Why Me?

Ariya Summers daughter of a famous record dealer finds herself stuck with 5 British boys for the summer after her parents go on a spur of the moment vacation, what will happen when she meets a certain loving carrot boy?


8. Chapter 6

“Okay come on Lacey we’ve got to put the groceries away” We walked into the kitchen as I was putting my precious carrots in their special place, I said to her
“So you and Liam eh?” she looked at me in bewilderment
“Whatt-t-t m-m-makes y-y-you s-ss--say t-t-that?” she said looking down her face going as red as a tomatoe. I smirked evilly at her, but it dissappeared when she smirked back
“So you and Louis huh?” I looked at her and I felt my face going red. She started to do her evil laugh. The boys came rushing in
“What happened- Woah look at Ariya’s face she’s red! Hey Ariya are you sick?” Niall I glared at Lacy with pure hatred.
“Anyway let’s all go fresh up its horror night tonight!” Lacey yelled running upstairs. The boys cheered and ran upstairs. I was left alone in the kitchen I looked at myself in a pot
“Oh My Unicorn! I’m so red! No Ariya” I mentally slapped myself “You can’t be falling for him!”

I had changed into this goo.gl/j8y0u and skipped downstairs.
“So what we watching” Lacey turned around and smirked
“The Woman In Black, with your favourite male eh Ariya?”
“Oh shut up Lacey!”
“Who’s her favourite male? Its not me?” Niall asked sadly. Feeling sorry for him I hugged him “Don’t worry Niall you’re my faveourite boy okay?!”
“Okay!” he said suddenly brightning up.
“And me?” Liam asked with puppy dog eyes. I rolled my eyes
“You too Liam but I’m sure Lacey would you appreciate you more” I said smirking at Lacey.  She glared at me.
“Okay who’s getting pop-corn?” I asked
“Ariya and Louis!” Liam and Lacey sang out together. I grimaced at them then got pulled to the kitchen by Louis”
“Ariya where’s the bowl?” I pointed the cupboard above the coffee maker. He took it out while I got 2 popcorn packets. He put the bowls on the kitchen bench and I poured the contents in the bowl. He put it the microwave, while we were waiting I got out some carrots   peeled them and cut them into little strips.It was kind of akward so I just stayed silent. When the popcorn had finished we walked backed into the louge.
“Okay lets start the movie!” Harry yelled and pressed play.

*Louis’s Pov*

After we settled down Ariya had suddenly moved form sitting next to Lacey to sitting next to me. I saw Liam giving me a wink and nodding towards Ariya I blushed and looked down.   “Oh My Unicorn Who Poops Rainbow Colored Carrots!” Ariya yelled as she put her head on my shoulder. Wow she’s warm, then I heard her little snores and smiled. After the movie I carried her up to her bedroom bridal style.
“Aw they’re so cute together” Lacey said to Liam. I blushed and continued to carry Ariya.
“Hey look Lacey he’s blushing”
“Oh shut up you 2” I shouted but stopped when I felt Ariya stir. I laid her on her bed  and kissed her forehead
“Have a good sleep love”

*Ariya Pov*

I touched my forehead and smiled when I thought of the kiss
“Good night Louis”

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