The Hotel Room (Complete)

After a horrid break up with her now ex-boyfriend Simon; 17-year-old Isabella Marston goes on the Sydney trip she had been planning for the two of them. The hotel stuffs up the rooms and double books her suite with One Direction who were in Sydney promoting themselves. Quickly she starts to fall for one of them which turns the next year of hers into some sort of fairytale. Isabella or Bella for short; is just an ordinary girl brought up in a small town called Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Never did she think any of this would happen.

A/N*This is my first fan fiction and it was written especially for my friend as a request. Please be gentle to me, no hate. Check my tumblrs out if you want: or Enjoy! xx*


22. Heartbreak



“Would you shut that thing up Harry?” I said angrily giving him a nudge. He moved his arm and fiddled around trying to find the snooze button on the alarm clock next to him. He finally found it and I sat myself up.

“Don’t leave babe.” Harry mumbled.

“I’m going to get you some aspirin and water for the hangover I know you have.” I said as he looked up at me squinting his eyes.

“What hangover I don’t know what-“ He clenched his head in his hand and winced in pain.

“That hangover.” I said and got up out of bed. I totally forgot about what I was wearing and just walked out of the room to see my sister gasp and cover both my niece’s eyes. I looked down only to realize I had just my bra and undies on. Gosh this was embarrassing; my sister hasn’t seen this much of me since I was a baby or when I would go play in the mud with Stevie and take my clothes off so they wouldn’t get dirty.

I quickly ran back into my room calling out a “sorry!” before I shut the door. Moments later I walked out fully clothed this time.

“Sorry about that I totally forgot what I was wearing.”

“Don’t worry about it I guess you just forgot you weren’t at home…”

“Who told you about that?”

“Brad.” She replied. Gosh I couldn’t believe my brother knew… Well basically when I’m home alone I sit downstairs with like a baseball bat on the couch just in my undies and bra. A few times I have thought I have been home alone but my mum walked downstairs once and saw me. It was more embarrassing than just a few minutes ago I must admit. No teenager wants their mum or sister to see them half naked! I walked over to Rory and Emily to give them a kiss. I then went into the cupboards looking for some aspirin for Harry.

“What are you looking for dear?” My sister asked as I kept rummaging through the cupboards.

“Just some aspirin for Harry, he drank too much last night as always.” I sighed as Rebecca handed me a couple of aspirin from a packet in her bag.


“Don’t worry about it. After breakfast would you and Harry be able to look after Rory and Emily for the day? I have to go do a few errands and don’t want to have to lug around a two-year-old and a six-month old.”

“Sure! We’d be happy too. Well at least I will look after them, I think Harry needs time to recover from last night.” I said as Rebecca and I laughed. I grabbed a bottle of water and took it and the aspirin to Harry who was actually sitting up in bed.

“Oh you’re awake are you?”

“Yes, thank you babe for the aspirin. What’s the plan for the day?” He asked then took the aspirin followed by huge gulps of the water.

“Well Rebecca needs to go do a few errands today and asked if we could look after Rory and Emily.” I said. Harry instantly shot up and smiled at me. I guess he was excited to spend another day with Rory and also Emily.

“Well I’m glad you’re excited since you’re changing the nappies!” I said jokingly. The smile didn’t budge from his face; I guess he didn’t care about having to change dirty diapers.’

“That’s fine with me. This will be great practice…” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Getting a bit ahead of yourself Mr Styles.”

“Oh right… Sorry you know me I just love the idea of having kids one day.”

“Yes well I don’t see that one day being too soon in our future. Now come on let’s go have breakfast then Rebecca will be off.” I put my hand out and he grabbed hold as I pulled up. He was still a bit off balance; so he crashed into me as he got up and we fell to the floor. We both laughed for a bit but he didn’t budge. He just stayed there as we looked into each other’s eyes. He leaned in for a kiss and just then the door opened. It was Rebecca…

“Oh come on! I don’t want to see my little sister snogging her boyfriend! Well I’m leaving now so you’re going to be too busy looking after the little ones to do anything more…” She said hinting at what she had just walked in on. “Well Bella, you know when Rory and Emily are due to take their afternoon naps and when it’s time for food and everything like that so I’ll just be off.” She said looking at me as I pushed Harry over.

“Alright we will call if anything happens. Love you!” I said getting up and hugging her then looked down at Harry who was laughing.

“You think that’s funny? I bet you would be embarrassed if it was your sister!” I stated.

“Well don’t bring her into this, you don’t get to meet her for another 3 days. She might not even be home.” He stood up.

“We had a deal that I meet ALL of your family if you meet ALL of mine. I’m sure your sister will be waiting to see her little brother.”

“You might be right. Well you go for a shower and I will look after the little ones.” He said nudging me out of the door as he soon followed.

“Aunty Bella! Uncle Harry!” Rory yelled as she saw us and came to hug us. I was so happy that she was that excited to see us. I grabbed my towel that was sitting on the couch and walked to the bathroom.

“Now Rory listen to Uncle Harry while I’m in the shower okay?” I said and she nodded her head whilst playing with her kitchen set. I hopped in the shower and washed myself, I was wondering how Harry was going with the kids. Sometimes Rory could be a bit difficult or she would try to eat things of the ground and every time you told her to put it down she edged it closer and closer to her mouth.

She knew exactly how to mess with us and it didn’t help that occasionally she would try to feed Emily a small stick or something from the ground. Suddenly I heard Harry yell so I got out as quick as I could and wrapped the towel around me. As I walked out I saw Rory trying to eat a stick whilst Harry was telling her to put it down all while holding Emily in his arm. He looked up at me and I could tell he needed help, I was always the only one Rory would listen to when she was like this.

“Rory what did I say about listening to Uncle Harry! Now give me that stick and go to the naughty corner. You know you’re not supposed to eat sticks… Remember last time!” I shivered just thinking about it. Rory looked up at me with such sad eyes; she never liked it when I told her off, as I was always the sweet one. She handed me the stick and immediately went to her naught corner. I walked over to her and said; “Now you know why you’re here alright. You didn’t listen to Uncle Harry and had both of us worried. I especially thought you were going to repeat last time! Now no scaring me again like that and sit here for 3 minutes without a noise from you okay?” She nodded and sat down on the floor. I walked over to Harry with tears forming in my eyes, I tried to hold them back but then I remembered the last time Rory did something like this.

“Babe what’s wrong? What happened last time?” Harry asked removing me from my thoughts.

“Oh um… Well when Rebecca went into labour with Emily I was here in Kalgoorlie. I didn’t want to go to the hospital with Rebecca as I knew she would be quite a while so I offered to look after Rory…” I paused and took a breath. “Well basically she was being her usual self and then picked up a stick. She would usually do what she did today and just give it to me but she decided instead just to put in in her mouth and swallow straight away. I ran over to her as she started to cough. It was only a small stick but was lodged in her, I took her straight to the hospital and they removed it before any real harm came to Rory. After that we went and saw Rebecca. I broke down in tears when I told her what had happened but all she did was thank me. It was my fault…” At this point I was full on crying with Harry’s left around around me while Emily still in his right arm. “If I had just taken it out of her hand when I first saw it nothing would have happened!”

“Don’t blame yourself! She’s a 2 year old that’s what they do, they put things in their mouth and then learn what they can and can’t put in. She’s fine now; even though she did what she did today she still gave you the stick once you reminded her about the last time. She now understands she can’t put them in her mouth.” Harry said still holding onto me. I looked at my watch and saw that 3 minutes had passed since I put Rory in the naughty corner. I walked over her wiping my tears away. I knelt down in front of her and looked at her. She saw I had been crying and jumped into my arms.

“I’m so sorry Aunty Bella. I won’t do it again.” She said while hugging me, I was glad to hear that from her and all my tears stopped just from hugging her. She made everything better whenever I hugged her! Harry walked up to us and crouched down next to me still holding Emily. He gave me a kiss of the cheek and looked at Rory.

“Uncle Harry…” Rory said as she ended the hug and looked at him.

“Yes gorgeous?” Harry asked.

“I’m sorry.” Rory said with her absolutely adorable voice.

“That’s okay, as long as you listen to me next time darling.” Harry said and Rory nodded. I stood up and just looked at Harry as he stayed down with Emily and Rory. Rory was playing with Emily’s hair as she slept and Harry was whispering to Rory. I couldn’t hear what he said but he just looked so amazing right then and there with two kids. I sighed and just kept staring at Harry who immediately looked up at me.

“Everything alright?” He asked as he stood up.

“Everything is just perfect. Little Emily has been asleep in your arms for almost an hour now and Rory is fine. Nothing could be better than this. I was just admiring how much of a great dad you could be some day.” I said staring into his eyes. Just then Rory looked up at us and asked where her mum was.

“She’s out for a while okay we’re going to be looking after you the next few hours. Now run along and go back to playing, but no more sticks or rocks!” I said giving her a light push on her back. Harry went and put Emily in her little seat on the floor whilst trying not to wake her up. I decided to just sit down on the couch and watch as Harry and Rory played with all sorts of toys. About 2 hours had passed and Emily had woken up and was playing with my hair. I looked at the time and realized it was time they had lunch. I fixed the kids their lunch and then went to find something for Harry and I. I came out of the pantry with mac and cheese. Harry stood there with a grin on his face when he realized what I had. I guess he too loved mac and cheese. After I cooked it we sat down at the table. Harry constantly insisted on helping Emily with eating so I allowed him. He was so careful and gentle with her. Then suddenly Rory decided to be cheeky and throw a bit of her lunch at Harry. He soon retaliated and I was stuck in the middle of a food fight between a 19 year old and a 2 year old. Just as I was about to tell them off the doorbell rang.

“Oh great who could it be?” I asked still annoyed at Harry and Rory as they continued. I walked over to the door and opened it to find Steven outside out of breath and distraught. I motioned for him to come inside and I shut the door behind him.

“What’s wrong Stevie?” I asked as he just silently walked to the couch and sat down. Harry instantly stopped the food fight and joined me as I sat on the couch next to Steven.

“What’s happened? Is your Aunty alright?” I asked frantically whilst trying to comfort him. He took his head out of his hands and looked at Harry then at me.

“My… my… my girlfriend cheated on me!” He said, as his crying got louder.

“Harry would you mind getting yourself, Rory and Emily cleaned up please whilst I talk to Stevie.” I said.

“That’s fine.” Harry said standing up trying not to drip pasta everywhere.

“Now tell me what happened exactly?” I asked pulling Stevie’s head to face me.

“Well we’ve been dating for about 3 months now and everything’s been going great. She didn’t come with me to Kalgoorlie as she’s still in university. I decided to give her a call about 30 minutes ago as I was beginning to miss her…” He gulped trying to wipe his tears away.

“Go on, you know you can tell me. I’ll always be here for you!” I reassured him rubbing his back.

“Well the phone rang and rang then suddenly a man picked up the phone. I asked to speak to my girlfriend Rosie but he said she was busy at the moment. Then I heard her giggle in the background. He asked who it was and well I went off at him saying that it’s Rosie’s boyfriend and that I could hear her in the background…” At this point Steven’s knuckles were white as he clenched his fists.

“Calm down Stevie it will be fine. What happened next?” I asked pulling him closer for a hug.

“I guess Rosie could hear me having a go through the phone because suddenly Rosie started to speak on the other end of the phone. I screamed at her over the phone asking her who he was and what she was doing with him… She… She admitted to cheating on me saying she’s been seeing him the last few weeks. How could she do this to me? I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT I DID WRONG.” He began to yell.

“Stevie look at me.” I said and he pulled away from the hug and just stared into my eyes. His eyes were red and puffy from crying so much. I hated seeing him like this, I just wanted to go back to Perth and punch this Rosie chic! She had no idea of what an amazing guy she has just lost. He didn’t deserve to be hurt all he ever does is care about others more than he did for himself. This was always what got Steven as many people took advantage of his kindness and ended up hurting him.

“Stevie, she doesn’t know what she’s missing out on! You are such a caring and kind person who doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. She doesn’t deserve an amazing guy like you and she never did. She just wasn’t the right girl for you. You will find your princess one-day trust me! I thought that Simon and I were meant to be together and that he was the one. But he wasn’t, I know now why it didn’t work out with anyone else and that’s because I am meant to be with Harry. Just like you will realize someday when you find your princess. Now give me a huge hug like you used to and cheer up! I hate seeing you cry!” I explained to him and he stood up with his arms out. I jumped off the couch and into his arms, he span me around just like when we were younger. I’m not going to lie I always had a little thing for him and we did try dating when I moved to Perth but we realized we were just best friends nothing more. Harry walked back into the room just wearing boxers with Emily laying in his right arm and Rory in his left arm. Steven set me down and just looked at Harry.

“Gosh Harry could you at least put some clothes on while Stevie’s here.” I said while admiring his fine body. I really didn’t want him to put any clothes on but it didn’t make Steven very comfortable.

“Ugh do I have to?” He said. I just simply nodded at him and pointed to our room. Harry set Emily and Rory down on the ground and walked into our room to get clothes on.

“Sorry about that Stevie… Harry just loves to be naked or as close to naked as he can get.” I giggled still thinking about Harry’s body.

“Oh don’t worry he should be proud of his body. If I had his body I sure wouldn’t wear a shirt a lot of the time too. Thank you so much Bella. I can always rely on you to make me feel better. I’m so happy for you and Harry, you’re going to be great parents one day I’m sure of it.” He said and winked at me. I punched his arm and he flinched acting as if it hurt. Yep I definitely got my best friend back to his normal self.  I giggled and Harry walked back into the room on to throw me over his shoulder and throw me on the couch.

“Harry what are you doing?” I asked when I stopped screaming. He looked away from me and looked at Steven, he had something planned for Steven I could tell. Harry began to walk over to Steven and Steven just kept backing up until he hit a wall.

“Run Stevie!” I yelled. At that point I had gotten up off the couch picked Rory and Emily up and ran into my room. Just before I closed the door I heard Steven yell and then a thump. All I could hear was giggling from the other side so I put the girls down and cautiously walked out of the room. I heard the two of them go shh as I got closer and closer to the front lounge room. Suddenly they both came rushing out, Steven grabbed my wrists and Harry grabbed my ankles. They carried me over to the couch and threw me onto it. I was screaming the entire time since they had picked me up.

“What was that for?” I yelled at them while trying to remove my hair from in front of my face.

“Oh just having a laugh! Where are the girls?” Steven asked. Well it was the first time he would ever meet them so he seemed pretty excited. I pointed to the room and he immediately went to say hello to the girls. Harry helped me up and I gave him a little punch and a glare.

“Don’t do that again!” I say.

“I’m sorry babe. I couldn’t help it.” He said pulling me into a hug. Moments later Steven came out with Emily in his arm and Rory holding onto his hand.

“I guess you have met Uncle Stevie now.” I said and Rory’s smile grew very large.

“He’s my uncle?” She asked letting go of his hand.

“Yes darling. This is my childhood best friend, Stevie. Your mother has known him since he was only a year old.” I said and began to giggle.

“Oh okay. Hi Uncle Stevie!” Rory said with a wave. Steven looked down at Emily who was fast asleep in his arms.

“Gosh Emily is absolutely adorable!” He said with a smile on his face.

“She is isn’t she? I wonder if she looks anything like her mother or father when they were little.” Harry wondered then looked at me.

“Maybe Rory does as well.” Steven added.

“Actually…” I paused looking at Rory playing with the teddy I got her for her last Christmas. “Everyone who has ever seen a photo of me as a little kid says Rory is the spitting image of me.” I continued.

“That’s so adorable!” Harry said. Steven put his thinking face on for a moment then said, “Actually, you know what she does in fact!” I guess he remembered a few photos of me when I was little.

“Yes well at least Rory doesn’t strip naked when ever her friends come around.” I added and nudged Steven.

“What’s this about stripping naked?” Harry asked.

“Oh… Well when Stevie and I were very little whenever he would come around we would immediately strip naked and go play outside. We never wanted our clothes to get dirty. Remember how I told you on the plane about the photo of us naked with the hose?”

“Ah of course well no more getting naked around each other please?” Harry joked.

“I wouldn’t do that. That’s what we do now.” I said and winked at Harry. At which point Steven gagged to get our attention.

“Stevie are we still okay to go out for dinner tonight? I was going to call you later on but may as well ask now.” I said turning towards him.

“Yeah of course as long as I get to sit next to one of these little munchkin’s.” He said enthusiastically.

“Great well spend the day with us would you? It would be great to catch up more and just spend the day watching those to.” I added.

“That would be great. I can get to know a bit more about Harry then just to be sure he’s not playing you.” Steven said.

“I would never do anything to hurt my Bella.” Harry said wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my cheek.

“This will be an amazing day!” I said jumping up in glee.

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