The Hotel Room (Complete)

After a horrid break up with her now ex-boyfriend Simon; 17-year-old Isabella Marston goes on the Sydney trip she had been planning for the two of them. The hotel stuffs up the rooms and double books her suite with One Direction who were in Sydney promoting themselves. Quickly she starts to fall for one of them which turns the next year of hers into some sort of fairytale. Isabella or Bella for short; is just an ordinary girl brought up in a small town called Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Never did she think any of this would happen.

A/N*This is my first fan fiction and it was written especially for my friend as a request. Please be gentle to me, no hate. Check my tumblrs out if you want: or Enjoy! xx*


5. A Surprise and The Concert


“Where can I get changed for the concert, I want the outfit to be a surprise.”

“Go change in my change room, I’ll be busy getting some sound checks and last minute make-up touches out here.” Niall.

“Alright then, well I’ll see you after the concert Harry.”

“You’ll see me before then, now go get changed I have some last minute changes I want to run by the boys.”

I was a bit concerned with the ‘you’ll see me before then’ what is he on about. I found my way around back stage and managed to find Niall’s change room. As soon as I went in my best friend was sitting in the chair waiting. We both screamed and ran to hug each other.

“What are you doing here?”

“The boys heard you talking to me for that hour and decided to surprise you by flying me over as soon as they could. Well this is only one part of your surprise. Let’s get you dressed and take you to the side of the stage.” Tiani

“What? Why is everyone being so secretive lately?”

“You will see in good time.” Tiani.

“oh my gosh, now my best friend is keeping secrets from me. Any way, how was the flight over? Have you met the boys? What do you think about Harry?”

“Whoa calm down with all the question, I have met the guys and they are pretty amazing. Harry, I think wow good on you girl to have a guy fall for you after like a day.” Tiani.

“Alright let’s get me dressed, have you got something to wear?”

“Yeah don’t worry about me, lets just get you looking perfect for Harry.” Tiani.

I still couldn’t believe it; they had my best friend fly over from Perth! I was in shock, but it was time to get ready and a crewmember came and told us to be on side of the stage in 5 minutes. I was worried about what was going to follow.

“Shall we go and wait?” Tiani.

“I’ll meet you there in a minute just have to find my grandma’s ring.”

“Alright but be quick.” Tiani.

I was freaking out I didn’t know where I put it, I did walk in the room with it didn’t I. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in!”

Niall walked through the door.

“Shouldn’t you be on stage?”

“We got a two minute break and I was sent to escort you to the side of the stage.” Niall.

“Alright then, my grandma’s ring has gone missing in the room.”

“Don’t worry I’ll have someone come look for it, just come with me.” Niall.

“Alright I’ll go to the side of the stage with you.”

He had me place my hand around his arm. When we got to the side of the stage he gave a thumbs up to Harry. I didn’t know what was happening. Harry came over holding a blindfold.

“Whoa you look amazing would you mind putting the blindfold on please.” Harry.

“Uh okay then and thank you.”

He walked me out onto the stage with the blindfold on and had me sit down on what felt like a stool.

“Okay everyone, I’m sure you’ve all seen her on the interview earlier today or even on the cover of different newspapers and magazines. I would like you all to meet the one and only Bella. (He whispers) You can take the blindfold off.”

The moment I took it off I could see the entire crowd screaming, cheering and some even crying. I looked around the stage; Harry and I were the only ones on stage.

I whispered in his ear “What’s going on?”

“Just wait” Harry

Music started playing; the boys came to join us on stage and stood behind me. All of a sudden I realize it’s The Way You Look Tonight playing, Liam starts of the singing while Harry decides to kiss me on stage in front of thousands of their fans. I was gobsmacked; he’s gone and changes the set up for tonight all for me. A week ago if you had told me I was going to meet and fall for One Directions Harry Styles I would have told you that your bonkers.

Harry pulls something out of his pocket mid performance; I couldn’t work out what it was. He gets on both his knees and hands me two things, I looked down to see what they were. One was my grandma’s ring. The other was a little box saying ‘open me off stage after the concert.’

Gosh he’s really gone all out for me. As the song comes to an end Harry looks into my eyes and holds my hand. I stood up gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek then we walked off stage.

“So I have to wait till after the concert to open this do I? Also where did you find my ring?"

“Yes wait till I next see you for you to open it and you actually dropped it on the way to get changed so I thought I would wait and give it to you now.” Harry.

“You’re so amazing, you know that right?”

“Correction, we’re so amazing.” Harry

Did he just say ‘we’re’ uh since when did we become a ‘we’? But still oh my gosh Harry Styles just sang to me and gave me a little present. I really want to know what it is but I guess waiting wont hurt.

“I’ll see you later tonight then right?” Harry

“Yes you will, do I need to change at all?”

“Might want to get out the heels you’re wearing.” Harry.

“I’m not wearing heels see.”

I lifted up my dress to reveal pink converse. Harry looked at them and laughed.

“Converse on a girl equals hot!” Harry

“Why thank you, now go back on stage don’t want your fans to miss you!”

“Alright meet here exactly when the concert ends!” Harry

Harry turned back around and walked on stage, screaming from the crowd soon followed as they began to read out their favourite tweets of the night. I looked on whilst they all read the tweets. One after the other each asking the boys to do something, whether it was a headstand, beat boxing, dance off or even to crowd surf the boys did them to the best of their ability. It was about the twelfth one, which Niall picked as a favourite.

“Can you guys take my phone and get a photo of Harry and Bella for me? From Alexandria, P.S I’m along the front. Alright where are you Alexandria?” Niall”

“Liam go get Bella” Louis.

“Want me to fling her over my shoulder?” Liam.

“If that’s what works.” Louis.

“Ah I found you Alexandria, did you want to come up on stage and take the photo of all five of us around, kissing or hugging Bella? Then we’ll get the same for you.” Niall.

Just as I began to slink away and trying not to be noticed Liam rushed up behind me picked me up and indeed flung me over his shoulders. My face just turned bright red.

“Bring her over here on the chair.” Louis.

“We might have to rope her down. She’s a feisty little one and cheeky.” Zayn

Liam turned around to put me on the chair at which point I saw Harry, he seemed embarrassed as well as I did. As Liam put me down they all rushed to my sides arguing over who goes where and who gets to kiss my left cheek while Harry kisses my right cheek.

I mumbled “I’m going to kill you for this boys,” as I smiled for the girl taking the picture.

“Your turn Alexandria, although we wont have to bring you on stage like that.” Zayn.

Alexandria took the seat as the boys crowded around and I took the phone. Louis, Zayn and Niall fought over who got to kiss Alexandria, I thought it was absolutely adorable.

“I want Louis and Niall to kiss my cheeks, no offense Zayn just you have the girlfriend.” Alexandria.

As I took the photo fans were screaming louder than they had all night. I couldn’t work out why, and then I realized what the next tweet was. As I gave back the phone to Alexandria, Liam read out the tweet.

“Just a quick question for Bella. What is your dream date? BTW I absolutely ship Stylton <3” Liam.

It wasn’t until the ‘ship’ part where I just lost it and cracked up laughing. I realized she must have been a Tumblr user. None of the guys understood why though just looked puzzled by it. Liam handed me a microphone.

“Okay so basically if a guy just took me to like a theme park, like Luna Park over here but in WA we have Adventure World. Also the boys didn’t quite get the ship thing. Basically guys its like to endorse a romantic relationship, Tumblr people would get it. Well I’m heading off stage now, no more tweets asking for me to come back out you all came here for One Direction not to hear about Harry and I.”

I handed the microphone back to Liam as I walked off stage smiling and giggling like a high school girl who just found out her crush likes her as well. Well that kind of did happen but us girls just can’t help this time where were giggling and smiling for no reason besides thinking of him. I went back to the change room to find a lit candle, Harry must have been getting help there was no way he could come back here in the time I’ve been out of the room. Under the candle was a note. It read ‘Meet me in the middle of the stage under the blue light after the concert xx Harry.’ I stuck my head out of the room looking for Tiani; she was nowhere to be found. I decided I would just stay in the change room until the end of concert and reply to all those texts, Facebook messages, Tumblr messages and tweets. I decided halfway down the Facebook messages that I would delete everyone off Facebook that I’ve never actually spoke to or don’t speak to anymore. I ended up with about 60 friends left and 15 unread messages. I then just moved onto the Tumblr messages, suddenly over night I received about 2 thousand new followers as well as over a thousand followers on Twitter. I did receive the odd message from a ‘Direction hater’ who would dismiss Harry and I as nothing but a ‘three-week-fling’ that would end as quickly as it began. Ignoring them being the easiest solution, but instead I decided to reply with “Haters going to hate.” I constantly checked on the time, it seemed to be going even slower when replying to similar questions such as “Is Harry a good kisser?” “Do you reckon any of the other guys would like to meet a girl that way?” or even the occasional “Could you please introduce me to the boys?”

The concert had four minutes left to go when two large security guards opened the door to the change room. They charged in and picked me up by my arms then took me towards the stage. I was so confused what was going on, when I got to the side of the stage I saw the boys signing all sorts of things. I walked over to Harry and asked him “What was the big idea having two security guards come barging into the room?”

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