The Catelina Salvator Diaries

Catelina Salvator goes back into Mystic Falls with her brother Damon to reunite with their brother Stefan. What happens along the way, Love, friendship, lust?


1. Catelina Salvator

My Name is Catelina Salvatore,
(You get to imagine what she looks like :) )
Yes my older brother's are Damon and Stefan Salvatore.

I have been wandering the world with my older brother Damon
Ever since we had last seen Stefan in Mystic Falls. Since then we've
Lived a nomadic life and quickly adapted to the new ages.

I'm more of the girl next door type even though my feeding habits
Are far from it, I never wanted to become a vampire but Damon changed
Me and I decided to forgive him, since he only did it since Stefan killed Daddy.

I like to eat ice cream lots of it, but since I'm a vampire I've never put on weight,
Thing is even though I've forgiven Damon and there are good sides to being a vampire
I still can't forgive myself for all my victims. It was because of me that all the young and eldigle
Young men of my age which is 17 were missing then found a week later, in an abondoned lake house in mystic falls, their throats ripped out. For some odd reason I can not drink a female’s blood
when I do, I feel ill and my skin burns.

My brother suddenly decided that it was time to come back to Mystic Falls and visit our
Brother Stefan while we were touring Europe. But the only way he got me to follow him was one word,
“Catherine.” I felt a connection to her when she first came to our house, maybe it was because I never had a female figure in my life. Or maybe it was because we looked a like, except my hair was a light brown.

It’s been at least 2 centuries since I’ve last visited Mystic falls save the time our nephew was brutally murdered. Ready or not Mystic Falls here come Catelina Salvatore.

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