Why Me?

Ariya Summers daughter of a famous record dealer finds herself stuck with 5 British boys for the summer after her parents go on a spur of the moment vacation, what will happen when she meets a certain loving carrot boy?


10. Chapter 8

"Yes! Its Friday!! Gotta get up on Friday,looking forward to the weekend weekend! UNICORN!" I yelled as I tripped over something on the floor.
"Ouch" I groaned touching my forehead. I had landed on top of something squishy. I started to poke it, but squealed when it raised its head.
"Are you a rainbow carrot? Did you get pooped out by Ariya's magical unicorn?" Louis asked groggily. I started to laugh he woke up because of the noise
"Ariya is that you? Why are you on top of me?" he asked looking at me. "Oh god he's hair looks so messy soft and silky I just want to run
"Oh god Ariya get a hold of yourself!" I scolded myself inside my head. I smirked remembering what he said
"Well you see Louis I'm not a rainbow carrot that has been pooped by my magical unicorn!" he blushed when he heard it. But then started to to tickle me.
"No LOUIS stop it hahahahaha - no- stop-hahaha" I yelled as he tickled me. I heard stomping coming towards us.
"What the hell is going on? Why are you guys in that position?" Niall asked confused. I looked at the way I was laying on top of Louis. His arms were around my waist and my arms were on his chest. I blushed and pushed myself off
"Looks like someone had it going on!" Lacey said at us while wriggling her eyebrows. I blushed even harder "Oh she is going to pay"
"Liam tell your girlfriend to shut up" I told him while walking towards my car. Liam looked down and went so red I thought he was being suffocated.
"Yo Mrs Payne we've got school remember, we have to go!" I yelled to Lacey.
School passed quickly besides all the rumors and looks behind our backs during class. We were driving home when I remembered my evil awesome plan to get Lacey and Liam together. I slapped my forehead mentally that's what I forgot to ask Zayn and Louis. Must ask them tonight. We pulled up into my driveway and I quickly ran in to the house. "Where are these two idiots?" I thought as I searched the house
"GAME ROOM!" I yelled as I ran towards it. And sure enough I saw them there playing Pokemon.
"Zayn Louis we have a mission, meet me in the tree house in 5 minuets" I said to them then ran out to got and change. On my way to the tree house (Pic at the top) I saw Lacey and Liam seating on the ledge of the pool next to each other all alone. I climbed up the tree and went into the first room
"Guys come on I've got something to tell you" I called out. Zayn and Louis came out of another room with awe on their faces, I knew they must have given themselves a tour. Anyway time to get down to business, we sat down on the beanbags and I cleared my throat
"I think we should get Lacey and Liam together" I said. They both stared at me till Zayn said
"Finally we have someone else who notices it." I grinned and nodded
"So what can we do? I mean I know what Lacey likes to do but I have no idea what Liam likes to do" Louis looked up and said
"I know how about we say that we're going to go the movies, I think we should go and watch Dark Shadows then ditch them and come home"
"Then since its a scary movie she'll cuddle up to him and maybe they'll pour they're feelings out!" I high-5ed with Zayn and Louis.
"Okay lets tell Harry and Niall" We all got up and Lacey and Liam were still sitting by the pool talking to each other. We found Harry and Niall in the kitchen. After telling them our plan their faces lit up and they agreed. We got Niall to suggest the idea because he would be the least suspicious.
We had all gotten ready and were at the theaters now.
"Okay Liam and Lacey you guys can go buy your tickets we forgot something in the car." I said to them as I dragged the boys with me to the car. They nodded and walked towards the ticket booth. We high-5ed and drove home.

*Few Hours Later*

We heard Lacey and Liam open the door. We had camped out in the sitting room, we pretended to be asleep. They walked into the sitting room and I heard Lacey said
"I had a great night thank you Liam" I opened my eyes slightly and smirked they were holding hands. I knew they others were watching them too cause I felt Louis poking me. Then they kissed. I was so happy I couldn't help myself
"Finally! Took you guys long enough!!" I yelled while I jumped up. I heard Zayn slap his forehead and groan
"Oops cover blown" I said "RUN RUN" I yelled as Lacey started to chase me.
"I wanna join me too!!" Niall sang as he ran away from Lacey as well. I smiled

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