Why Me?

Ariya Summers daughter of a famous record dealer finds herself stuck with 5 British boys for the summer after her parents go on a spur of the moment vacation, what will happen when she meets a certain loving carrot boy?


6. Chapter 4

"Wake up its 7am" my alarm sang out.I picked up the alarm clock and threw it on the floor or at least I thought was the floor.
"What the unicorn? What was that for Ariya?" Lacey called out angrily form the bottom bunk. I peeked out from top bunk and saw Lacey sending me glares. I laughed quietly to myself. Immediately after I told Lacey One Direction was coming she called her parents asking if she could stay with me to keep me company.Liar. She just wants to spend time with One Direction and used me as an excuse. I know my best friend loves me.
"Sorry love, I didn't mean it! Why are we getting up early again? Its the weekend!" I said snuggling back once more into my bed till Lacey screamed
"Oh My Unicorn! How could I have forgotten? One Direction is coming this morning! Ariya wake up you stupid oaf" she said climbing up to me. I sighed
"No since they're coming I don't want to get up!" I groaned as Lacey kept bouncing up and down. I figured she wouldn't stop till I got up.
"Okay Okay! I'm getting up calm down." She immediately ran to the bathroom and started to get ready singing "What Makes You Beautiful" I only know it cause its Lacey's ring tone.
I walked to the 5 guests rooms we had. Yeah our house is that big. I wanted to check to see if the maids had set it up. Satisfied that they did I walked up to the second bathroom we had I changed into this goo.gl/PqJ0y while Lacey wore this goo.gl/y49W8. We looked at each other and giggled.
I walked down to the kitchen with Lacey following me. I pulled out a carrot peeled and started to eat it. Lacey looked at me and smirked
"If you eat any more carrots you'll end up looking like Willy Wonka's worker from Willy Wonka And The Choc late Factory!" I stuck my tongue out at her
"Well would you look at that your tongue is already orange, you'll really get along with him." I was just about to ask her who she meant when the door bell rang. Lacey quickly shot out of the kitchen to open the door. I shook my head and followed her while nibbling on my carrot. I saw her open the door and usher five boys inside. They looked around in amazement I decided to make my grand entrance.
"Hello Wrong Direction I'm Ariya Summers daughter of Mr. Summers. Now please follow me to your rooms my Friend and I are going to go shopping." After I finished talking one of them with curly hair and dimples started to laugh really hard,everyone else was laughing lightly even Lacey. I stared at them in confusion.
"What are you laughing at?" I asked in bewilderment. The dark boy with a earring stopped himself from laughing with great difficultly if I might add
"You called us Wrong Direction!" and started to laugh again. I stomped my foot and stared at Lacy looking for an explanation, while I was starring at her I took a bite out of my carrot.
"Ariya love their name is One Direction not Wrong Direction!" she said while shaking her head at me. I smirked
"Well how the hell am I supposed to know what their name is I just learned about them earlier this year! Anyway could you guys please introduce yourself or I'm going to have to number you." They looked at me and smiled, "Oh unicorn stop smiling at me!" I thought to myself.
"I'm Liam Payne" the boy with straight brown hair kind of the same style as Justin Bieber with brown eyes said
"I'm Harry Styles" the boy with curly brown hair,green eyes and cute dimples said. I smiled,what? I'm a sucker for dimples
"I'm Zayn Malik" the boy who looks Indian with a earring and styled hair said
"Hi! I'm Niall Horan, have you got any food  haven't eaten for like 5 minuets?" a blonde boy said in an Irish accent said. I laughed to myself at his remark
"And I'm Louis Tomlinson please ignore Niall he just like to eat alot" a boy with brown hair and blue eyes said. I looked up at him and realized he wasn't looking at me but my carrot. I said
"My carrot go buy you're own!!" while taking a bite out of my carrot.
"Anyway let me show you guys you're rooms, you'll all be sleeping in separate rooms."
"No Boo-Bear!" Harry cried reaching his arm out to Louis
"Hazza!" Louis said taking Harry's hand. I stared at the in disbelief. Oh My Unicorn these two are gay! Zayn saw the look on my face and smiled.
"No Ariya they're not gay they're just really close, that's all" I nodded weakly.
"Mummy Daddy what in the Unicorn have you gotten me into!?"

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