Why Me?

Ariya Summers daughter of a famous record dealer finds herself stuck with 5 British boys for the summer after her parents go on a spur of the moment vacation, what will happen when she meets a certain loving carrot boy?


16. Chapter 14

 *Louis's Pov*

 On the ride to the airport no one spoke to each other. They had guessed what had happened so they didn't mention Ariya at all. We pulled into the airport, tons of fans were waiting out side for us. We got out and put on fake smiles and signed autographs and took pictures. We walked to the VIP area and sat down. I looked around the airport but then I suddenly shot up.
 "Is that Ariya?" the boys noticing me staring were looking at what I was staring at
 "Ariya?" they all said. We quickly shot out of our seats to run to her
 "Flight 102 to Australia boarding now" the boys looked annoyed. We gathered up our things and walked up to the boarding place. We took our seats in the plane. I looked out of the window and saw Ariya standing there I pressed my face closer to the window, but she disappeared. I sighed and put my head back
 "I love you Ariya"

 *Ariya's Pov*

 I touched my lips
 "I love you too Louis" I walked away form the window.
 "Flight 104 to L.A boarding now" I smiled to myself and picked up my bag. I took my seat inside the plane, closed my eyes and thought about the will reading
 "As my daughter I leave you Summers studios" I sat up suddenly he was leaving me the company?
 "And all properties we own and shares we have, we know that you're a smart girl and can handle all of this also all the money in all accounts we have which you'll be able to access when you're 22" I leaned back I inherited everything.
 "Miss Summers it is also written here that if you are not of legal age you would have to go and stay with your father's brother in L.A" I looked at him
 "I have an uncle?" I said in disbelief. I started to cry, I'm not alone.
 "We spoke to him and he has agreed to let you stay with him and his wife saying you'll be a daughter they never had. He insists you come soon so I've booked you a flight this afternoon" I shot up
 "This afternoon?" I asked him in disbelief
 "I've already called your housekeepers, they've packed all your things. You're house will be locked up but when you're old enough you can move back in on your own" I nodded. Lacey and I walked out
 "You're insecure, don't know-" Lacey's phone rang
 "Hello, Hi mum yes we've just finished the reading.... okay" she looked at me sadly
 "Go Lacey, I'll be fine" she looked at me then hugged Me
 "You promise to call won't you?"
 "I promise!"
 "Unicorn who pooped colored carrots promise?" she said sticking out her pinky
 "Unicorn who pooped colored carrots promise" she smiled and let go. I got into the car and cried.

 "Please fasten your belts, we'll be taking off shortly" a air hostess said snapping me out of my thoughts.
 "New life here I come" I said to myself quietly.
 "Wait a second, OH MY UNICORN! I FORGOT LUFFY!" I screamed to myself.
 "That's right my parents took him to a Pet hotel, I'll text Lacey later to ask her if she could look after him" I said to myself calming down. I took out a photo album and was flipping through it. I smiled as I reached the last photo. It was me and Louis kissing at the beach.
 "Good Bye One Direction" I said to myself as I closed the book.

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