Why Me?

Ariya Summers daughter of a famous record dealer finds herself stuck with 5 British boys for the summer after her parents go on a spur of the moment vacation, what will happen when she meets a certain loving carrot boy?


9. Chapter 7

"Ariya, Ariya babe, come on get up" I groaned and snuggled into my covers. Lacey grumbled something then leaned towards my ear and said
"Hey Ariya Louis is in the doorway shirtless and eating a carrot!" I shot up
"Who,what,where and how?"  Lacey started to laugh her head off,
"Come on it's 8am and we're gonna be.."
"OH MY UNICORN ITS 8AM??? WE'RE LATE WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP EARLIER? I said running around like a mad woman. After 20 minuets we were both ready just as we were about to leave I quickly jotted down a note.
"Hey guys we've gone to school. And when I come back I want the house to be CLEAN. Harry no flirting with the maids, Louis those are my carrots mine!, Zayn don't waste electricity while styling your hair, Niall don't finish all the food in the house if you I'll take you to Nandos and Liam don't go into my room and take Lacey's clothes 0.o Love Ariya XXX"
"Ooh who's that XXX for? Louis is it?" Lacey asked while we were driving to school
"Oh just shut up you idiot" I said as we pulled into school. As we walked into Chemistry or tried too the most dumbest cheerleader in the world  Stacey Waters stopped us and said
"So rumors say that you are dating Louis Tomlinson and you Lacey are dating Liam Payne. But don't worry I don't believe that! You wanna know why?" She said with a fake smile, not waiting for our answers she continued "Cause you guys are just so how do I put this UGLY and ANNOYING" her minions laughed behind her. Lacey was just about to lunge at her I'll pulled her back and said to Stacey
"Sorry but they prefer girls with NATURAL breasts, so please excuse me. I have a class to attend which will get me through school and a job which I know I'll see you there as a cleaning lady." I smiled innocently at her while I walked past. When we walked past people we felt people stare into our backs and start whispering about us. "Oh unicorn here come the rumors" I thought as I banged my head on the table softly. When we drove home Lacey said
"And thus rumors start,and I bet it was Stacey who started it" I grumbled back to her.
We stepped into the house and yelled out to the boys
"Boys you home?" I heard splashing and yelling outside at the pool side. Lacey and I giggled at each other and went upstairs to change. We walked outside
"We're home!!" we yelled at the boys, then Liam got out of the pool and pushed Lacey in but while she was falling in she didn't let go of Liam's hand and they both ended up falling in.
"Aw the love birds do everything together and falling in the pool together has been added to the list!" I said laughing at them. They both went really red and looked away from each other. They are so cute together must get them together!! But I needed help if I ask Niall he'll most likely tell in exchange for food,Harry in exchange for a hot girl's number okay so I'll just ask Zayn and Louis.
Time to get the matchmaking on! ;D

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