The Hotel Room (Complete)

After a horrid break up with her now ex-boyfriend Simon; 17-year-old Isabella Marston goes on the Sydney trip she had been planning for the two of them. The hotel stuffs up the rooms and double books her suite with One Direction who were in Sydney promoting themselves. Quickly she starts to fall for one of them which turns the next year of hers into some sort of fairytale. Isabella or Bella for short; is just an ordinary girl brought up in a small town called Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Never did she think any of this would happen.

A/N*This is my first fan fiction and it was written especially for my friend as a request. Please be gentle to me, no hate. Check my tumblrs out if you want: or Enjoy! xx*


29. 3am Sudden Wake Up


I suddenly woke up with the worst feeling in my stomach. I looked at the clock next to the bed and noticed it was close to 3am in the morning. I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom, knowing I was about to throw up. I guess Harry was woken up when I dashed off the bed; as I sat on the floor of the bathroom with my head over the toilet and Harry holding my hair back as I let my stomach empty. The taste was absolutely disgusting and made me want to just gargle a whole bottle of mouthwash. Once I had finally finished vomiting I got up and went over to the sink, I found a bottle of mouthwash and gargled about half of it before the horrible taste finally went away. I turned around to Harry and noticed he had a worried look on his face.

“What?” I said annoyed at him just starring at me.

“Are you alright babe?” He asked.

“I don’t know. I just woke up and rushed to the bathroom. What time is it now?”

“It’s 3:30am, you’ve been throwing up for thirty minutes babe. Surely something is wrong. What have you eaten recently?” He asked and pulled me into a hug.

“Uh… I ate just before we got on the plane to come here.”

“Well I’m going to get you a doctors appointment today alright. We need to make sure you’re okay.”

“We don’t need to. Honestly I feel much better now. Let me just check my weight.” I said trying to brush off the whole thing as nothing. Although in the back of my mind I did worry just a bit, maybe the fact it’s been so long since I last ate just made my body vomit. Only way to know if that thought was true is if I had lost weight from vomiting just now. I daily check my weight as I have always had a problem staying at the same weight, I regularly go between being 40 kilograms (yes that’s very underweight but I’m still healthy.) to going up to 50 kilograms. I saw some scales in the corner so I got on it hoping that I was just in my usual scale and that I hadn’t lost any more weight than I should.

When I got on it said 8.66 stone… Wait what did that mean?

“What’s 8.66 stone in kilos?” I asked looking up at Harry.

“Uh…” He contemplated in his mind for a moment then continued with, “That’s about 55 kilograms.” As he said that my mouth just dropped. 55 kilograms! That couldn’t possibly be correct, I have never ever been more than 50 kilograms! Something was terribly wrong, this is crazy.

“WHAT!” I yelled.

“So doctors appointment then?” He asked picking up his phone from next to the sink.

“Yes please! I’ve never been over 50 kilos. Never…”

“Alright I’ll give my families doctor a phone call now. Everything will be okay babe. I’ll take care of you.”

“Thanks babe.” I said as we walked back out to our room and I collapsed onto the bed. What was happening? Waking up late, vomiting, gaining weight… Just as I thought of the gaining weight I looked down to see where it all was. Of course my stomach is now slightly sticking out a bit. Maybe I’ve just been eating way too much. Yeah that’s got to be it, just putting on some weight from eating too much. But what about the vomiting… Then it clicked, everything came together now. I was pregnant! All I could do was scream, then suddenly Harry and Anne burst through the door followed by Gemma.

“What’s wrong honey?” Anne asked.

“Babe what’s happened? Are you alright?” Harry asked. Gemma rushed past them and came to my side and brought me into a hug. I began to cry, I was completely overwhelmed with the entire thing. What was I meant to do? How could I tell them? What would everyone thing? I could just see the tabloids head line “One Direction member Harry Styles knocks up their future opening act while in Sydney.”

I was knocked out of my thoughts by a kiss from Harry. I looked up into his green eyes, I definitely couldn’t keep this from him.

“Harry… I… I think I’m pregnant.” I looked away afraid of what he might say or do. I then noticed Anne still in the doorway with a huge smile on her face. Is she really happy that the girl she has known for less than a day is pregnant with her sons kid. Suddenly I saw Harry jumping up and down with… Joy? Gosh he was happy about this, why wouldn’t I have thought that.

“Harry calm down alright. I just think I am still have to have it confirmed.”

“Well it’s a good thing I had booked that appointment then before you screamed.”

“Yeah I guess so… Uh Anne what’s your take on all of this? I know it’s not ideal to well for me to be pregnant after only knowing Harry a month but I would really like to know what you think…” I asked nervous of what she would say.

“Honey every things fine! Honestly I’m thrilled! Harry has non stop spoke about you whilst on the phone with me so I know how much he loves you. It might be happening oh so suddenly but we know you two will be together no matter what.”  She said with a true and honest smile on her face.

“What would my family think? What about the boys? What will they think? What about management? Oh gosh what about the media and the fans? In months I wont be able to hide it… What do we do?” I asked trying to think of all the scenarios in my head. Most of them were pretty horrid.

“Bella look at me.” Gemma said. I turned to face her, she was still hugging me and she too had a smile on her face.

“I have always thought that those who matter wont care and those who care don’t matter. You just have to think about it. Your family and ours will support you no matter what YOU and HARRY decide. The media, fans and management can just stuff themselves if they don’t support you. I can’t speak for the boys though, I barely know them. What do you think Harry?”

“The boys would be super excited! They would be overjoyed with everything. Although I’m sure they would all want to be Uncles when the bundle of joy arrives.”

“Alright well now that you have calmed down I will let you and Harry talk things over. Gemma lets go back to sleep, we can tackle everything once the doctor has confirmed the pregnancy. Bella I suggest you call your parents as soon as possible after the doctors and well tell your brother. I’m sure he would love to be there and support you.”

“Will do. Thanks so much Anne! Oh and Gemma thank you for the advice!” I said as they walked out the door. The next few days were going to be hectic. Actually the next 9 months will be hectic. Harry joined me on the bed and pulled me down.

“Babe I’m so happy about all of this! I know we agreed to wait until marriage to have a child but honestly I feel this is completely meant to be! I mean ever since I met you I’ve known I’ve wanted to be with you for the rest of my live and well now we will have a child with us just makes everything so well so complete.”

“So we will keep this child?”

“Of course! What would you think I would just ask for you to have an abortion? I’m completely against them and I know you are too so we are definitely not having abortion as an option. Putting our child up for adoption is also completely out of the question, I wouldn’t be able to cope knowing that I had given up my own child.”

“I’m so relieved. I was just so scared of how you would react. That’s why I screamed when I realized that I could be pregnant. Now I just have to tell my parents… Oh gosh what would they think of me! Only knowing a guy for a month and already I’m having his child!”

“Babe calm down. I’m sure your parents will be excited! I’m sure all your family will be. Let’s go back to sleep and I’ll set an alarm for 9am so we can go to the doctors at 10. Okay?” He said whilst playing with my hair. He began to since Little Things softly into my ear and I drifted back to sleep.

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