The Catelina Salvator Diaries

Catelina Salvator goes back into Mystic Falls with her brother Damon to reunite with their brother Stefan. What happens along the way, Love, friendship, lust?


2. Chapter 1

(Hey guys sorry if i changed the story a bit but I needed to, so it could fit the storyline :) )
1800’s America*

“Damon I don’t want to go!” you whined as your brother dragged you towards the carriage holding an umbrella over your head. The carriage was taking the two of you back to your hometown, ‘Mystic Falls’. Hearing him sigh you bit your lip, feeling bad you kept your mouth closed as he helped you into the carriage. Smoothing down your dress ( ) you looked out the window making sure not to let the sunlight touch you. Damon was holding on to your ring, to stop you from running anywhere,
“Please Catelina, we just have to make sure Stefan isn’t on a rampage anymore.” your brother pleaded leaning forward and holding your hand in a tight but comforting grasp. You sighed, over the years Damon still couldn’t stop worrying about your older brother Stefan. He was the only one who out fo the three of you took pleasure in killing people, being a vampire. Sicken by the thought Damon packed up and took you along with him, leaving Stefan behind. It hurt you to leave your brother, one of the only people left of your family. You remembered the night Damon and Stefan were turned, you came out looking for them because Father figured out that there was a vampire in Mystic Falls. Running out of the house quickly you had to warn them and Catherine, for some odd reason you felt a strange bond to her and couldn’t bear for either of them to get hurt. You found yourself in the middle of the road with a prisoner carriage knocked over. You gasped, putting your hand over your mouth as you walked closer seeing dead bodies of young and old men scattered over the road. You felt sick, putting a hand over your stomach as you took a few steps back, the wind blowing your long locks of brown hair over your shoulder shivering a little you turned around quickly wanting ot get home as fast as you could.
“Catelina” hearing your name you lifted your head slowly, gasping lightly,
“Stefan Damon?” you stuttered in surprised as you saw our two older brothers with blood stained shirts and mouths.

*2011 Mystic Falls*

“Do we really have to do this?” you asked your brother Damon as you played with the ring on your finger. Your brother smirked nodding as the two of you walked past the entrance of  Mystic Falls. Feeling the wind on your face, you looked around the place you used to call home.
“It’s changed so much” you mused as you saw buildings, parks in place of the usual forbidding forests that were there in the 1800’s the last time you saw home. As you walked past a group of girls, Damon winked at them advancing closer to them. Sighing lightly you grabbed his arm and dragged him away from them,
“Oh no you don’t mister, you’ve already had snack on the way.” you said as you both walked away from the park and into town. Biting your lip, you ran your fingers through your long locks which you’ve refused to cut.
“Why are we here anyway?” you asked as you tugged the end of your outfit ( ). Your brother Damon laughed his blue eyes lighting up with mischief.
“It seems our brother has found a new love” you raised your eyebrows in surprised, Stefan has fallen in love again!
“With who! Is she a vampire? Do I know her?” you questioned happy yet a bit suspicious. A few cat whistles made you turn around, seeing a group of boys around your age looking at you their eyes traveling up and down as they admired you from afar. Growling Damon clicked his fingers his grey eyes getting the familiar anger in it. Rolling your eyes you walked away your hair flying in the wind as Damon walked behind you making sure to send one last death glare towards the group of boy’s way. Your grey eyes wandered over the place taking in the new landscape.
“So where are going to go first?” you asked Damon turning around your hands behind your back tuggign the end of your hair lightly. Damon grinned, his eyes turning black, “First a little snack then a visit to our brother.”

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