The Hotel Room (Complete)

After a horrid break up with her now ex-boyfriend Simon; 17-year-old Isabella Marston goes on the Sydney trip she had been planning for the two of them. The hotel stuffs up the rooms and double books her suite with One Direction who were in Sydney promoting themselves. Quickly she starts to fall for one of them which turns the next year of hers into some sort of fairytale. Isabella or Bella for short; is just an ordinary girl brought up in a small town called Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Never did she think any of this would happen.

A/N*This is my first fan fiction and it was written especially for my friend as a request. Please be gentle to me, no hate. Check my tumblrs out if you want: or Enjoy! xx*


28. London!


Next thing I know Harry was shaking me saying something about London. I shot my eyes open to be met with Harry’s sparkling green eyes.

“Oh good she’s up!” Harry said looking over to my right, I was guessing at Tiani and Brad. I sat up and stretched out with my neck feeling a bit sore.

“How long was I asleep for?” I asked as I noticed it was still night-time so surely not much time has passed.

“You slept the entire flight.” Harry said. That shocked me, was I really that tired to sleep for so long?

“Whoa you’re kidding me right?”

“Not at all, you’ve been asleep with your head on my shoulder the entire trip. I’ve been watching movies.”

It was then I realized I could see land below us through the window.

“Is that?” I began looking up at Harry.

“London.” Harry added. I looked at Tiani and just squealed. The time was finally here, to finally meet his parents. I sure do hope they like me, especially Gemma, as Harry seems to regard her opinion very highly. I began to find myself extremely nervous at the idea of meeting his family. This was the first guy to ever introduce me to his whole family, not even Simon who I dated for nearly a year introduced me to his family.

“It will be fine babe.” Harry said and grabbed hold of my hand. I guess he could notice me shaking from the nerves.

“I hope so.” I said looking out the window.

“This is the captain speaking, we should be arriving at Heathrow Airport in a few minutes so if you don’t mind please stay seated with your seat in the upright position and your tray properly up. Thank you.”

“I still can’t believe I fell asleep the whole trip!” I said.

“That’s because of how little sleep you’ve gotten lately.” Tiani said with a wink.

“I don’t want to know why.” Brad said and blocked his ears. Gosh sometimes my brother was so juvenile about these things. Although I guess he just doesn’t want to know that his little sister is getting more than he is.

I giggled at his remark and just settled back into my seat. My nervousness has settled down now and I was more excited.

“When do we get to see the boys next?” Tiani asked. I guess she was excited about seeing Liam again.

“They are picking us up from the airport. Tiani you’re going to be staying with Liam at his house and Brad will be staying with Bella and I at my parent’s house. I hope you don’t mind Brad.” Harry said.

“That’s alright, the whole idea is for me to be able to report back to my parents if Bella’s okay and if your family are as amazing as we think.” Brad replied with a laugh. At this point Tiani had a huge smile on her face and I could only imagine the things that would have been going through her mind. Dirty things might I just add, her staying at Liam’s house could only end with them having sleepless nights.

The plane hit the ground and suddenly my nerves kicked back in with the realization of how far everything has come since a bit over a month ago. As the plane slowly came to a stop our seatbelt lights were turned off and we got up to head out into the airport terminal.

Harry was holding onto my hand and leading the way since he knew where to go. At the end of the tunnel we were going down I could see a bunch of people waiting… With cameras! Oh gosh the paparazzi are waiting to take snaps of us. I quickly grabbed hold of my brother’s hand and he held onto Tiani’s hand. I didn’t want to lose them in the crowd. As we exited the tunnel all the cameras began to flash and they asked questions like, ‘who is this other boy holding Bella’s hand?’ or ‘how does it feel being back home Harry?’. I just ignored them all as we pushed our way through the crowd. I realized that security guards were helping get us through the crowd of paparazzi’s and screaming fans that now surrounded us.

It was quite hectic, especially not knowing where to go only being led by Harry. I then noticed the rest of the boys being surrounded by screaming fans; they each had a suitcase in their hands. Then I realized it was our suitcases; they were so kind to get our suitcases. The boys pulling everyone into a massive group hug. As we broke apart I noticed Liam and Tiani still hugging, I guess they missed each other. Each of the boys pulled Harry into a hug then pulled me into a hug. They were like my family as well.

Once all the hugs were over I decided to introduce them to Brad.

“Guys this is my brother Brad. He will be staying with Harry and I at Harry’s parents.” They all greeted Brad with a smile and handshake. We then made our way to the cars waiting. Liam and Tiani decided to go straight to his place and Louis, Niall and Zayn all decided to go back to theirs and let us settle in. We said our goodbyes and hoped in separate cars. The ride was long but peaceful.

A couple of hours passed and we arrived at Harrys house. I was nervous more than ever right now as we knocked on the door to be greeted by his parents and sister. After all introductions were done my nerves completely left and I was feeling very confident.

“So how old are you Brad?” Anne asked.

“I’m 20 actually.”

“Good age then, so what do you do then?”

“I’m actually in university at the moment. Studying engineering.”

“That’s good to hear. So are you here as long as Bella is?”

“Yes actually. My parents weren’t thrilled their youngest was going to a foreign country to meet her boyfriend’s family alone so they sent me.”

“Alright well Gemma can show you to your room so you can sleep after that long flight. I’m guessing Bella would like some sleep as well?”

“I’m alright, thanks Anne. I actually slept the entire way here.”

“What about you Harry?”

“I got plenty of sleep as well. Thanks mummy.”



“Nothing you just called her mummy and I find that absolutely adorable.”

“So what’s the plan while you’re all here then?”

“Well tomorrow were spending the day here then the next day we have to go meet the boys to finalize some things for Bella. After that we have just planned a bit of sight seeing and time with the family I guess.”

“Seems like some busy days then. What things do you have to finalize for Bella?”

“Oh I forgot to tell you this last time we spoke… Well Bella here has an amazing voice so whilst we were in Sydney we had Simon pop round a recording studio where he heard Bella sing. So now he’s going to sign her to Syco and get her to be the opening act for us on our next tour.”

“That’s fantastic! Well I can’t wait to hear you sing then!”

We continued on chatting for about two hours. Just talking about little things like family holidays, childhood stories, my family and also a few cheeky stories of Harry as a child. I looked at the clock in their lounge room and noticed it was already 9pm, I know I’ve had plenty of sleep but I was still tired. Harry looked at me and I guess he could see my eyes drifting closed.

“Lets get you to sleep. Shall we?” He said picking me up bridal style.

“Goodnight Anne. Lovely meeting you.” I said as Harry carried me up the stairs.

“Goodnight love.” Anne replied.

Harry took me up to his room and brought me inside. He laid me gently on the bed and tucked me in, he soon joined just wearing boxers. I drifted off to sleep still tired even if I had gotten a lot of sleep on the flight.

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