The Hotel Room (Complete)

After a horrid break up with her now ex-boyfriend Simon; 17-year-old Isabella Marston goes on the Sydney trip she had been planning for the two of them. The hotel stuffs up the rooms and double books her suite with One Direction who were in Sydney promoting themselves. Quickly she starts to fall for one of them which turns the next year of hers into some sort of fairytale. Isabella or Bella for short; is just an ordinary girl brought up in a small town called Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Never did she think any of this would happen.

A/N*This is my first fan fiction and it was written especially for my friend as a request. Please be gentle to me, no hate. Check my tumblrs out if you want: or Enjoy! xx*


26. Blue and White House


“Wake up gorgeous we have to leave in 10 minutes!” Harry said while shaking me.

“W-What time is it?”

“It’s 9:35 and we have to meet Shelly in 10 minutes so get ready!”

I shot out of the bed and ran to the suitcase to pull out another dress for the day. It took me about 6 minutes to get ready and I walked out to find Harry sitting on the couch waiting.

“So where are we meeting Shelly again?”

“It’s a surprise.” He said with a smile on his face. He pulled out what seemed to just be some black cloth but then he told me to turn around. I hesitated but then realized it was a blindfold.

“I hope you don’t expect me to drive like this.”

“Oh no! Matt has offered to drop us off on his way to work. We better get going.” He tightened the blindfold and placed his hands on my shoulders. Harry led me out of the house and into the car, when he pushed my head down to get me through I thought ‘this must be what it feels like when you are arrested then.’ I laughed at the thought. The engine began and I couldn’t see a thing, it crept me out a bit. Before I knew it we were pulling at and driving down the street, all I knew was the way we were turning. I had no clue what streets we were on or where we were going it kind of excited me. Before long we stopped and Harry helped me out of the car. He put his hands on my shoulders again and we walked a bit.

“Alright we’re here. I’ll take the blindfold off.” As soon as he did I was blinded by the light and quickly shut my eyes. I fluttered my eyes as I adjusted to the sun. There in front of me was the very house I had grown up in! The very same house Harry had bought me only a few weeks ago!

“Oh my gosh the house! But I thought settlement wasn’t for another week.”

“Well I rushed things a bit so you could see it while we’re here. Shelly is inside waiting so come on lets go in.” I didn’t budge, I just stood there in awe of the fact that it’s been 5 years since I left this place and yet not one thing has seemed to change.

“Hurry up girl!” Harry said as he reached the front door. I quickly shook my head and ran to the door. As I walked in I realized that nothing has changed, the walls were still the same colour the carpet still the same as we left it. Only now do I realize how much I loved this house and how much I have missed it. I walked down the corridor and into the kitchen; still nothing has changed. My sister was standing in the middle of the kitchen with a huge smile on her face; she too missed this house.

“It hasn’t changed a bit has it?” She asked.

“Not at all! Except there isn’t a cubby house out there anymore.” I said pointing out the kitchen window to where my cubby house used to be. I had so many memories there, making mud pies with Steven in there, my first kiss, the night after going to the circus when Kauri admitted he liked me, falling off several times or even falling on it from the tree that gave it shade. A tear shed from my eye as I began to remember all the great memories I once had.

“Don’t cry babe!”

“It’s a tear of happiness, I was just remembering all the wonderful memories this place brings back.”

“Well good then! I have another surprise for you!”

“Another surprise? You know I hate surprises.”

“I know that although you say you hate them you secretly love them!” He said.

“Alright fine, well what is it?”

“It should be here by now I’ll just check my phone.” Like he said he checked his phone and looked up at me with a huge smile.

“Well what is it then? Come on tell me!” I insisted growing tired of waiting.

“Follow me.” He said and led me back out to the front of the house. In the street were 3 trucks. It looked as if they were unloading some furniture and a bunch of brown boxes.

“What is this?” I asked Harry as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

“This is your welcoming home present. Shortly after I bought the house I gave both your sisters a ring and asked them to go out and pick furniture to fill the house. I put some money into their bank accounts and well this is the result!” I was shocked and looked at Shelly who was nodding.

“Well what about those brown boxes?” I asked as I pointed to them.

“That’s your stuff.” Shelly answered.

“What do you mean ‘my stuff’?” I questioned.

“I had mum and dad pack all your stuff once you left and then they sent them to Kalgoorlie. They packed everything even the bed and desk!”

“Harry I told you no more buying me things! I can certainly pay for myself, I don’t want people thinking I’m only with you because of the money because I’m not!”

“I promise you this will be the last thing until Christmas!” Harry said with his classic puppy dog eyes. They always got me, I could never refuse him when he did that and he knew it.

“Okay then! I’ll let it slide this ONE time!”

“Great now that we have that sorted let’s go out the back and into the pool whilst the guys unpack everything!” Shelly suggested.

“As long as they leave the boxes that have my clothes in it for me to unpack.”

“Of course.” Shelly said as she walked over to speak with the men hauling all of the things out of the trucks. I turned to face Harry and I kissed him. I pulled away and whispered in his ear, “I love you Harry.”

“I love you Bella.” He replied and then softly kissed my neck. Everything was so perfect, I still couldn’t believe he already got all the furniture although I wasn’t completely confident in what my sisters would have picked for me. As I was hugging Harry I heard Shelly clear her throat behind us and we quickly turned to face her.

“Well shall we go in the pool or what?” She said.

“Alright race you to it!” I yelled already on my way. As I raced down the hall way that hasn’t changed and out through the doors I could only hear one set of feet running after me. I guess Harry must have gotten lost or something. As I reached the pool I quickly took my dress off revealing my white bikini, which Harry had told me to wear earlier. Suddenly I two hands pushed me into the water, on the way in I screamed. After surfacing I saw my sister with a huge grin on her face, I knew what I had to do to get her back. She too had stripped down into her bikini so I went to the side and asked for her to help me up. I always got her when it came to this, the oldest trick in the book and she ALWAYS fell for it.

“Alright I’ll help you up, here grab hold of my ha-“ She reached her hand out and before she could finish I pulled her into the pool. Like I said she always fell for it. As she surfaced I turned around to the house and there was no sign of Harry anywhere. Maybe he was helping the guys from the truck. Just then my head was forced under the water. I came back up and my sister again had the huge grin on her face.

“Any idea where Harry is?”

“No, I thought he was running after me.” She stated looking at the house too.

“Well he never came out here, he must be inside checking the place out.”

“Go find him then! Go, I’ll be fine. I saw one of the delivery guys checking me out earlier so I’ll invite him to join me.” She said and winked at met. She always found a guy to flirt with no matter what the situation was. I just rolled my eyes and got out of the pool. There was no towel around so I was dripping wet and cold.

As I walked into the house I could see some of the furniture was unpacked and taken to where it’s meant to be.

“HARRY!” I called out waiting for a response from him.

Then I heard an unfamiliar voice from behind say, “He’s in a small room down the corridor, left and then first on the right.” I turned around to see it was just one of the delivery guys.

“Thanks!” I called out and rushed to what used to be my room. As I walked in I saw Harry sitting on a bed just like my old one, the room was still pink and he was holding a photo album.

“There you are! What are you doing in here babe?” I asked with a sigh of relief that I had found him.

“Well one of the delivery guys handed me this photo album and well I realized that this was your old room from the photos.” He said as he handed me the book with a photo of what was Steven and I sitting on the bed with a huge grin on each of our faces. We mustn’t have been more than eleven years old. Then he turned the page and I saw a photo, which I thought I had destroyed one night. It was of me crying on my bed the day my grandma had died. My sister had just gotten home from a trip up to Darwin and thought it was a good idea to surprise me, she hadn’t been told of my grandma’s death until after she took the photo and realized I was crying.

“Oh these photos… Well that one is from when I was about 11.” I said pointing to the one with Steven and I.

“What about the other one?” He asked hesitantly.

“Oh um… That was a photo Shelly took trying to surprise me after she got back from a trip to Darwin. That was the day my grandma died. I thought I had destroyed the photo!” I said trying to hold back the tears. Even though it had been over 5 years since she passed away I was still so upset by it.


“That one with Steven is well the last photo of you in here when you were truly happy. Even at your 13th Birthday you weren’t even smiling.”

“Well after my grandma passed away I took it very hard, harder than the others in my family. I didn’t speak to anyone for two months after that. I cried every night before going to sleep in those two months. My parents tried everything but it wasn’t until Steven came back to Kalgoorlie for a visit as my Christmas present then I talked again.” I said but this time I couldn’t hold back the tears. I sat there in Harry’s arms crying and thinking of my grandma. I knew nothing would ever get her back but she was everything to me back then. When we would go to Perth for a visit I would be the only one besides my dad to be excited to see her. Every chance I got to see her I took. Then one day she was gone, just like that. It brought a sudden realization that no one lives forever, even the ones we love.

“Gosh I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” Harry said as he rocked back and forward calming me down. I looked up at him and wiped the tears away from my face.

“It’s okay, you were going to find out sooner or later I guess.”

“Well I’m glad Steven was there for you. Did he say anything for you to speak or did he just comfort you like I was just then?” He asked with a curious face, please tell me he didn’t think that I once liked Steven as more than my best friend! Steven is more of a brother than a boyfriend why couldn’t people just believe me when I told them.

“He came over on Boxing Day and surprised me, we sat in my room and he just hugged me as I cried. Once I had cried till I had no more tears left I just looked up at him and smiled. I just thought to myself that I shouldn’t give up and that’s when I just thanked him repeatedly.”

“Oh good…” Harry said, I guess he was relieved.

“Please tell me you don’t honestly think I liked Steven as more than my best friend at one point! Don’t be like everyone else and just assume that because we were so close that we liked each other! Yes it happens a lot in movies, books and occasionally in real life but that was not the case here.” I jumped off him and stood in front of him. I was annoyed, this always happened when someone knew how close Steven and I were. Rebecca used to always say that Steven and I would one day get married; well I now plan on marrying some other boy whose name starts with H. But shh don’t tell him that.

“Okay I’m sorry, it’s just well if I had a best friend as amazing and beautiful as you it would be hard to not fall in love with them.”

“It’s okay. Well let’s get back to the pool! I just hope Manda hasn’t flirted with any of the delivery guys.”

“Does she always flirt with guys?”

I sighed and nodded. I sometimes hated how she would just flirt with any good-looking guy. If I was with her she would completely ignore me while flirting, as long as they weren’t younger than 20 and weren’t older than 30 she flirted till I dragged her away. Sometimes I would have to get the guy to give her his number just so we could hurry it up a bit.

“Well let’s get to it then!” He said pulling me up off the bed with him. He ended up carrying me down to the pool, bridal style, and dropping me in. My sister was smiling but there wasn’t a single guy around… I guess she’s already gotten her flirting over and done with. Just then I could hear Louis’ voice... What the heck… Then it stopped but then there was Zayn’s voice and then stopped again this time it was Niall’s voice. What was going on?

I listened closely to Niall saying, “Pick up your phone Bella! Come on pick it up! You know you want to talk to me, come on now!” Oh crap that was my phone the boys must have personalized their ringtones to be their voice’s. I got out of the pool quickly and ran to my phone. I pressed answer and heard screams on the other end.

“BELLA!” I hear Louis scream out then Niall and then Zayn.

“You idiots changed my ringtone!” I said with a harsh tone.

“Well yeah!” Zayn said like it was obvious.

“I’m sorry I didn’t answer Louis or Zayn it took me a while to figure out it was my phone ringing. Cause some idiots well yeah changed my ringtone.” I said as I turned around and looked at Harry with a puzzled face. I mouthed ‘Niall, Zayn and Louis.’ He just nodded as if he expected it to have happened.

“Alright well reason we called was well Louis wanted to interrupt you and Harry with what ever you were doing…” Niall began but was interrupted by Louis.

“Did not!” Louis said defending himself.

“Louis we all know you’re a tad jealous of them two…” Zayn added.

“BOYS! What did you actually call for?”

“Well… We were wondering if you could dance?” Niall said

“Yeah of course I did dancing since I was like 2 why?”

“Oh no reason, don’t worry.” Zayn quickly said. Something was up. Why on earth would they want to know if I could dance?

“GUYS! Seriously. You aren’t fooling me there’s something behind the question.”

“Don’t worry about it we will tell you when you come stay with us in London! Woohoo!” Louis said then squealed into the phone.

“Can’t wait! Well I have to go, Harry and I are…” I started but was cut off by Louis saying, “Making out yeah we know.”

“Actually no, we’re spending the day with my sister Shelly. Well got to go!”

“WAIT!” Zayn called out.

“What is it Zayn?”

“Check Twitter NOW!” He demanded. I quickly put the call on loudspeaker and went to my Twitter app. Suddenly my mentions had blown up and there were photos of Harry, Shelly and I in front of the new house. How the heck did they find us?

“OH MY GOSH!” I yelled and nearly dropped my phone. So many people were tweeting that I was only with Harry for money. I was being called a slut, tramp, prostitute, gold digger, ugly, a down right bitch. Thankfully the boys were now tweeting that I in fact do not need money and that the house was just a little present for me. I also had some girls tweeting some nice comments.

“Calm down Bella what’s the matter?” Harry asked grabbing my phone off of me. I was speechless. Then Louis piped up and said, “Mate check her Twitter mentions… They have photos of you three at the house. They’re calling Bella all sorts of things in particular they are saying she’s a gold digger.”

“Bella don’t listen to them! They don’t know you and everything they are saying is completely wrong! You are absolutely amazing and you know that you aren’t a gold digger. Everyone who matters knows the truth.” Harry said as he brought me into a hug.

“Well we’re going to leave you to it. Enjoy the day with your sister! Make sure you take care of our little Bella, Harry!” Louis demanded and then hung up.

“Our little Bella?” Harry questioned giving a little laugh. “I’m not sharing you with anyone.” He continued. I began smiling again realizing that everything anyone said never mattered because those that matter didn’t care. I immediately ran away and jumped into the pool, it was so refreshingly cool. That day was amazing, after being in the pool for about an hour we got out and went inside to find that every thing was unpacked. Except of course my brown boxes full of clothes. After getting dried off we all sat in the family room and Shelly and I began to tell Harry stories of us growing up in this house. How when I was little Midnight my gorgeous cat was locked in my sister’s room and I cried and cried because I wanted him. So my parents ended up taking my sisters door off the hinges. We went on and on about everything with a break for lunch then back to talking. I looked at the clock and it was already 7 at night!

“Crap it’s getting close to dinner time. What’s the plan?” I asked looking over to Shelly.

“Well I’m going home to sleep but I believe Harry had something planned.” She said giving me a wink.

“Do you have something planned?” I asked him.

“I sure do!” He said with excitement. So we said our goodnights to Shelly as we walked her out and into her car. Once she was gone and down the street Harry twirled me around and kissed me passionately. I could tell her wanted more since he just kept trying to pull me closer to him. I pulled away and dragged him back to the house. I knew right then that we weren’t going to be eating anything for dinner and also wouldn’t be getting much sleep too; if you get what I mean. Once the door was shut it was definite that there was going to be barely any sleeping. I will just let your mind image what happened next.

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