K-POP One Shots

One shots with all your favorite K-POP stars! GxG or BxB or GxB I don't care, jsut give me things to write about.


4. Fiji Water - Key

“Aigoo” you moaned as you sat in the back of the cab stuck in the familiar mid day traffic jam of the busy streets of Seoul. You were late and your boss well father also needed his cup of black espresso. Today he was meeting his new band who had terminated their contract with another company changing it to their company. Finally giving up you paid the driver and got out of the cab, scanning the area you calculated you were at least 2 blocks away you could reach there in time if you ran. Taking your black formal high heels off you held it in one hand while the tray of coffee was in your other hand. You took a deep breathe and started to run slowly towards the office incase you would drop the coffee. Good thing you used to be on the track team, so your slow was what other people would call fast. Finally reaching the office, you ran into the office waving and greeting everyone you passed. They were used to your ways of getting to the office so seeing you with your messy hair and high heels in one hand while a coffee tray in another make your way to your father’s office,
“I’m here!” you exclaimed as you rushed into his office setting the coffee on his table kissing your father on the cheek. You smoothed down your hair and clothes before smiling at him which he returned. Your mother died when you were young so you and your father were very close. Sighing you wiped the little beads of sweat of your brow picking up your ear phone ( I have no idea what you call them, here’s a picture to help you understand http://walyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/bluetooth-headset.jpg P.S that’s what yours looks like, if you don;t like the color you can imagine another one! :) ) tapping the small button on the side,
“Ah yes Secretary Yang, please send them in and keep the fangirls out please!” you pleaded as you hung up before turning to your father,
“they’re on their way daddy” you said taking a sip of your coffee.
“Ah that’s good” he said clapping his hands,
“Oh yes I have a surprise for you honey!” he said rather excitedly. You cringed, your father’s sense of surprise was giving his daughter a bungee jumping ticket when she was five.
“Oh uh maybe you could show it to me later daddy?” you asked, breathing in a sigh of relief when there came a knock on the door. You looked at your father before plastering a smile on your face as a big bulky guard opened the door, letting five boys in. You looked down at your clipboard before sitting down in front of your laptop, getting ready to type the whole meeting. Brushing a strand of hair out of your eyes, you sat looking straight at the screen waiting for the meeting to start.
“Tami?” you heard a familiar voice beside you. Looking up, you fell off your chair in surprise. Standing up quickly you glared at the figure in front of you, before finally realizing who it was,
“Key?” you said surprised. He nodded happily coming closer to hug you. You quickly sidestepped, making him accidentally hug your father who gave him a ‘what the hell are you doing young man?” Key blushed and bowed deeply before turning back to you,
“Tami it’s me Key! Your best friend since we were born! Remember born only a day apart, me being the oldest! It’s me!” he said coming closer to you. You shook your head vigorously,  who did he think he was calling you his best friend. He was the one that disappeared as soon as he had debuted, not one email, one call, one message! You bit your lip trying to keep your temper in, you were known for your short temper that transformed you from the sweet,kind loving girl into the demon princess as some people have nicknamed you. Picking up one of your father’s un opened Fiji Water bottles (hehe a drink my country provides so proud!), you opened the lip taking a sip hoping it would calm you down.
“Mister Kibum please take a seat, the meeting won’t take long.” you said putting your fake smile on. Your father cleared his throat,
“Uh surprise honey.” you stared at him, Key was your surprise?! You shook your head, this was the only time you would rather have the ticket your father gave you for bungee jumping off a 100 store building than Key. Picking up the bottle again, you pressed it against your forehead,
“please let’s just get this over and done with!” you pleaded as you got on the laptop again. Key appeared behind you,
“Please Tami hear me out, Look I tried to get hold of oyu, your father....” you broke him off mid sentence,
“Sit down Mister Kibum” you said warningly. Key shook his head stubbornly, his glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose. He kept trying to get your attention, practically acting like a spoilt child when you weren’t looking. Finally getting annoyed you stood up, the bottle in your hand. You stood on the chair and poured all the water over his head, before running out of the office into the hallway hearing his friends yell,
“Oh Burn!”
“Jonghyun be nice he just got water poured on him!”
“But Onew! Look Minho at his hair!”
“It is a bit funny Onew!”
“Taemin help me stop these two idiots!”
“Nah, fine guys!”  Sighing you leaned yourself against the wall, hitting your head against the wall,
“Aish what did i just do?” you mumbled to yourself running your fingers through your hair,
“well you just poured your water all over your best friend who hasn’t seen you in like 4 years!” Key said appearing beside you leaning his hsoulder against the wall before giving you those puppy eyes. Rolling your eyes, you closed them trying to find your happy side. Suddenly you felt someone’s breath on your face opening you, opening your eyes slowly you found yourself staring right into Key’s warm eyes. His arm was above your head leaning against the wall, his face leaning closer to yours.
“So you owe me a dry T-shirt and a apology, or a kiss would do.” he replied cheekily leaning in further capturing your lips in a kiss. Surprisingly you didn’t push him back, instead felt sparks fireworks. Pulling back slowly, you stared at him surprised before retorting,
“You’re the one who needs to apologies! You didn’t contact me at all and...” Key smiled as he leaned his forehead against yours,
“I did that’s what I was trying to tell you! Your father gave me your email and number, but every time I would call or email I wouldn’t get a reply!” he said waving his phone in the air, grabbing the phone, you smiled at the photo he used for your contact it was when you were both young and it was one of your trips to the beach, http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/57521/57521,1297242726,36/stock-photo--happy-young-boy-and-girl-with-snorkels-on-sandy-beach-sea-in-background-70879468.jpg (Just imagine their Korean)  still smiling you looked over the contact information he had for you. After a while your burst out laughing holding your stomach as you laughed harder and harder. Finally standing up you grabbed Key’s hand and ran back to your father’s office,
“Daddy what kind of contact of mine did you give to key?” you asked as you handed the phone to your father. Taking it your father, eyes widen when he saw the phone number,
“Oh my it’s the gardener’s, no wonder he complained of being harassed by someone calling him day in day out!” he exclaimed. Laughing Key pulled you closer to him for a kiss,
“So it’s not my fault” he mumbled into the kiss. Pulling back you smiled,
“And it isn’t mine, daddy” you said turning to your father. He blushed and looked down,
“Sorry kids... Anyway we have a meeting to do!” smiling you nodded walking back to your laptop, before you got to far Key pulled yo around hugging you before leaning closer to your ear whispering,
“And we have a date, I owe you a Fiji water.”

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