The Hotel Room (Complete)

After a horrid break up with her now ex-boyfriend Simon; 17-year-old Isabella Marston goes on the Sydney trip she had been planning for the two of them. The hotel stuffs up the rooms and double books her suite with One Direction who were in Sydney promoting themselves. Quickly she starts to fall for one of them which turns the next year of hers into some sort of fairytale. Isabella or Bella for short; is just an ordinary girl brought up in a small town called Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Never did she think any of this would happen.

A/N*This is my first fan fiction and it was written especially for my friend as a request. Please be gentle to me, no hate. Check my tumblrs out if you want: or Enjoy! xx*


33. It's Time!


Fast Forward a Month and One Week

I’m now a week late from my due date and it’s now my sisters due date. I woke up in agony as I realized I was in a puddle of water.

“HARRY!” I yelled.

“What is it babe?”

“It’s time!” I yell at him. His face was full of shock but also excitement; he quickly shook his head and realized what this meant. He then quickly grabbed the bags we left at the doorway and helps me out of bed. We quickly rush to the hospital and I’m taken into a room by wheelchair.  I didn’t have private health insurance so I had to share a room with someone else, although no one was in there at the moment just Harry, the nurse and I.

It was about 3 hours into that it was time for me to push, they took me into a delivery room and well I don’t want to go into any details. I pushed when they told me to and it was all over with quite quickly. Harry cut the umbilical chords and he didn’t even faint! The doctors took the two babies to get weighed etc. then brought them back in to us.

He handed one to me and one to Harry.

“A girl…” I said and sighed. I looked up at Harry who had a huge smile on his face.

“A boy.” He said.

“So what names were you thinking for the babies?” A nurse asked as she walked over to us. Harry looked at me and I nodded.

“Annie Marie Styles and Christopher Steven Styles.” He said while cradling Christopher. The names sounded so perfect when he said that. The nurses took Annie and Christopher away to get washed and put into proper clothes and then they wheeled me back into my room. This time I noticed there was someone else in the other bed. I was exhausted from the labour so I didn’t even bother looking. I fell asleep within minutes.


After what seemed like only minutes of sleeping I was woken up by a little girl saying, “Mummy it’s Auntie Bella in the bed!” I realized just then that it was Rory saying that. I thought I told Harry to ring but ask if they could come in a couple of hours. I sighed and sat up. I looked around and noticed that Rebecca was in the other bed.

“You had your baby too!” I said excited at the fact we gave birth on the same day.

“Yes, I can see you’re exhausted from giving birth to your twins. I had a baby boy. Stephen Joseph Bevan.” She said with a huge smile on her face, I have known for a long time she’s always wanted a boy and now she has one.

“I had a baby boy and a baby girl. Christopher Steven Styles and Annie Marie Styles.” I said with an equally large smile on my face.

“Congratulations! I thought you would have had a private room.” She said.

“Congratz to you as well! Well I don’t have any need for private health insurance so I get a public room just like everyone else. Where is Harry?” I asked as I noticed he was the only one not there.

“He wanted to go check on the babies. He will be back any minute now.” Just as she said that as if on cue Harry appeared back in the room followed by three nurses wheeling in three babies.

“Annie and Christopher’s parents?” One nurse asked looking at Rebecca and I.

“That would be me and Harry. Stephen is my sisters over there.” I said pointing to her.

“Babe, Christopher was born at 3:45am and Annie was born at 3:57am.” Harry said as he took Christopher in his arms and I took Annie in mine.

“They are such perfect babies.”

“Yes they are. I love you Bella.” He said and kissed my forehead. I looked over and saw Rebecca with Steven in her arms. Emily was now one year old, Rory was three and they now had a gorgeous baby boy. I stood up and walked over to them. Matt seemed to be overjoyed about a baby boy. They too didn’t want to know the sex until the baby was born but we had our suspicions.

“Could I hold Annie?” Matt asked.

“Yes of course.” I said and handed Matt my baby girl.

“Hello little one, I’m your uncle Matt.” He said in a hushed tone. I looked down at Stephen and he was just so gorgeous. All three of our babies are.

“So I had Matt call mum once I gave birth and she’s catching the 5am plane here. Shelly will be visiting around 6am as well. When are the boys, Brad and Tiani coming to visit?” She asked.

I had totally forgotten about them, just taken away with how amazing it was to have twins. I looked at Harry and he just nodded, gave me Christopher and walked out of the room. I guess he was going to call them now, I’m sure Zayn would love being woken up this early I thought.

Oh I forgot to mention that Brad has been staying with us the last week, he came down last week expecting the babies to be out so he just stayed instead of going back home. Harry came back in a minute later and said that the boys, Brad and Tiani are in the car and less than a few minutes away. Matt handed Annie to Harry and then Rebecca passed Stephen to Matt. There were a couple of seats in the corner so I went and sat there to introduce Rory and Emily to their new cousins. It was gorgeous to see their reactions to the babies. Then moments after I sat back down in my bed with Christopher; the boys, Brad and Tiani came into the room holding a bunch of balloons, flowers and three huge teddies. Wow these boys were going to spoil our kids. They handed a teddy and some balloons saying ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ to Matt for Stephen, which I thought was sweet of them. As soon as they all caught eyes on the babies they surrounded us. Harry was now sitting on the bed with me as we kept getting asked questions from everyone.

“Everyone calm down, don’t want the babies getting startled. Now one question at a time.” I said while rocking Christopher in my arms.

“What are their names? Harry wouldn’t tell us over the phone.” Louis asked looking down at Christopher.

“Well this here is Christopher Steven Styles and Harry has Annie Marie Styles in his arms.”

“So you did give them Harry’s last name. Zayn you owe me 10 bucks!” Niall said.

“You made a bet about which last name we would use?” I asked looking shocked that of all people Niall would make this bet.

“That wasn’t the only bet we made.” Louis added.

“What were the others?” Harry asked seeming annoyed.

“What time were they born?” Liam asked.

“Christopher at 3:45 and Annie at 3:47.” I replied.

“Louis you owe me 10 bucks!” Liam said.

“Wait Bella.” Rebecca said.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Did I hear those times right… 3:45 and 3:47?”

“Yeah why?”

“Stephen was born at 3:46…” She said looking stunned. Whoa that’s a bit crazy for times.

“That’s amazing.” Zayn said.

“Brad would you like to hold the two of them?” I asked him.

“Of course I would!” He said and took them both out of our hands. I quickly grabbed my phone and took a photo of him with my two gorgeous babies. We then played pass the parcel really as the two of them were passed around to everyone in the room with photos being taken.

“Now guys I don’t want any photos being put up until we put it up. Okay?” Harry said and they all nodded. We were such a big happy family it seems and the boys quite happily played with Rory and Emily when it wasn’t their time to hold the babies. That left Matt and Rebecca to have a bit of a family bonding time with their gorgeous son. After all of the photos were taken we all just sat around talking about everything that has happened in the last 10 months.

“How about we get a photo of the new family?” Liam suggested as he took my phone off of the bed. Harry and I both hoped onto the bed with Christopher in his blue outfit in my arms and Annie in her pink outfit in Harry’s arms. After Liam took the photo I decided this was the one to be posted on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Some how fans had found out when I was due so a week ago they had #welcomestylesbaby trending on Twitter but they were disappointed when the baby never arrived. Now time to tell the world that I had not only one baby tonight but also two! Just as I was about the upload the photo I realized I still had Rosie and Steven I wanted to tell. They’ve been dating recently so Steven’s moved back to Kalgoorlie, seems like everything works out for the best. I quickly rang Steven and it was quickly answered by a very sleepy voice.


“Hey guess what!”

“You serious?” I guess he could tell what I was on about.

“Yes now get your butt down to the hospital with Rosie!” I said through the phone.

“Be there in a minute!” He said and hung up the phone.

“I’m sure we would all love to be here all today but I’m pretty sure it would be good to leave the new family to let everyone know and for others to come visit without the room being crowded.” Liam said. I was glad he was the sensible one; I was exhausted after all and didn’t know how much more I could take. About 5 minutes after they left Steven and Rosie walked through the doors.

“What are their names?” Rosie asked as she looked at Annie.

“Well this ones Annie Marie Styles and he is Christopher Steven Styles.” I said looking over to Harry.

“Christopher Steven Styles?” Steven questioned.

“Yes the Steven is after you, you big goofball! You’ve been my friend since well since we were one! So you mean a lot to me, and well Steven fits so well with Christopher Styles.”

“Okay so any other part of their names named after somebody?” Rosie asked.

“Well Annie was my grandmothers name but other than that we just loved the names.” I said looking down at my gorgeous Annie. After about 40 minutes with Rosie and Steven they left so I could get some sleep. After all I still am tired from giving birth. Harry took Annie and put her in the little bed of hers and Christopher in his. He wheeled them beside the bed so I could look at them as I drifted off to sleep. Harry then joined me in the bed softly singing into my ear. I then fell asleep.

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