The Catelina Salvator Diaries

Catelina Salvator goes back into Mystic Falls with her brother Damon to reunite with their brother Stefan. What happens along the way, Love, friendship, lust?


3. Chapter 2

You sighed as the winter wind blew around you. Leaning against the door of someone’s car you watched your brother flirt and tempt a girl around a year or two years older than you in a cheerleader’s uniform with blonde hair (if you know who leave a comment ;) ) rolling your eyes you kept watch in case anyone was to walk by. You didn’t feel like drinking after the huge mountain lion you had on your way back. Feeling the cool metal surface of the car under you sent a burst of memories through you.


“Catelina look!” Damon said swaying drunkenly to your side. A glass of whiskey in one hand while a single key on a keyring in another,
“Look what I got” he slurred his grey eyes lighting up with mischief, his mouth turned up into a boyish grin. Rolling your eyes as you hid a smile you quickly but gracefully lifted the keys from his hand as your keen for detail eyes trailed over it,
“It’s a key to a Bugatti” you murmured. Damon nodded smirking, he grabbed your hand and dragged you outside of the nightclub,
“Happy Birthday sis” he slurred yet again, before his head leaned on your shoulder his little snores filling the silence of the air.

*End of flashback*

Damon walked up to you, a smirk planted on his face as he wiped the blood off the back of  his hand. The girl was behind him, her neck blood running down her eyes dazed. Knowing that Damon put her in that state you craned your neck as you got a closer look of her,
“Really Damon?” was all you said before you walked off on the familiar road leading to the family house on the other end of town. Hearing your brother chuckle before ordering the girl to forget anything ever happened he jogged after you. Looking around, your eyes focused on the huge oak tree which you remember was planted by you and Damon on your second visit in the 1800’s. You quickly ran over to it and sighed happily as your fingers ran over the aged bark of the tree. Damon smiling walked slowly beside you,
“It’s still here.” he murmured his eyes wandering over the tree. You nodded happily as the winter wind blew the dead branches, the sky darkening a bit. Hearing the door open and close you and Damon turned around, your eyes widening in surprise before you ran over to the person hugging them.
“Catherine!” you exclaimed happily as you squeezed her. You sniffed the air before jumping back your eyes black, fangs out. Damon leaned against the tree smirking but his grey eyes looking over the scene in front of him ready to step in at any time.
“Who are you?” you hissed as the girl stood in front of you. She looked so much Catherine but the strange thing is, she wasn’t Catherine.
“Elena?” you heard a familiar voice call out as they came closer to you. Looking up your eyes widened in surprise as the figure got closer to the girl an arm wound protectively around her.
“Stefan?” you stuttered out, your fangs disappearing eyes going back to normal.
“Catelina, Damon?!”

“STEFAN!” you screamed happlily as you ran towards your brother  wrapping your arms around his neck and bringing him in for a bone crushing hug, which literally for vampires meant bone crushing. You held on to him taking in his familiar scent that you hadn’t smelt in like centeries. Holding on to him tightly memories flooded in from where you were younger.


“Catelina!” you heard Stefan yell happily out to you as he chased you around the yard in the back of your huge manor. Squealing you ran behind a tree peeking ocassionally behind it seeing if Stefan had managed to find you. Giggling to yourself happily you turned around nand smiled happily till you felt someone pick you up,
“ah!” you squealed as your brother carried you out. Putting you down you saw Stefan’s smiling face

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