Why Me?

Ariya Summers daughter of a famous record dealer finds herself stuck with 5 British boys for the summer after her parents go on a spur of the moment vacation, what will happen when she meets a certain loving carrot boy?


7. Chapter 5

"Wait you girls said you're going shopping?" Liam asked us as we were walking to the door. I sighed in annoyance
"Well what else ride my magical unicorn to the moon and have tea with their queen?" he looked slightly taken back. I groaned
"I'm sorry its just that..."
"Its alright its that time of the month" I whipped my head towards him
"Oh My Unicorn he thought I was on my PMS! What is it with these boys" I thought.
"Anyway" he said "What about we all go shopping so we can get to know about each other and get Louis his own carrots cause I think he's going to eat yours"
I quickly ran to the kitchen to see that evil wearing strip thing eating my carrots. I charged towards him.
"Ahhh help me there's a crazy person on my back!" he cried running in circles waving his arms round. The others came running in. They just stood around watching us in amusement.
"Leave my carrots alone! I'll kill you next time,Unicorn!" I said to him. After we had all settled down, I looked over to Liam
"Sure lets go bond, if you're not in the garage with me in the next 5 minuets I'll leave without you!" I said as I was walking out. They quickly followed.v When we entered the garage the boys stopped and stared in awe at the cars. They quickly ran over to the BMW looking at me eagerly, I shook my head and walked over to a pickup van. They groaned and walked over.
"Why can't we take the BMW? Niall asked
"There's not enough space for us and when we shop I know there's going to be alot of groceries" I said in a matter-of-fact way. They sighed and got inside.
"So Lacey tell me about yourself and Ariya" Harry asked as I started to drive
"Um well we're both troublemakers at school and"
"Troublemakers huh? Tell us some of your pranks then" Liam butted in. Lacey looked annoyed till she realized it was Liam who asked. She looked down and blushed. "Oh My Unicorn! She fancies Liam this is going to be very interesting!"
"Once Ariya brought this chalk which can't be seen until heat is introduced to it so during music class she walked up to the piano stool and drew this face then calmly walked back to her seat. Our teacher walked in and sat down on the stool when class had finished he stood up and faced the board to write down our homework everyone say the drawing on his pants and turned to us. We told them to not say anything or laugh. When we had walked out he followed after us, we heard some kids laughing and saw our music teacher quite confused so he went to another teacher and asked her is there anything on his back. She looked and started laughing. We got called to the office but yet again Ariya used her innocence to get us out!"
"Wow" the boys said in unison. I rolled my eyes at them.
"We're here" I said. We all piled out and got 3 trolleys one for the house one for things we didn't need and one for Lace to push me around in. I immediately went to the carrots and saw Louis there. He seemed very deep in thought holding 2 carrots in 1 hand each hand I heard him mumble to himself
"This ones bigger but the other one looks oranger... hm mm" I laughed quietly at him he looked up and smiled at me. I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach
"No Ariya no, he's a conceited jackass" "UNICORN!" I yelled as I saw a rat scurry across the floor. Louis dropped his carrots in fright
"Ariya are you alright?" he said grabbing hold of my shoulders. I heard the others  come running in.
"Ariya what happened?" they said I shook my head and smiled
"Last one to the counter is a rotten carrot that was pooped by a magical rainbow unicorn!" I said a Lacy started to push us away.
"Hey that's cheating!!" Louis yelled. we got to a counter unfortunately we had to chose the one that had the youngest cashier.
"Omg its One Direction!" she squealed in a really high pitched voice. I covered my ears and groaned. She looked at me and was about to say something till Louis said
"Sorry but you just tell us the price Niall is really hungry"
"Uh okay sure" she said giddily "Anything for you" she said while batting her eyelids at them.
"Are you okay? Do you have something in your eye? Niall asked. I giggled of course Niall would have to ask that.
We had all piled into the car, my stomach grumbled I realized that I was starving so I drove further into town
"Ariya where are we going" Zayn asked
"I'm hungry so we're going to Nandos!" I smiled as I looked into the mirror and saw Niall trying to do a victory dance in the back of the van. I laughed "Okay so maybe they're not that stuck up!"

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