the two of you talked about each other and you found yourself relating to him more and more. Suddenly the lights came on and someone from the airport stood in front of the door, looking tired he opened the door before slurring out,
“The storm is over.” before walking away. Smiling you laughed and stood up with JOnghyun and ran to get your luggage. You turned to him as the two of you stood outside the airport,
“So where are you going?” you asked brushing a strand of hair out of your face. Jonghyun smiled,
“To a Christmas party being held at the Han’s residence a few blocks from here.” your eyes widened in surprise, that was your house.
“Oh do you know it?” he asked eagerly. You nodded,
“I live there!” he smiled
“Then can you help me get there!” he said happily before pulling you into a taxi with him. Throughout the whole ride you stayed silent wondering what or why Jonghyn was going to your house. Sure your mother was a studio agent but still... Arriving at the house Jonghyun hopped out before opening the door for you, smiling weakly you got out. Before your mother and sister appeared in front of you embracing you in a hug. Pulling back the looked at Jonghyun,
“What took you so long? All you had to do was pick her up for your date!” your mother exclaimed. You stared at Jonghyun surprised, he looked back at you rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.
“I was going to tell you but...” you cut him off by pulling him in for a kiss, surprised by your own boldness. He pulled back surprised before you pointed up to the mistletoe above the two of you. Blushing you pulled back before he pulled you in again.
“Now you don’t only have to kiss me if there is mistletoe above us. “ he said before kissing you again as the Christmas fireworks went off in the sky above the two of you.

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