K-POP One Shots

One shots with all your favorite K-POP stars! GxG or BxB or GxB I don't care, jsut give me things to write about.


2. English - Key

“I don’t want to learn English!” you said pouting pushing your English text books away,
Hearing your best friend sigh, you turned your head to face him.
“Please Tala look it’s easy, this sentence means ‘ I would like to buy milk please’ see simple!” your best friend exclaimed as he tried to get you to look at the text book. Rolling your eyes you turned away,
“I hate English!” you said still pouting as you reached for the bowl of chips. You were at our best friend Key’s house, he was helping you study English since you had a English test tomorrow, but it really wasn’t going anywhere.
“Can’t i just write ‘no’ or ‘yes’ for everything!” you said as you as you played with the ends of your hair,
“Tala” Key whined as he sat next to you,
“You were the one who asked me for help!” he said stealing a couple of chips from your hand and shoving them into his mouth. Scowling at him, you sighed again,
“I don’t even know why this teacher decided to spring the test on to u” you whined again as you tackled him over grabbing the chips bowl from his hand. Key shrugged,
“You have a good memory, you’re one of the top in the class, why is it that you can’t concentrate in English?” You bit your lip in guilt, actually you were really good in English, you just used that as an excuse to hang out more with your best friend since there seem to be loads of other girls vying for his attention now. For some odd reason you felt jealous, you asked your mother and sister who just said at you before turning to each other saying,
“She’s so oblivious!” so you just gave up since you really couldn’t understand them.
“Hello? Earth to Tala!” Key said waving his hand in front of you face,
“You know what, let’s skip studying I know you’ll just get full marks for it anyway as you always do. We’re having band practice now, wanna come?” he asked standing up and gathering his stuff looking at you with a hopeful look in his eyes. You nodded eagerly standing up and helping him pack. When you were done he turned to you giving you a a exercise book,
“This is your homework, I’ve made some questions, I want you to do it tonight and give it to me tomorrow okay?” Laughing you nodded,
“Shish Key don’t you ever give me a break?” Key laughed bending down to your level flicking your nose,
“Nope you should know this after being my best friend since we were born!” he said grinning as he put you over his shoulder and walking out of the room ignoring your protests,
“KEY PUT ME DOWN!” you yelled giggling ad he walked downstairs. Key shook his head walking past the kitchen,
“Unni I’ll bring her back my 6, we’re having practice. Wanna come Jonghyun’s going to be there?” Key said smirking wriggling his eyebrows as your older sister Kala. Kala looked at him surprised blushing,
“WE’RE NOT GOING OUT!” she yelled chasing you two out of the house.
“Where’s the practice?” you asked as snow fell around you two. it was winter and everywhere snow had covered everything. Now carrying you like this ( http://www.visualphotos.com/photo/2x2235894/boy_giving_a_girl_a_piggyback_ride_fan2007924.jpg that’s what everything looks like as well) he pointed to his house only down the road from yours. Nodding you snuggled your head into his neck as he walked to his house. Arriving at the garage he put you down,
“Jeez Tala you’ve put on weight!” laughing  you punched him playfully before hugging the rest of the guys. Sitting on your usual bean bag ( http://designyoutrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/chair-750x609.jpg )you leaned back as you heard them play, singing along softly you fell off to sleep, hearing Key’s heavenly voice singing.

*Next morning*

You ran into school huffing, you had woken up late and wasn’t surprised to have found yourself in your own bed. That’s the usual routine, you fall off to sleep at their practice and Key would carry you back to your house. Opening you locker you pulled all your books out of your bag, pulling out the exercise book Key gave you for homework you realized you totally forgot to do it,
“Aigoo he’s going to kill me” you mumbled as you pulled out your pens and stuff you ran into your English classroom just in time as the bell rang. Sitting down you bit your lip smiling confidently as the test papers were handed out.

*After test*

You ran out of the classroom to the tree that you and Key would usually hang out at during free periods. Sitting down you quickly pulled out the exercise book hoping to finish the exercise before he came. You bent down to get your pens before the book dropped. Picking it up you saw a note folded neatly, puzzled you picked it up opening it you read the note silently, surprised that it was in English but still recognized Key’s neat handwriting,

“Dear Tala,
                 You know how we’ve been best friends since we were born and we’ve never left each other’s side? How we told all our secrets to each other, well there was a secret I kept from you all these years. I have loved you ever since we turned 14, I kept it a secret because I didn’t want to put our friendship in a place i knew we’d never reach it again. But now i couldn’t keep it in anymore.
                If you can’t bear to be around me anymore, I understand but please remember this, I have never will stop loving you ever.

You looked up surprised, the idiot thought you didn’t feel the same way about him,
“Tala?” you looked up hearing Key’s voice, his smile fell as he saw the note in your hand, looking at your face, he mistook the happy surprise for something else,
“Sorry Tala I got to...” You broke his sentence off by jumping up pulling him closer to you, your lips for a kiss.
“Idiot I love you two” you mumbled as you pulled back form the kiss smiling.
“Really” he asked surprised. You nodded kissing him again, pulling back he looked at you,
“I have one question” you looked at him before nodding,
“Were you really bad at English?” You grinned before pulling him back for a kiss.
“You’re my boyfriend you tell me.”

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