Why Me?

Ariya Summers daughter of a famous record dealer finds herself stuck with 5 British boys for the summer after her parents go on a spur of the moment vacation, what will happen when she meets a certain loving carrot boy?


4. Chapter 2

I pulled up into my driveway and walked inside the house.
"I'm home!" I yelled out till I mentally slapped myself for not remembering that I'm all alone in the house. I pulled myself upstairs to my room, I chucked my bag onto my bed and quickly checked my email. Hm 1 new e-mail from dad better open it up if I want to stay by myself.
"Hey baby girl, I gather that you say the note your mother left for you, I want you to turn on your Skye at 7pm okay. I need to tell you something. Love Daddy"
I looked up at the clock 5pm I still have time to do my homework. I got up went my bathroom and had a shower, I got out changed into my cookie monster PJ's. I finished all my assignments within a hour I decided to go have a cup of milk since I wasn't that hungry. I walked down with my laptop put it on the kitchen bench and got the milk out of the fridge I was about to pour it into a glass when
"I threw a wish in the well, don't ask me I'll never" my parents were calling me on skype. I quickly pressed the green button.
"Hi mummy daddy how's Puerto Rico?"
"It's good love, how's your first day of school?"
"It was good, so what's the arrangements daddy?"
"Well you see baby girl before I left I had signed a contract with a famous band,but then I decided to go on a vacation and the boys have no where to stay so they'll stay with you at home" I choked on my milk when he said that. After a while of trying to get it down I looked at my computer screen my parents were looking back at me. They know I can't stand boy bands why did they do this to me??
"Don't worry love they're all near your age and very good looking" my mother said thinking that will change my mind. I sighed
"Daddy if I say no what would happen?"
"Well they'll probably cut off the deal I'll lose a lot of money might have to close" I cut him off
"Fine I'll do it as long as I don't have to pick them up from the airport!" I said while rubbing my forehead. I looked up and saw my parents smiling in relief then I couldn't help but smile back.
"Damn these parents of mine sure a as cunning as foxes" I thought as I said good night to them.
"Oh unicorn how am I going to tell Lacey?"


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