The Hotel Room (Complete)

After a horrid break up with her now ex-boyfriend Simon; 17-year-old Isabella Marston goes on the Sydney trip she had been planning for the two of them. The hotel stuffs up the rooms and double books her suite with One Direction who were in Sydney promoting themselves. Quickly she starts to fall for one of them which turns the next year of hers into some sort of fairytale. Isabella or Bella for short; is just an ordinary girl brought up in a small town called Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Never did she think any of this would happen.

A/N*This is my first fan fiction and it was written especially for my friend as a request. Please be gentle to me, no hate. Check my tumblrs out if you want: or Enjoy! xx*


39. 1000+/ New Story

ALRIGHT WOW! OVER 1000 READS... This is amazing! I began writing the story after some weird dream (not involving 1D at the time) and well never thought that it would get this many reads! Please like and favourite so it goes up the popularity pages, so others will read too! I love you all my little pumpkins!


I also have just put up 3 chapters of a new story I've been writing and well I've also got 3 more stories I will be publishing some chapters of.

The one I've uploaded right now is called The Pact:


What happens when you and your best friend all throughout primary school and high school make a pact that if you are both single at the high schools 10 year graduates reunion that you will get together?


The others will be posted soon. There is Kiss You:

Niall's cousin Lily visits the boys as they are in there 6th week at X Factor. What happens when one of those 5 begin to fall for Lily? Will the feelings be mutual or will Niall or an ex boyfriend get in the way?

Another is Irish:

The events following a girl after having an asthma attack at an Ed Sheeran concert. She meets Ed and 5 young lads, one of which saves her life. While getting to know the six of them she also gets closer to figuring out about her parents. All she knows is they died in a car accident but what if it was no accident and she was really the target all along?

And last but not least there is Guest Judges:

Alyssa has been deaf since she was around 7 years old. After being in the emergency waiting room for hours with meningitis she lost her hearing. Her mother just wants her to be as close to normal as possible which means no sign language and plenty of speech therapy. When 5 guest judges, a.k.a The Collective, come to her school for the annual Talent Show will Alyssa's secret and gift finally be shared with the rest of the world?

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